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Brown was the champion. Legend criticized shortcomings

Hall of fame defensive end Bruce Smith after watching the film of the football jerseys china year in the legend of the draft, the draft this year champion Meyers Garrett made his suggestion forthright and demanding. Bruce Smith told Gareth directly, “you’re playing too slowly.””.

He told reporters about the fact that he was preparing for his second practice with his teammates at Cleveland’s rookie training camp in Brown. Interestingly, when asked whether there had so much to his questions, Gareth said no, but he humbly accept criticism.

“Nobody said I slow, from the past to the present, these years he only think ‘well, you need to quickly'” Gareth said, “few people said me like this, but he is the greatest impact of military ah, if he think so, so I want to improve myself in order to achieve his standard, I will absorb his ideas and efforts. I think so, too. I’ll be better.”

“His achievements in this league are much higher than I am now. If I want to make some achievements here, then I need to learn all the information and all the great factors.”.” Gareth said, after entering NFL he had no supercilious attitude, he is very modest, and speak very clever. Since joining Brown Gareth this is the usual practice in the draft, Gareth said he only to football fight on Sunday after the end of the training, he said “don’t want to leave Cleveland this”.

“Stay here and work, I hope I can impress these guys, and then get better.”.” Garrett said the same as leader.

Brown rookie suffered serious injury or reimbursement

Although Meyers Gareth seems to have changed Cleveland Brown team, but in addition to Gareth, Brown chose the full potential of countless cornerback in this year’s draft, but embarrassing, Brown’s luck is not very good, Brown rookie training camp for the first time training and then came the bad news of the team the four round pick Howard Wilson knee patella fracture, it is likely Wilson season. The young man to lose the first battle, Werwilson issued a statement expressing their feelings of grief

“I am very sad, but he is a part of football, this is a terrible thing, I just want to play, but my knees just refused me, now I can’t think too much, I need some checks, so I have to accept nuclear magnetic resonance. I am an optimistic person, so I will undergo surgery, then recover positively, and look forward to the day when I can return and help the team.” Wilson indicated.

But Cleveland Brown’s manager, Hugh Jackson, is not happy about it. He says Wilson will miss a lot of time and will not be able to make sure he will not be reimbursed for the season.
“Whenever you lose the player you’ve just picked, it’s very difficult, especially if you want to see what level it can do.” Hugh – Jackson said.

Jaguar hopes No. four will be the cornerstone of the team

The Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Malone and the team’s executive vice president Tom admitted the cheap jerseys forint want to have some with a substantial threat of attack in the construction of punching ball attack, which is why the minnows will choose the reason running back Leonard fournet in last month’s draft.

But this does not mean that Fornet will be granted as No. 1 Jaguar first team running back, he must strive to win this position, and coach Malone on Saturday also clearly put forward the problem.

“Obviously when we make such a choice, we can consider him grow as a player, what the future clearly, he showed his ability, but in other words, when you have a team, each position of one thing to think about is the team is to rely on their ability to earn, so Fornet will continue to move forward, and continue to show his strength.” Malone made a special mention of Fornet’s future in the second day of the rookie training camp.

The young Wei ran for three seasons at the Louisiana State University, he was the University for three years with a dominant performance, he has completed 3830 rushing yards, scoring for 41 touchdowns, who kept the record, he will be the key to the Jaguar run offense, to coach, he is very much in favor, he said he needed to become the first running back the jaguar.

“My role is to do everything that the team and the coach want me to do, and now my role is to go out and start competing and try to make myself better.” Leonard said: “I’m not fournet, without thinking say these words, I can learn a lot from the team’s old man, my high school when we have met in the team several running backs, I will learn anything from them.”

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