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Bill Gate put forward Complain about wholesale 11 pieces of advice cheap nike nfl jerseys the weak to young people. Gates’s first piece of advice is that the world is not fair, you do not want to change it, but to adapt to it. He also has a piece of advice: the world will not care about your self-esteem, people see only your achievements; you do not have achieved before, do not over emphasize their dignity, because dignity comes from strength.

Gates’s first words are worth pondering. To tell you, this world is not fair, you do not complain about it all day, but to adapt to it. If a man’s eyes are unfair, unjust, and who does not obey the rules, what he sees is unfair and unjust, as if the whole world is unjust. Moreover, when a person’s mind is always entangled in the injustice, injustice, he will be in a very bad state, because the pursuit of justice is a mental illness.

A person has a chip, he will complain, judge, will come around with a perfect evaluation criterion of things, especially some things around the judgment associated with him, so that he may have been everywhere and unfair. This is not to say that there are so many unfair phenomena, but because everyone has a “radar”, once produced “it’s not fair to my thoughts, he can only see things that are not fair, not fair, pay attention to those authentic nfl jerseys good things. It’s like saying that a man’s wife is pregnant, and he will see more pregnant women on the street. In fact, this is not the time to increase the number of pregnant women, but he had not noticed before.

A person in the “radar” if there is an unfair, unfair idea, often do nothing, he did not change the status quo, but only complain. Even to some extent, he regards the complaint as a means to change the reality. Some people in life are like this, they start to complain about the boss, colleagues, spouse and even the weather is the object of his complaints, but he never thought how to change it. So complaining is essentially a kind of inertia. We say that seeking justice is a kind of psychological disease, in fact it is a kind of persistent psychological inertia. Find the unfair through vent their dissatisfaction, for their own, do not work hard, not as excuses and excuses — it can not blame me, blame? Blame others.

When a man is in such a state, he will be unhappy and wait, but when and when he does not know, nor does he really think, just like the hero who is waiting for Godot. His criticism and complaint does not mean that he has a substantive jerseys nfl from china opinion, nor does it show that he has a tendency to change the status quo.

Don’t complain and not shut up not to talk, not submissive, but not to tolerate injustice and evils and bad, even to weihuzuochang. The key is to face the reality, to think about how to solve the problem, for what to do, to have the mind, which is called management. Complaining is not management, it’s just complaining, so critics and critics are often unwelcome. In an organization as well as a society, critics are often unwelcome. For example, critics earn far less directors earn more money, analysts earn far less money fund managers earn more. Because in these areas, the former is not as big as the latter. One of the many famous British historical figures buried in the famous Westminster Abbey is not a critic, according jerseys nfl direct supply to an article entitled “how to face the critics of the company” in the company.

If a person is in the idle, idle or quasi idle state, will produce criticism or around all pointing. So a unit if there are a lot of people in the criticism of others, it only shows the company too much redundant. If a company is too busy to have enough manpower, how can it be time to complain about others and to blame life? If one day you find yourself complaining about the unfairness of the world, then you must be a relatively busy people, at least at this stage, you are not trying to explain.

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