Cowboys super quarterback leads the way

By • Nov 3rd, 2017 • Category: nfl sports jerseys news

When the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett learned that star running back Elliot Ezekiel will not play the next six games, the first time he told the four Cowboys quarterback Prescott duck, do your own work.

Garrett certainly doesn’t want Prescott, or any other player, to think that losing Elliot means that they’re going to have more responsibility. He said that the most important thing for football players is to manage their tasks on the court, and the 11 men in the field have different responsibilities. As a coach, his job is to let the players in mind, to complete their duties, and the remaining part is not diverted to worry about.

As one of the top two Dallas cowboys jerseys, Prescott once played in the absence of Elliot. In a last game of the season, as has been locked in the home court advantage in the face of the playoffs, the hawks of Philadelphia when they did not let Elliot play, but in the game, Prescott also played only two wave attack.

Prescott said that despite the loss of Elliot, the offensive team must maintain its status, continue to implement offensive team coordinator Scott – lane Han offensive system. The cowboys not only has Elliot to be able to contribute the big number to rush, another run guard, Alfred – Maurice also can make the contribution, this season he has completed a 70 yards flushes. The ability of Maurice and not because Elliot is not present and disappear.

Although Elliot can not play, Prescott does not think their opponents this week, Kansas chief will make what change, even without Elliot, they also have Maurice, Rhodes Smith and Darren Mcfadden three outstanding running back, and he had eight people in cowboys, or even nine line system has been keeping good grades.

Prescott said: “Izzi Gil is an excellent running guard, but even if he does not play, our attack front will not change, the other running guards can be realized very well. I think you will see Elliot and the presence of a similar red ball.”

Because of Elliot’s outstanding performance in road attack, Prescott has a relatively secure quarterback pocket. In this season alone, Prescott has completed 14 passes and sent only 4 shots.

Prescott believes that whether Elliot is coming or not, his passing offense will continue. The combination of running and running must keep balance, so that every attack can achieve higher efficiency.

This week the cowboys will be against Kansas chiefs jerseys, the game was named the ESPN this week, the most noteworthy game, and Elliot was unable to play in the confirmation before the cowboy 60% winrate slightly ahead, and the current record is 55.

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