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The world famous sports website ESPN announced the active 100 well-known athletes ranking, this is the director of the ESPN motion analysis using a set of computing – Allah Maldives ranking index to measure the athletes salaries, endorsements, social media and Google Google search volume etc.. The final list of a total of 8 occupation football player on the list, the first NFL Tom Brady natural history highest ranking after him, there are 7 players in the list, let us look at the 8 athletes were led by Tom Brady who it is.

ESPN 100 twenty-first athletes: Tom Brady

Tom Brady this year won the personal occupation career of the Super Bowl champion fifth gold rings, now Tom Brady is NFL fully deserve the first person in history, he and his wife Giselle supermodel Bundchen is a couple of popular culture in the most popular. If you want to be in this position that Brady, then the number of NFL, the top five passing rate, passing yards and touchdowns number can prove this point, especially his five Super Bowl trophy is the best proof. Remember what he said! “Believe me, we won a lot easier than we lost.”.”

Brady too low-key life leads to his outside income is not very high, will be $8 million for endorsements and Brady such a player is really a bit bleak, but on his wages and other income, Brady annual income can reach about $50 million. His Instagram and Facebook fans are 2 million and 4 million 300 thousand, plus he does not play twitter, compared with other sports stars, his outside flow is still relatively low.

ESPN 100 forty-seventh cam - Newton: Athletes

ESPN 100 forty-seventh cam – Newton: Athletes

Second in the list of players is the Carolina Panthers four quarterback cam Newton in the rankings last year he ranked thirty-second. He has a comparable linebacker body in general, this is probably the previously difficult to see, he is very strong, very fast, full of toughness, he can create some stunning performances with his arm, his legs. Although Newton was criticized for his character and temperament, it was hard to deny the success of NFL’s MVP player in the 2015 season. Not only that, Newton’s wearing characteristics can be said to be a new fashion in sports, he dares to try any kind of match. Every year Newton endorsement income of up to $12 million, he and Stephen curry is currently dema sports brand in North America two big pillar.

ESPN 100 fifty-second athletes: Drew – Bracey

Bracey’s ranking fell 8 compared with last year, in New Orleans after the hurricane disaster to the city is really happy, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, and now his career passing yards and touchdowns number are ranked in the history of the third, he is the legend of the city of New Orleans. Bracey’s annual endorsement income of $12 million, plus his salary, Bracey can have more than $30 million a year income.

ESPN 100 fifty-fifth athletes: Russell – Wilson

The 2012 NFL show in the round of his second season Seattle Seahawks won the team history first Super Bowl trophy. He, along with his wife and famous musician Ciara, is also a popular couple with the American people’s welcome.
Russell – Wilson year endorsement contract income also has tens of millions of levels, so Tom Brady in a star in public is really poor. Wilson has a good business sense, and although his quarterback doesn’t have a very high salary, his income is quite high.

ESPN 100 fifty-sixth athletes: Aaron – Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the most surprising quarterback in the NFL League, and he leads a fantastic team. No need to go into details. He had been the subject of much media attention since he was dating a famous actress, Olivia Mutu, but recently the two broke up. The current Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl champion, six career bowls, and NFL’s all-time quarterback.
Rodgers’s personal life is very low-key, he did not play with Instagram Facebook, his 2 million 900 thousand push on fans attention, a year of endorsements with Brady similar to $8 million, but between his wages, the endorsement fee is only the tip of the iceberg.

ESPN 100 player sixtieth: Eli Manning

Eli Manning is able to list the reasons largely because the quarterback of his family, is a period of time Eli Manning’s past performance is good, the two time he beat the Patriots won Super Bowl champion, he can always make some unbelievable reversal, or send some disaster, but now he is copied cut a quarterback has sent countless.
Eli Manning’s salary in the league’s top level, but compared to the end is not active Eli Manning can still get a $8 million endorsement income.

ESPN 100 sixty-fourth athletes: Odell – Beckham

With his last year ranked fortieth in the rankings this year compared to Beckham decreased significantly, he is one of the most exciting NFL earth, against the Dallas Cowboys catch with one hand brought him a high reputation, but last season after the events of Beckham Yacht Club, became the target of the best representatives of angels and the devil is the player.
In the 5 years to complete a $30 million contract with Nike shoes, plus the rest of the OTC revenue, Beckham is obviously NFL minority endorsement income more than wage income players, although he can only get a salary of $1 million 500 thousand, a fifth year contract option but in, he can get a salary of $8 million 500 thousand.

ESPN 100 seventy-fourth athletes: JJ- Watt

JJ- Watt is the NFL League feared players, he is the best defensive player in NFL history, sacks quarterback for him almost homely food field, he love everyone is amiable and easy of approach, the man in the last season because of injury last season, so his ranking than last year fell 19.

Watt love in the social network interaction with others, so there are about 2 million 500 thousand fans on his Instagram, and his Facebook is about 1 million 900 thousand, and 3 million 200 thousand for twitter fans, his annual endorsement income of $7 million, plus the 2014 Watt and Dezhou signed 6 year contract for $100 million. Watt’s income.
It is worth mentioning that the list of one hundred athletes and three China athletes, they are 66 Ning Zetao, 71 Malone, 88 Lin Dan, Malone and Lin Dan is table tennis badminton field with only the list of athletes, while Ning Zetao beat new swimming became the highest ranking athletes.

In addition to NFL players, many ranking athletes are well known, such as the number one Cristiano – Ronaldo and Lebron – James ranked second, next to you from the list of 1-20 names, let’s see before Tom cloth Reddy what are the famous athletes on the list.

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