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This is embarrassing! He was out of contract price rookie in hand

Cleveland official twitter appointment (DeShone Kizer) for the new season starting quarterback, Jackson announced last week by the four rookie quarterback Sean de Cazale as the season of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a start against after it emerged that Brown began looking for a team as a backup quarterback for the home, the transaction (Brock Osweiler). The official stated that this news is a solid.

This is embarrassing! He was out of contract price rookie in hand

This is also a low Oswald Wheeler, last season Houston Dezhou announced second Wheeler Oswald low pass score (72.2), Houston in 9500 million years astronomical sign Oswald Wheeler after only one year and chose to give up. Over the years has been plagued by quarterback Brown Oswald will seize the Wheeler in the bag. At the end of the May camp during the interview, the coach said, “has a very good performance, but also feel very confident about whether he can sit on the first place.

But two pre-season, according to Cazale a total of 31 passes 19 attempts to promote the success of 258 yards in the offensive team he led a total of 23 points, and led by Oswald scored zero points “. The third game against the Tampa Bay race is simply not let Osborne vhailor play.

This is embarrassing!

After the interview Jackson of University of Notre Dame two round rookie quarterback Cazale praise: he is actively committed to offensive tactics in the study group, a large number of training quarterback basic skills, and good will transform the energy to the game.

After some interview Oswald Wheeler views on this matter, he is the official replied: “I avoid it as much as possible, but this is coaching things to consider, I only focus on my own to control”. And added: “now I have good teammates, I need to continue to focus on tactics, focus on pre match preparations, and do what a professional player should do and make progress every day to become a better player.””.

The fact is, vhailor now very embarrassing situation, no team hopes to get a rookie quarterback squeeze down the players, but also need to accept the remaining contract price Oswald vhailor. All the media are going to continue to focus on the “oswald.

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