Cleveland Brown: bottoming out?

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The 2016 season was Huw Jackson’s first season in Cleveland for Brown. Brown in order to completely get rid of the “belly” can turn from A to Z title, but also from the management body began to shake, in a previously had never been involved in football occupation management circle, MLB League Baseball New York Mets Vice President De Poddar Star served as chief strategy officer. Brown hopes the baseball field in the open character data analysis first player (de bordax tower is the archetypal characters of the famous movie “moneyball” in the Oakland athletics general manager assistant Brand), to get rid of this troubled team for nearly 20 years of bad luck. In addition, Sasi Brown, the former vice president of the team, was promoted to vice president of rugby affairs and the day-to-day affairs of the team manager. Sasi Brown has also become Brown’s sixth team manager since 2005. In exchange for the first season, Brown directly into the cold winter, 1 wins and 15 losses team history, worst record can be neglected to describe. While the 2017 season goal for them is quite clear, from the 1-15 season to be completely out of the darkness, to lay the foundation for the day after the turn.

Personnel turnover

In the American press, looking at the season’s video of Brown’s 16 regular season is like a joke. The 14 game losing streak, as many as 7 players left to pass data (there are 5 quarterback); averaging 16.5 points in the bottom second of the league; the field to throw 28.3 points last in the league in third; his line released a total of 66 sacks and Defense League; only sent 26 sacks Last Alliance second; in one of the most simple words, Brown is not here, there is not no, but not everywhere! Perhaps the words of a book do not tell Brown the problem of this team up and down. But when winter comes, the spring is right in front of us. Following the last offseason began after exchange transfusion, Brown in the 2017 offseason is the upgraded version of the big shake, and this one goal is to shake up the coach and the players.

In January 7, coach Brown began to fire including last season’s defensive coach Horton. Then the former rams defensive coach Williams took office, a return to the team in 1999 eleventh NFL football defensive coordinator. Jackson is keen to lead the Lakers to the league’s ninth best defensive defense manager last season, cheap nba jerseys china leading Brown’s defensive team to a whole new change.

Corinth match moment

In the free agent market, with the League maximum salary cap space in Brown this offseason is frequently shot. First, with 4 year contract to retain 50 million in last season’s trade deadline day from the new England patriots traded over outside linebacker Collins to start the defense group reconstruction, in addition to 2 years the price of 6 million signed last season in Titan’s Punt Did MaCaw Siti, this is Brown in the offseason in the free agent market for defense the most important reinforcement. Finally from the jet trading safety Pryor.

Compared with the defense, Brown can be said to put more free players focus on reinforcing the offensive group: in order to solve the problem of ineffective protection of the attack, Brown last season and played pretty good tiger’s main right guard Zeitler to 5 year contract 60 million contract to Cleveland, in addition to 3 years 16 million 750 thousand of the value of the contract signed by the packers to replace the backup center Te Rethel last season played too horrible to look at center Erwin. In terms of skills, Brown signed Britt, the former ram, for 4 years and 32 million 500 thousand.

Players, Brown this offseason is the biggest isoutside took Pryor to the Redskins, but with the arrival of Britt and Coleman’s comeback, should be up to leave Pryor after the loss, but lost one can pass the external hand.
Last season’s 1-15 record, let Brown get the first prize. Plus in 2016 before the draft and return the transaction Eagle No.

two, led Brown to the offseason reinforcement to focus exclusively on the draft:

A Brown in the draft, a total of 10 signature, including 3 amazing first round of signing. Brown is the best, the 10 teams will be assigned to each group signed an average: 5 chose to sign a defensive player, defensive end Gareth including the champion, and peipers in Michigan played the offensive and defensive position group group. Gareth rushed pass ability without doubt, but Pepas’s problem may be that he did not really have a fixed position in the draft before the defense and medication history at the University, he may have to play the NFL level offensive wholesale player jerseys is slightly difficult, while the middle rounds of selection is also ready for Hogan Joby defensive attack days after exchange transfusion.

In the attack group draft, in the first round picks off the near end, the storehouse should be able to play the important role in the new season. In addition, Cazale, a quarterback from the University of Notre Dame, has just been announced as Brown’s twenty-seventh first quarterback since returning to NFL in 1999. At the end of round Brown at the mouth of the selected scouts “have never seen such a good” kicker Gonzales, arizona.

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