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The 7 All Star defensive front to the sea eagle

The Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril after the fourth week of neck injuries, they for the 37 year old veteran Dwight frini expressed great interest in the. Dwight frency in the first 11 seasons of his occupation career was spent at the Indianapolis colts, he scored 7 times in the pony named occupation bowl, and the 3 first team. The 122.5 career sacks in the history of the eighteenth, and ranked second among active players, only the Carolina Panthers Julius peipers. He also made 47 balls in his career. After 11 years spent in the colts, Dwight frency in Santiago lightning team for two years, the Arizona Cardinals for 1 years, and 11 games in that year had 8 sacks. Last year, he joined the Atlanta falcons, played 15 times and got 3 kills. Last year, the falcons lost to the new England patriots in the Super Bowl duel, he also had a capture, this is his career playoff eleventh kill.

Dwight – frini debut will not let the Seahawks fans wait too long. The Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday with Dwight Fulinidacheng a one-year contract. And on Wednesday announced the signing of the defensive front. Coach Peter Carol plans to let frini feature in the Sunday Seattle Seahawks home court against Houston Dezhou in the game. Seahawks coach Peter Carol said: “we are ready to let him into our system and then see what happens. He’s ready to play, and he’s eager to stand on the court. He worked hard, and now he’s stronger. Yesterday’s pre match training, he also showed that he was going to do his best on Sunday, and we looked forward to his performance in the game.” Frisoni said that he was in the Seahawks trial showed excellent condition. He also said there is a Seahawks attract his place, he was with the Atlanta Seahawks falcons jerseys felt very similar, because the falcons coach Dan Quinn was in the hands of Carol to teach. Dwight frini said: “a lot of things with last year is very similar, I should be able to help my teammates.”

Carol has not said what will use Dwight frency, but should be a limit to the number of times, especially in his debut is likely to enter the rotation. Frisoni, Arizona Cardinals in the 2015 period, average per game in 23 attack. Last season, when Atlanta falcons, they averaged 28 games per game. Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman said: “Dwight Freeh and other players are not the same, he only need to participate in several rounds of attack can change the situation in the playground. We’re all happy that we can sign him. ”

Frini coming to the Seahawks increase a blunt pass hand, it can also compensate for Cliff – Lille injured zaff. Frank – Clark replaced Avril as the starting defensive side, as well as Marcus – Smith and Brandon – Jackson as the rotation lineup. But the Seahawks coach Peter Carol said: “a team never jerseys abandon military rushed too much, and frency will give us a more defensive end rotation choice. “The Seahawks list does not have any change, because the injured since Cliff Avril last week, only 52 people in their squad.

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