Chicago Bearsline is banned for 2 games

By • Oct 1st, 2017 • Category: good sports jerseys news

The Danny Trevathan (Davante Adams) helmet’s impact on the helmet will allow him to lose some playing time.

Chicago Xiong Xianwei has been banned from 2 games for violating the player’s safety regulations. Trevisan slammed into Adams in the third quarter of Thursday night against Green Bay Packers, who were taken to hospital and diagnosed with concussion.

According to informed sources, Trevisan filed an appeal for the punishment and the hearing will take place this week. In an interview after the match, Trevisan said he didn’t mean to hurt Adams and that he shouldn’t be banned.

Trevor will be back in October 16th. In his absence, (Christian, Jones) and (John Timu) should be more time to play.

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