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Momoka beat Arkansas to take down the camellia bowl of Naxi

In December 17, 2017 Beijing time, the American University Rugby League began a contest for the bowl. On the first day of a contest between the camellia bowl, tennaxi State University defeated Arkansas State University by 35-30 and won the cup of the camellia bowl.

The first section of the game, Middle Tennessee State University in the first wave of attack sent steals, Arkansas state will be transformed to the free kick, 3-0 lead. But in the next defense, Arkansas state a calm foul to mobile phone, Middle Tennessee State easily completed touchdown will lead the score. The last paragraph of the first section in the Tennessee State University quarterback Stokes Deere more steals, but this time the team did not therefore fall into. At the end of the first festival, tennaxi state is in the lead at 7-3.

The second part of the first half of the game played a good role in the defensive teams, forcing their opponents to abandon the kick. Tadanaxi state made the opponent’s quarterback Hansen off the ball and went back to the attack. Although Hansen in the next wave of attacks in 1 yards touchdown to make amends, but another victory in the end of the first half of Tennessee state, Hansen also used a steal at halftime game. Tennaxi state 21-10 continues to lead.

The second half of a game up in the Tennessee State University has expanded the lead, Thomas tabares Road 2 yards touchdown score was 28-10. But the Arkansas state with 10 offensive by Justin Mike jerseys china, completed a 20 yard touchdown catch. Although Stokes Deere sent third steals in the game, but Arkansas state also failed to seize the opportunity, in the Tennessee State University 6 yards outside over oberlies appear off the ball, narrow the gap between the scores of the missed opportunity. The end of the three quarter, Arkansas state is still 11 points behind 17-28.

Small game just 32 seconds, Hansen and Warren had completed a 2 yard line, but the 2 conversion failed, the game was 23-28. The reversion of tennaxi state was fast in color, and Stokes Dier’s 30 – yard pass again turned the score to the 2 ball power gap. The Arkansas state 5 minutes left in the game once again finished Hansen touchdown,football jerseys a 41 yard line on the accurate long pass found Booker, the score arrived 30-35. With a tenacious defense, Arkansas state at the last moment got the chance, but in the Tennessee state defense group of Hansen completed two sacks, spent the last time in the final, the State University of Tennessee 35-30 defeat opponents won the championship trophy of the camellia bowl.

The data, Middle Tennessee State University quarterback Stokes Deere 35 pass 19, scored 232 touchdowns and 2 yards, but also sent 3 steals; and Arkansas State University quarterback Hansen shot the ball 57 times, hit 31 times, 337 yards, 3 touchdowns, but once was steals and a lost ball turnovers.

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