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Bill won the Panther star

A few minutes before the end of the NFL season on Tuesday, Buffalo Bill won the Panther star Kelvin Benjamin, in exchange, Bill sold the third round and the seven round of the draft in 2018. The third round pick right is Bill’s right, not the third round of the Hawks’ draft from another deal, while the seventh round picks are the rights that were won by the Losangeles lightning team.

Bill team manager Brandon Bean told us on Tuesday evening news that the deal was aimed at increasing the team’s current and future strength. The Panther team manager and he has Matti Hoerni long-term cooperative relations during the 1998 years to 2012 years, they both work in the panther. Said Buffalo Bill initiated Hoerni, this transaction. Bean said: “we began to discuss the deal on Monday, until Tuesday noon training I have not take it seriously, but suddenly, we conducted two rounds of discussion in about two and about 3:25, 3:40 in the end, from the end of the transaction in 20 minutes when we reached an agreement.”

The reason is because the Black Panther deal with Benjamin in the team at present, large redundancy took place, 6 feet 5 inches and 6 feet 4 inches Benjamin Fenqiesi German – have similar stature and ability. After the completion of the transaction, Fenqiesi became the main receiver panther. In addition, panthers also want to increase the speed type on the field, rather than the strength of the outside take over, such as Russell – Sheppard, Curtis – Samuel, etc..

Benjamin will be Bill’s four point guard Thai Rhodes – Taylor’s a huge pass goal, but also for the current 5 wins and 2 losses Bill brought the playoffs hope. Since 1999, Bill has not been in the playoffs for 17 consecutive years, and now, according to ESPN TV forecast, Bill has as high as 61% into the playoffs.

At present, Bill tight end Charles clay with 258 yards receiving yards ahead of the team, and all over a total of only 45 times out of the ball, a total of 594 yards, receiving yards become the League minimum external group. Less than three months ago, Bill to the Losangeles rams sold top wide receiver Sami Watkins, Jordan and Mathews to start Jones karzai.

Bean believes that Benjamin will bring about “size and experience” for the team, he thought Benjamin not marked, because he is much larger than the size of most defenders.

It is unclear whether Benjamin will play this week against the jets Thursday night game. Bean said that this matter will be decided by the coach and offensive coordinator.

Bean said he was working for Panthers in the 2014 draft, and he was deeply involved in Benjamin’s research. At that time, the first round of twenty-eighth selected Benjamin panthers. Bean believes that now Benjamin has grown into a good blue collar player, he will be able to integrate into the Bill team.

If the Panthers do not make the deal, they will need to consider whether to extend the contract with Benjamin later this season: they will pay him $8 million 500 thousand in 2018. And now, as long as Benjamin is still in Bill’s team in March next year, he will pay the salary to end the current contract. And then, he will have a chance to negotiate a new contract with Bill.

The 26 year old Benjamin this season with 32 receptions for 475 yards / 2 touchdowns, leading the Panthers team. At the current pace, if you stay in the Panther, his performance will be difficult to go beyond his rookie season hit a career best: 73 receptions, 9 touchdowns, 1008 yards. In 2015, he was released from the season because of ACL injuries, so it was a big problem for Benjamin to keep his condition. Benjamin said, although he can not guarantee that Benjamin can stay healthy, but he believes that the rest of the team will be the new teammate, Benjamin love strong, tall, catch ability, good at running route. Because he has the body shape beyond the average corner guard, he can also play a blocking role in the road attack.

Bill had a total of 19 2018 talent picks before the end of the season, including 6 first three rounds. Willing to sell part of draft picks means that they have the utmost confidence in this season. With 5 wins and 2 losses ending the first half of the season, Bill is willing to seriously consider how to further strengthen the strength of the season to get better results.

Bean joked that since he was hired by Bill in May, he has completed six deals, both for the sale of players, this time the introduction of the players, not to be hated by other players in the team. And he said, will introduce more good players at the right time.

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