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A year after winning the Super Bowl Championship with patriots, Matras Bennett signed a $21 million contract with the Green Bay Packers in the spring of three years.

Bennet is likely to retire after this season. He has never given any information to suggest that he has no time to go on playing.

Bennet, 30, released a statement on Instagram on Saturday, saying he would consider retiring after the end of the season.

Bennet wrote, “after I spoke with my family, I was sure that the next eight games would be the end of my NFL cheap jerseys career. For every person who puts himself and time into my life and my games, I think the next game is for you, thank you, thank you.”

Insiders at the Green Bay Packers have confirmed that the team already knows what Bennet might retire after the season.

Matras Bennett, who was selected by the Dallas cowboys in 2008, went into NFL and started his career. He had 5 teams in his career. He won 916 yards in the 2014 Chicago cubs regular season, averaging 10.2 yards and became the professional bowl player of the year. From 2016, the Chicago bears to the new England patriots jersey, the regular season played 16 games, absent, get 701 yards receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns, and helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl champion. Then he came to the packers. This season, the Matra Bennet with 24 ball, get 233 yards receiving yards, but no touchdowns data.

Before packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers clavicle fracture, Rodgers has said that he needs to make sure that Bennet has more participation in the game. Earlier this month, Bennet also said he was not disappointed with the limited number of shots, because he was getting used to playing with Rodgers. When Rodgers wasn’t injured, the packers had a record of 4-1, but since Rodgers’s absence, they’ve lost two games.

Bennet also said in the earlier this month, “it is a long season. It’s just the beginning of the season, and for me, I need to adapt to the Rodgers and the team process and the game. So I just wanted to figure it out and try to stay in good shape, and I haven’t found a rhythm of my own, but we’ve just started, and we’ve won the game, and that’s the truth.” He adds, “it doesn’t matter. If I have 10 catches or 2 catches, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of things. I’ll play my part in the game. If I get the ball, I’ll try to do my best. If they need 10 catches, I’m going to try and catch the 10 balls. Every game is different, and something unexpected happens.”

This week holiday packages, the current record of 4 wins and 3 losses, with 9 games remaining in the regular season. It’s probably the last 9 games of Bennet’s career.

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