Follow up of Rodgers accident

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Rodgers exposes Baal to make indecent gestures to him

After the impact of clavicle fracture in Aaron – Rodgers, the television screen captures only the Green Bay Packers headed quarterback against the Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Anthony Barr his picture. But Rodgers recently revealed Barr’s improper move to Rodgers outside the camera.

Rodgers, speaking at the Conan Obrien show at Turner radio, said, “I found Anthony Barr on the way down the court. The camera only captured the scene I was babbling to, but they missed the picture of Baal’s gestures against me. ”

According to several sources, Barr after the crash, scratched his crotch. On the next day after the crash, the NFL Alliance said they did not find any indecent gestures, and did not carefully study the behavior of Barr after the collision.

The NFL alliance has yet to respond to Rodgers’s latest position. In one case, the coalition needs to make a decision on whether to investigate the matter.

In October 19th after experienced right shoulder surgery to repair, Rodgers in the Packers’ bye week, visit the Conan show jerseys”.

Barr said, “he (Rodgers) was angry, and I understood that. He probably realized at the time that he was seriously injured, so he was not happy. If I had the same situation, I might have nothing to do with his reaction. That’s okay. ”

Mike Mccarthy, the package coach, called the crash “an illegal act” and “no need.””.

Mccarthy said, “Rodgers was hurt in this way, and he was angry.”. After he was injured, something happened on the court was unpleasant. The whole team is unhappy about it. ”

On the second day after the surgery, Rodgers was placed in the backup list of the packers. The team still expects him to recover from jerseys china injury at the end of the season. But according to the rules of the injury reserve list, Rodgers will be absent for at least 8 weeks.

The premise of Rodgers’s return is that the packers can continue to retain the hope of reaching the playoffs. Before the sixth week game against the Minnesota Vikings, the packers won a record of 4 wins and 1 losses. However, Brent Hendry was the backup quarterback in the case, the final team to 10:23 win against the vikings. Last Sunday, the packers lost to the New Orleans saints jersey in their first match of Hendry’s career, and their record dropped to 4 wins and 3 losses.

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