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Playoff primaries will be announced

On Tuesday local time, the American College Football League playoffs will soon be announced.

In the past ninth weeks of competition, no team than the Penn State University Nittany lions have a better chance for the playoffs selection committee to leave a good impression.

The Nittany lions in the city of Columbo against the Ohio State University Buckeyes, and sports director Jean Smith of the Ohio State University, is one of the 13 members of the selection committee for the playoffs. Smith, the first time this season for the selection committee, although it is likely that he will vote for his parent club Buckeyes, Pennsylvania State University but he will spare no effort in support of the ten school union.

In September 30th, when the Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University cowboys with a 41:34 victory over the Texas Tech University Red Raiders, the selection committee chairman, Texas Tech University sports director Colby hoctor at the scene to watch the game. The former Virginia Tech coach Frank biemel also served as a member of the selection committee for the first time this year in the playoffs. He witnessed the Clemson tigers winning Hodge at 31:17 in Ryan Stadium last month. But will Clemson University’s ideas change when he loses to Syracuse University?

The ninth week is the last chance for competitors in the American College Rugby League playoff table to impress the selection committee members. 13 college football jerseys cheap veterans will announce their top 6 rankings in the first playoff season in Texas on Tuesday, local time, in Grapevine, USA.

Before that, let’s look back at the 9 week, the results of the tournament that affect the decision of the selection committee. (from small to large influence ranking)

National rankings: Cowboys: 11 climbers: 22

Pre competition record: Cowboys: 6 wins and 1 losses mountaineering team: 5 wins and 2 losses


The results of analysis: due to the Cowboys before the game has been a failure, therefore, if the game they lost again, this season’s playoffs and they Never mind. At the same time, if the twelve school alliance hopes to have a team to reach the playoffs, can only look forward to the end of the season twelve League finals in the same school as a negative, between University of Oklahoma and Texas Christian University, will have at least one team’s failure is not higher than a.

There was no retreat for the cowboys to play well, opening the 13 point lead, and once the difference cheap jerseys between the two sides opened to 20 points. Although the climber team had at the end of the third quarter by interception return touchdown will narrow the difference to 6 points, but two consecutive touchdowns in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys started successfully killed the game of suspense.

After winning two straight victories, Oklahoma State University still has the hope of reaching the playoffs. Next, the Cowboys will continue to face the University of Oklahoma, the eighth fastest foot team in the United States, and the fourteenth Iowa State University tornado in the United states. Before praying for the playoffs to select themselves, the Cowboys first have to guarantee that they can win all the remaining matches of the season. The Cowboys is best conceived, they will again face the Texas Christian horned frogs finals in the twelve League school, and in their regular season defeat revenge.

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