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1.35 million dollars for 5 years!

The Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire team headed and formally completed the contract, he will have a value of 5 for the year $135 million contract with the Raiders and just overtook the renewal of Derek Carle, a league player of the highest average annual salary.

In fact, in June this year, Carle just with the Raiders after renewal, chairman of the lions is known as the mind will be the team’s star quarterback Matthew Staffordshire into the league’s most expensive player, he believes that this is their thing, executives are confident. And Carle had to renew the contract and forcing the team compared the Staffordshire without spending too much effort on this matter, the team also fulfill their promise, gave him a satisfactory explanation.

Staffordshire seemed to enjoy his time with the lions, and his wife Keri delighted him with two twin daughters. In April, Staffordshire made it clear that he wanted to stay with the lions, suggesting that management was quick to talk to him. The quarterback, who spent 8 years in NFL, had his last contract valued at $76 million 500 thousand for 5 years and received $16 million 500 thousand in 2017.

This year, Matthew – Staffordshire is already 29 years old, he will play for the lions until 2022. The details of 5 years, 135 million of the contracts included a $92 million security deposit, the team will be in accordance with the contract year paid him $27 million salary, which also makes him beyond Derek Carle’s $25 million, became the highest annual salary of the League today. Not only that, from $25 million to $27 million, and the gap of $2 million across the board, so that the Union’s salary has risen a notch. The Aaron – Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Drew – Bracey and Kirk – cousins is good news, some people can estimate the price hike, which fell to $30 million is not impossible.

The Detroit lions nfl jerseys after 0 – 16 season in 2008, the next year’s draft with pick to win the Staffordshire, this eight years have witnessed the transformation of Staffordshire, after the early career has plagued injuries for 2 years, he secured the team. Since 2011, more than 4200 yards of passes and more than 20 arrays have been obtained each year. In the past two years, Staffordshire’s passing rate is as high as over 65%, his play has gradually stabilized, and continues to rise, there is no sign of stop.

In the history of the NFL quarterback, the number of passes, the number of shots, the number of passes and the percentage of passing attempts in Staffordshire were among the top 50. So far, his total number of yards was 30303 yards, completing 187 passes and reaching 14 shots. In the occupation career peak of Staffordshire, in the middle of all of the National League North led the lions three times in the playoffs, the king of the lions on the reversal of the season as a single season, 8 times the four quarter reversal created a league history, this stunning performance with the Staffordshire and stable state of mind are inseparable.

Now, Matthew Staffordshire is likely to be the best quarterback in the league in the next two to three years, provided he keeps his momentum up for the past two years. Why do you say, we have to analyze, Tom Brady and Drew Bracey – the two giants are almost 40 years old, although two is not old, but there is no guarantee how long they can fight. The next Pittsburgh Wallace although positive year, but recently published speech seems to have retired, retired. The river has 35 lightning team, and has just moved from San Diego to Losangeles.

In the remaining people than Staffordshire, also have the advantage. Matt Ryan is the regular season MVP,nike football jerseys but last season, Staffordshire was also included in this list, the two sides at the same level; the little cowboy Darko Prescott needs to come up with more performance to replicate the success in his rookie season; although little Marrack is very talented, but he has a problem; he also Bikanmu – in Newton, Russell Werwilson data, Derek Carle and Winston et al demis more beautiful. So here’s the question, where’s Ron, the biggest rival in his career?.

The lions have finally found their man in the past 5 years, and now they are giving the team their future. They let him play in a comfortable environment and save him all the worries. For Staffordshire himself, 5 years later, he is 34, so it could be his last big contract in his career. It’s a two-way choice, and the fate of the lions will be tied up with Staffordshire, as it is wise to find a soul mate.

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