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There are a lot of as long as willing nfl jerseys young colleagues free shipping simple repetition think the work is repeated, trivial, boring. But I think the value of repetition, the key is whether you can use the brain to find. Whether or Practice makes perfect., Qinnengbuzhuo, persevere, are repeated. There is no society without repetition. Repeat with the brain is to lay the foundation for their future.

Persistence is repetition. With their own minds, on the basis of repetition, the formation of valuable accumulation, lay the foundation for their future.

I remember at the beginning of 80s there is a college entrance essay, is a graph, a person to dig wells to find water, dug in the ground a lot of pits, shades, some places are going to dig into the water, but as he tasted, not at any point truly lasting digging down, the result is he a little water not found.

Until now this figure have impressed me deeply, because with the growth of life experience cheap price for nfl jerseys, I gradually realize that any great things are composed of trivial little things. To make things, it is necessary to form a sufficient pressure in a place, we do not lack of planning, not the idea, is the need to persevere to do a very deep.

Micro-blog, a popular story, that is when 1948 liaoshenzhanyi, Lin Biao every night are required to report the daily military, is repeated a pile of data: dull as ditch water each army wiped out many, many prisoners, seized guns, the number of vehicles, guns and supplies, but also the statistics of machine guns, rifles and a shotgun, seized and destroyed can still use the car, is to separate the size and category. This work is very complicated, very tired, do not see any value. However, in 1948 October, Lin Biao found that the length of the gun, a large proportion of seized car, the proportion of soldiers and officers from the proportion of slightly abnormal, these subtle changes in the digital he judged the overseas military commander Liao Yaoxiang command in the vicinity.

I have also recommended an article on micro-blog, called “my assistant resigned”, I believe many of you have seen. It says there is an assistant to help the general manager of the notes. In most people’s opinion, the job is tedious, repetitive, and meaningless. But the assistant has created a spreadsheet to record all the data that is being reimbursed in accordance with the time, amount, place of consumption, etc.. For a long time, she found the rules behind these business activities, the general jerseys at best nfl discount manager did not account for the work can also be handled very well. In fact, her approach to repetition and the method developed on the basis of this, her work is no longer limited to the work of the assistant notes, she actually expanded her career.

Chinese saying goes: Qinnengbuzhuo is good training. “Diligence” there is a repeat of the attitude and repeat the method. When I start early, did a lot of repeat things, sometimes tired, want to beat a retreat back. For example, when I was young I to the development of agents, a day to run two or three city, with each customer to repeat the agency policy, why do agents, finally tired almost collapsed, couldn’t speak. I do not want to do, but then I read a book that is China’s richest man, Zong Qinghou, “very marketing”. There is a book, he wrote in the country is not to mind taking the trouble of thousands of visits to distributors and agents, over and over again to speak words repeated over and over again by each distributors and agents. When I finished, I didn’t say anything. Then I went to the next city.

I am a person who can’t sit down, but I can sit in my hands better than anyone. For two or three hours at most others would get through ventilation, smoke a cigarette. But I sat there, drinking a little water, but not ten hours. Programming, if someone is playing games, watching movies, others can not help but take a look. But I can do it completely. A lot of things are like this, if you stick to it, you can do it. Many people only see the success of the other side, but did not see the accumulation of his success. There is a parable of the seven steamed bread is very appropriate, you eat seventh steamed bread after finally full. Others began to study, you eat seventh steamed bread is made of flour? Why did you eat the steamed bun? They did not see in front of you also eat six top quality for cheap nfl jerseys steamed bread, these are the first of the six steamed bread, “the accumulation of” ten thousand hours.

The classic of management is called “from excellence to excellence”, which refers to a very interesting analogy. Companies are like a giant flywheel, especially heavy. Each of us to push two, the flywheel is still. But we insist, bite the teeth do not give up. Suddenly one day, the energy accumulated to a certain number, the flywheel slowly moved up. Once the flywheel moves up, they have a potential energy, and then we push it, it will turn faster. We do not feel that they do every day is very boring, the company every day there are countless trivial things, I often have to open a long meeting, to talk to a lot of people, every day to repeat the talk again and again.

Don’t be afraid to repeat, I, like everyone else, are the 360 wheels.

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