An NFL free agent Market

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The wild horse is going to sign down

U.S. local time Tuesday morning, according to reliable sources, when this Wednesday NFL free agent market officially opened, the Denver Broncos will be the 30 year old quarterback Keith Qinamu signed.

This will be the second time in the past 7 years that the wild horse team has solved the quarterback problem of the team through the free agent market. In 2012, the Denver people have Payton Manning LAN recorded in this year, they will target on the Qinamu body.

It is reported that this year Qinamu will therefore become the first team in the free market, to reach a new high level quarterback contract.

Before the signing of Qinamu in decision, Broncos have considered Kirk Cousins and Qinamu last season in the Minnesota Vikings teammate Bridge Voight Tactic.

The news that Zinam is going to join the prairie Queen City has an impact on the potential next family of koxin. At present, only the Vikings, Arizona Cardinals and New York jets to sign the former Washington Redskins star quarterback. Among them, the Vikings were generally favored by the outside world.

Last season, Qinamu injured Sam Bradford, became the Vikings starting quarterback, and a regular season game battle won the 11 – 3 record in the first way, led his team to the National League championship. Zinam himself also gave up 3547 yards, 22 touchdowns and 7 steals a stunning answer.

Beat the New Orleans saints game the Vikings wild card playoff round, Zinam passes for 318 yards, a touchdown, nfl jerseys game and at the end of the game, with the team wide receiver Stephen Digges completed a miraculous touchdown air line, to win the match.

The Broncos management of the Qinamu is zhigenzhidi. Denver senior adviser and former player coach Gary Kubiak once served in the Houston Dezhou team coach during the two season, directed Qinamu. This year, the Broncos Kubiak off-season signings field have more right to speak, the team has become the free market and the main team say the draft operational strategy of people.

Last season, the wild horse team’s record was only 5 – 11, and the team’s attack team scored only twenty-sixth in the league. Therefore, the team general manager John elvy will this offseason work focus on solving problems on the long term team quarterback. Trevor, Paxton Ann sago – Lin Qi and Brock Oswald vhailor had in the last season for the Broncos starting debut, but the team has mistakes constantly, the offensive team coach Mike Mccoy was fired in November last year.

Throughout the league season, only losing Cleveland Brown team, the number of errors is more than 22 times the cheap jerseys broncos. Denver people’s team, only de Marius, Thomas, took the 83 time to catch the ball and promoted the data of 949 yards, and accomplished more than 50 times of catching the ball and promoting the achievement of 560 yards or more.

Two weeks ago the NFL combine, do a comparative elvy had offseason this year and the year after Manning case: “even Payton, then we can not hundred percent sure is to sign him. Everything is dynamic, but he is one of our goals. ”

For Qinamu, the pressure on his shoulders too small. After all, two seasons ago, the Denver people had just tasted the ecstasy of winning the Vince long Bardi cup.

The occupation career played in the first game, Qinamu made 20 wins 18 of the negative record. In January this year, Zinam had just finished the only two – two playoffs in his personal career at the Vikings team.

Since winning the Super Bowl in the 2015-16 season, the Mustang team has never entered the playoffs because of the offensive frontline and the quarterback two positions.

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