Giants or prepare for war 2018

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Five consecutive defeats + outside take over all seriously injured

1915 New York giants against the Losangeles lightning team in the game last week. All of a sudden loss of Odell – Beckham, Brandon – Dwayne – Harris Marshall and three receivers. Three of them a total of more than 1300 times the number of career of the ball and scored 128 touchdowns, but now they not only injured, but also had to undergo surgery. Odell Beckham’s ankle fracture and Brandon Marshall ankle instability and Dwayne – Harris is the foot fracture, three people in the two days have already completed the operation.

Now, the giants, outside the left, are missing NFL’s playing experience. Instead they currently injured three people were tabares – Kim, Travis Rudolf and Ed- Egan, while the total number of the ball they three career regular season together only 4. After the first win Sunday 22-27 to lightning season, the giants took over the Stryn foreign Sheppard also said now the giants of extraordinary. He said: “we are losing 3 crucial players now, but there are still three of us who will be able to take the lead and continue their work.”.

So what’s the situation between the three?

Tabares gold on Monday and the giants signed him for the past three years in the giants, but now he will replace Odell Beckham’s position. Travis and Rudolf are up regulated Ed- Egan from the training squad, Travis Rudolf is this year were signed as undrafted. Ed- was chosen because he performed well in the training camp. Travis Rudolf will replace Brandon Marshall, and Ed- will play Dwayne Egan – Harris’s position, and he may also join the secret service.
Before the start of the season, many people thought the New York jets jerseys sale would remain at the bottom and compete against the Cleveland Brown for the top prize, but no one would have thought that the New York giants would be struggling this season. Two city teams had the opposite record last season, with the giants winning 11 wins and 5 losses, while the jets were 5 wins and 11 losses. People never thought that now the jets to celebrate the 3 game winning streak with the same area of the new England patriots jerseys china and the Buffalo Bill team have the same record, 3 wins and 2 losses, more surprising is the New York giants is the 5 straight start with San Francisco 49 team and Cleveland Brown tied for the countdown to the first. Originally, the next 3 opponents are the Broncos, Seahawks and rams, with the giants of the state may have to wait until the first victory of the season at a team of 49 people. In the last week and wounding 3 generals, whether can take away a team of 49ers and a very big deal. If not take a team of 49ers, the schedule will be more difficult to get a win. But one thing is for sure, in the current game of the Eastern Conference, the giants playoffs is almost hopeless.

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