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nfl offseason 10 events

The tension for the offseason finally ended, after a summer of free transfer, the teams have submitted their list of 53 national people’s congress. Some teams at the super bowl “Bing Ma Li, some teams in the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze. If the score is 100 points, how many points will you play for your home team?

If there is no reference, then I would like to list the ten major transfers this summer (including transactions, free transfers, renewal), and let’s recall what happened in the past few months.

The offseason crazy!

“Beast”, Lynch returns to court

Ma Sean – Lynch at the end of the 2015 season with the Seattle Seahawks announced his retirement, this part company each going his own way, all came very suddenly. A year later, the Oakland Raiders to fill star Paowei DeMarco Murray to leave loopholes, “fellow” Ma Sean – Lynch to recruit the arm, which caused great sensation, but the thought of Lin’s “personality”, people seem to have “relieved of his promise and then deny in succession”.
Lynch signed a two-year contract with the Raiders, ensuring that he could play for the folks before the Raiders moved out of Oakland. His home was only two blocks away from the team’s training base, he said. Have a run that is really exciting, drive in his team now mustering the strength. Maybe it’s hard to see how Lin managed to finish the beast like he did, but we did feel Lynch was back.

The patriot and pony finished the press deal

Beijing time on September 3rd is the deadline for the NFL team to season 53 list of the National People’s Congress, the new England patriots team No Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Cheap. three quarterback Kobe Jia Bulisaite sent to Indianapolis and pay the pony, the Colts receiver Philip – dorset. The deal shows that the Colts Andrew ruck did recovery after surgery is not very good, so that the team is willing to last year’s first round pick in exchange for a strong quarterback. Blissett played an epic performance in the fourth round of the season. This is the reason he will serve as the pony drool with envy, Scott had the bench at any time on childcare.

Because Edelman return and hand Cyrus Jones’s injury, the Patriots now need to supplement can return the take over. The 24 year old Dorset, as last year’s first round pick, extremely fast, outstanding physical condition, although so far did not play what big things, but when it comes to training the players, this is not good at Biliqieke.

The Patriot hollowed out Bill

The new England patriots opponent Buffalo Bill under the pain killer to the same region in the offseason, Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Cheap first star cornerback Stephen Gilmore was heavily poached, and then formulate strength running back Mike Gillis Leigh.
Gilmore’s five years, 65 million of the big contract a little premium, although the gap is not big, but sports talent is far better than Malcolm – Butler and Logan – lane. His arrival on the tall patriot can make up for the large over defense difficult, with Butler get to stay in the team, they will force guarding the rear court island.

Mike Jilisili, all 5.71 yards last season ranked first in the league, and make no reply in Le Sean Mccoy behind with 8 touchdowns, red efficiency and short yardage rushing patriots after his reasons, to know the Patriots running back members stunts, want here in the mixing bowl of rice is not easy.

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