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The son of a Big fish wholesale sailor when he was very young,cheap nfl nike jerseys online story the first time with adults aboard to play. He was lying on the deck watching the sea when he saw a big fish behind the boat. He pointed to the big fish, but it was strange that no one could see it.

We think of a legend that there is a monster like fish in the sea, most people can not see. If a man can see it, he will die for it.

Since then, the man did not dare to go to sea, but also did not dare to take a boat.

But he often went to the seaside, and every time he went to the seaside, he could see the fish in the sea. Sometimes he walked on the bridge and saw the fish swim down the bridge. He got used to seeing the fish, but he didn’t dare to approach it. So he spent his whole life.

When he was old and dying, he could not bear to go to the fish and see what would happen. He sat in a small boat and rowed to the big fish in the sea.

He asked the big fish: “you have been with me, in the end want to do?” The big nfl jerseys different size fish replied, “I want to give you the treasure.” He saw a lot of treasures. He said, “it’s late, I’m dying.”

On the second day, he was found dead in his boat.

Psychological analysis, the sea here is the symbol of the subconscious, the sea like a vast and subconscious, unfathomable, numerous hidden mysteries. Big fish is the secret of the sea, is a symbol of the spirit of the subconscious mind, the symbol of intuition.

If a man goes into his own subconscious, he is doomed to be unable to live a normal life. It’s dangerous to enter the subconscious. If there is a psychological conflict in your subconscious mind, and you are unable to resolve such contradictions, and rushed into the deep, your mental balance will be threatened.

But, in our subconscious mind, of course, there are dangerous elements, sometimes not entirely. See if the fish people earlier courage, boldness and close to it, maybe he was a millionaire, but he missed the opportunity.

Once, someone asked the farmer is not planted wheat. The farmer replied, “no, I’m afraid it won’t rain.” The man asked, “did you plant cotton?” “No,” said the farmer. “I’m afraid the worm ate the cotton.” So the man asked, “what did you plant?” The farmer said, “nothing. I want to make sure the safety.”

A man who does not take any risks, has nothing to do, like the farmer, in the end, nothing, nothing. They avoid suffering and sorrow, but they cannot learn, change, feel, grow, love and live. They are bound by their own attitudes, slaves who have lost their freedom.

Unwilling to take risks, dare to laugh, because they are afraid to take foolish risks; they did not dare to cry, for fear of risking ridicule others; they did not dare to lend a hand to others, because the risks involved; they did not dare to expose feelings, because the real face exposed to take risks; they are not love, because you want to risk not being loved; they did not dare to hope, disappointed to take risks; they did not dare to try, because the risk of failure……

But we must learn to take risks, because the greatest danger in life is not to take any risks.

The ostrich has its move when in danger, his head was in the sand out of the heart of the. When we are adults, although we know that a lot of things can not be avoided, we must be strong to face, to take cheap nfl jerseys online risks, we still keep in the heart of the kind of escape and find comfort in the idea. In fact, the difficulties and risks is a bully, you he is weak, you are weak he is strong. We must always remember that the most difficult times, there is no time to cry; the most critical time, there is no time to hesitate. Risk means you are more likely to succeed.

Life motto:

The psychological quality and the ability to withstand the risk is the exercise of the continuous process of.

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