Crow team is the biggest beneficiary

By • Nov 3rd, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

Each team league quarterback full of injuries

Half of the season, as the high strength of competitive sports, NFL teams have been scarred. The same is true of crows in Baltimore, but facing their next opponent, the crow is really unable to complain about his injuries.

Along with the people of Dezhou four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson injured knee in training season, in the next 8 games will face 3 in crow backup quarterback, including Green Bay Packers and the Indianapolis colts.

That is to say, would have tried to stop Watson, Andrew and Aaron – Rodgers – La the three super quarterback crow team, now only need to face Tom – Savage, Kobe – Jia Bulisaite and Brent Hendry of the three nameless young fellow. The three backup quarterback in this season came a total of only 6 touchdowns, but was intercepted 8 times, scoring only 72.7 points.

In fact, in the October match, crow faced the 4 backup quarterback, including the Oakland Raiders EJ- Emanuel, the Chicago bears the mecherle – Truby Kandinsky, the Minnesota Vikings Keith Qinamu and Matt – Miami dolphins moore.

However, the ravens have only won two of the four games, so it is not clear whether they will benefit from the next three games.

Crow will face several other starting quarterback Marcus – including the Tennessee Titans tower, Detroit lions Ma Liu Matthew – Staffordshire, Pittsburgh – Cleveland, the Steelers Roethlisberger Brown DeShawn Cazale and Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati tigers. The first quarterback didn’t perform well this season, and none of them got into the top fourteen of the quarterback’s ratings.

The defensive pass of the ravens defense team is the advantage. This season, they are currently ranked fifth against the league, averaging only 184.5 yards per game, and completing a total of 12 times, ranking first in the league.
The crow can use opponents injury status, paving the way for them to enter the playoffs? Let’s wait and see.

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