Cleveland Brown 2017 season jerseys online forecast

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2017 season forecast

Brown has a union eleventh easy to race in the 2017 season, in a series of operations in the offseason Hugh Brown should help improve my performance. The season’s forecast is 6 wins and 10 losses.


Thomas is no doubt the best cut in the league. Last season, Thomas scored 89.1 points on the professional football focus website, ranking fourth in the league. The veteran, who is about to start his eleventh season at NFL, is one of the team’s leaders, along with the quarterback behind the field. In the past Sunday, Thomas even became the first ever NFL offensive forward to record his story on the ESPN’s famous “E60″ documentary.

5 year 60 million contract left the league’s best outside guard Corinth, enough to see his significant impact on the Brown defensive team. In 8 games last season after Brown arrived in Corinth, over 48 tackles and 2 sacks, although the overall performance of the season may be the worst year career in Corinth, but from the fame, ability and past performance, he is still the defensive group the most dazzling star players, which he is afraid of both inside and outside the stadium and the football spirit only as a normal job so that he could not become a true leader on the pitch.

Attack team

For 18 years, Brown is still in the quarterback’s position, looking for his own husband”. After last season due to injury, Brown took 5 quarterbacks, including 3 who was the first, Rob Griffin III, Kessler and McCain a total of only 77.4 quarterback starters score, quarterback in the ranking is only 27. Now with the departure of Griffin Sans and McCain, Brown in the offseason did a great deal of effect is the last season at quarterback in only 29 of the 70 million row score from Houston Wheeler Mr. oswald. But with the rookie Cazale in good performance of the preseason, he has defeated vhailor Oswald was the first opportunity, but the 2 round pick Brown can bring much change, it also make a question mark. As soon as Cazale fails, it is only a matter of time before Cleveland Brown sees their twenty-ninth starters china from NFL jerseys.

The front side, and with the arrival of Te Rethel Zeitler to fill the defect of original inside, on the season two main guard injured and cause Greco than Tonio affects the performance of the two, but with the return of their health, most of the striker’s position seems to be better than last season. The only flaw is Coleman, the right winger.

Defensive team

Williams, who has led the rams in the league’s top 10 defensive figures in the past two years, has made Brown’s defence look better at least in pre-season than last season. The arrival of Gareth Williams in Cleveland has also received a red hand or can pass as Donald, but if Gareth cannot pass for Brown right outside of the Chong brought fire promotion, it is still unable to provide useful help for second-line defense.

Two safety Brown last season’s defense is bad. A supplement is not timely, the last line of defense to tackle the other players fell to the ground, it’s all for coming and peipers from jet before trading 1 round show safety Calvin Prior provide the reason. But another problem is that the Brown angle of Wei Qun depth, Maikaodi coming to Brown in the cornerback position brought support group, but on the other side of the black board if the dismal performance last season still unable to get out of it, the Brown new season second defense will still have the leakage hole.

Secret Service

Brown picked Gonzales, a highly regarded football player in the sixth round of the draft, this year, but he jerseys online nfl still needs to compete with the team playing the handkerchief base last season. In addition, peipers arrival to him in Michigan when the return point of view, he will become the main catch new season Brown special teams players return.


Brown has a union eleventh easy to race in the 2017 season, in a series of operations in the offseason Hugh Brown should help improve my performance. The season’s forecast is 6 wins and 10 losses.

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