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The first is to my Floating like nfl jerseys supply little cousin, she free shipping factory Beijing man was admitted to a university in Beijing, she took you to find my letter laoshan. The head is not high, wearing two horn plait cousin, shallots, tender look. But soon I found that the girl is very sensible, assertive. For example, she knows that our family has just moved to Beijing soon, the local social relationship is very small, therefore, never with us down account, find a job or introduce boyfriend these things.

Don’t talk about is not equal to don’t want to, maybe that time little cousin will know who rely on their own truth, so she began to struggle in Beijing.

Little cousin’s struggle is gradual, as an ordinary college students, she can only start from the most basic. She is learning a foreign language, in order to strengthen and improve their oral expression, she is the first to practice spoken English in the English corner, then use the annual summer vacation to work for the enterprise.

Little cousin working to find well-known companies, such as Bank of China, Lenovo, Motorola, SIEMENS and other well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises. But these enterprises to work is not easy, cousin contact a lot of enterprises have been declined. Of course, there are small cousin touched by the enthusiasm, but the name of the enterprise in advance to emphasize welcome to practice, but just lunch, no salary. So, little cousin, she completed an internship, let people in her internship form write comments and cover seal unit. A few semesters down, she has been holding several well-known enterprises wage table.

Little cousin does not delay the work of their studies, excellent door. After graduating cheap nfl jerseys from college, she was sent to the school for graduate study at a prestigious university in Beijing.

Many foreign girls want to be able to stay in Beijing, little cousin is no exception, therefore, looking for a boyfriend Beijing account became the first choice of a small cousin. Listen to the little cousin said, there is a Beijing account of the man chasing her very tight, a little older, but the work is good, in a certain department of CCTV, high income, there is room to have a car, but contact several times, but she did not love. There is a boy, is a fellow, a few years older than her, learning the computer, tall and big, is the kind of her favorite, but the boy’s home is rural.

About half a year later, the little cousin suddenly told me that she talked about the object set, is her fellow. Little cousin did not choose a shortcut, but chose love. It makes me a little worried about her future.

Two years later, the little cousin graduate, because of a wealth of internship experience, she was admitted to a good unit. What I can not think of is that it seems very difficult to solve the problem of household registration, in the little cousin to work less than a year to solve the.

The account settled, little cousin began married. According to the meaning of small cousin, the best marriage can live in their own house. When housing prices in Beijing city of Victoria, has more than 10 thousand yuan per square meter, the couple just to work, naturally can not afford to buy. At the beginning of 2009, the macro-control of real estate prices drop a wildly beating gongs and drums, the sound of Beijing is no exception. Little cousin took a look at a very good second-hand housing, both parents are ready for their down payment. I am engaged in the real estate industry and a little relationship, cousin came to largest discount nfl jerseys consult. But in the face of a sound of the real estate market, I can not make up my mind, which makes the little cousin is very anxious. But just two days later, the little cousin called to say that the house has been bought. They believe that buying is right now. Facts have proved that the decision is not only correct cousin, but also timely. For less than two months in a small cousin housing, housing prices began skyrocketing.

Buy a house, decoration has become a problem. But it was not so hard for little cousin, had counted her in the months before enrolling in the space program exchange “CCTV two sets”, and was lucky, got 18000 yuan reward fund. In this way, the little cousin not only renovated the house, but also on the CCTV, to all the relatives and friends to show her new home and her boyfriend and the style.

This is a true story. The little cousin struggles also makes me understand that as long as you are down-to-earth and not ambitious, as long as you have a clear aim and persevere, you will achieve your dreams. For those who are ready to drift or people, I think her experience may let you know what.

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