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The second was to Lang Kardashian playing cowboy

In the long history of NFL always has some God’s favored one become Zhongyong story, and once the draft second Lang – Reggie Bush is a regrettable player. The 31 year old ma Sean – Lynch in the Raiders play to be in full swing, the 32 year old Adrian – Pedersen in the Cardinals renewed, but now look at the 32 year old Bush, he can play without the ball, the heart is dark, no team is willing to contact him, he made the plan to retire, but his heart still have some hope. Recently he almost pleading that he wanted to spend the last days of occupation career in Dallas cowboys.

Of course, do not ignore the former cowboy up Lang, Bush’s fate may not come to such an end, he took the college grades into the invincible NFL ready to flex its muscles, but in the rising period of career caught the destruction of his athletic career woman – Gold – Kardashian. At that time, Bush has just entered the community from the university soon, he could not resist the temptation of such a mature woman, in a month of the party, Bush met Kardashian, he looked at her with a pair of enchanting beauty: pale eyes, slender Liu Mei, the facial features tease tenderness fluorescent shine, a wisp of beautiful the hair like waterfall falling rich hot lips a stick like fiery rose, that is the most deep red, with dew dripping, silently enchanting with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Bush forgets everything. He just wants to whisper in his ear with his burning heart, with all his feelings, with Kardashian’s ears. It is Reggie Bush will enter the second year of NFL, he is strong, muscular boundless, which is better in high and vigorous spirits. He met Kim – Kardashian, he began to frequently injured, his status plummeted, from the first season of the NFL 1400+ code total code number, began to move toward the inexhaustible abyss, the 2008 is Bush’s peak year, the year of his youth is just go by like the wind, the herd boy, he is the best in the league the punt returner, his 10 games finished 270 yards back to attack, and 3 touchdown return is the top of the league, but in the end, he was injured only played in 10 games, he fell down at Kardashian’s skirts like all players like Kardashian were killed. Once, he was beloved, and later he was banished.

I don’t blame her, nor can I blame him. This is the original sin of human nature. It’s something that you and I can’t control. But Bush was like fireworks gorgeous, he in the saints scored countless players coveted honor Ron Bardi cup, he has also been selected NFL best jerseys first team, he in the dolphin he had rushed the ball over a thousand yards season in the Detroit lions he completed a total number of 1500+ achievement. But after only one night Epiphyllum beauty is, Reggie Bush in the 2006 Draft, he was the New Orleans saints overall pick in the first round of second, he never cashed out with this overall strength. Kardashian is the edge that he can’t hide. There may always be such a woman in his life who adds a heartbreaking dream to him.

“Once had you, this life I do not regret, after you, everyone I met with your shadow.”.” It’s most appropriate to use this sentence in Bush. Now he and a woman named Lili – Ian AVA married, but perhaps Bush might just for her that Hu Kardashian’s shadow. Bush, he wants to go back to the past, back to that time back to that in high and vigorous spirits, drunk days. But you can’t go back, Bush will be 32 years old, but he is like old people, lost, helpless.

“I can’t go back in the next year after missing one year’s game. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m going to be 33 next year.” He once said, we do not put out some regret in Bush’s discourse, within 10 years, once the youth already no longer look, life into a greasy middle-aged uncle from God’s favored one heart, life always inadvertently turn us into their most dislike. But Bush still had a little bit of a dream in his mind, and although he said he didn’t live very comfortably at NFL jerseys, he kept training, and he spoke openly to Jerry Jones, the cowboy boss.

“If he wanted him to join the cowboy, I wouldn’t refuse.”.” Bush said. Indeed, now cowboy might need to run back, because the suspended Elliot is unknown, but the cowboy does not like Bush’s invitation, after all, Bush had not the year that President Bush, joined the Cowboys like Kardashian had probably already thought was a dream. The debut of known as the “second strongest Lang” man at the age of 32 will be retired but face, really is a sigh. But Bush was still a little thought, after retiring, he may invest in eSports project is perhaps the LOL team may DOTA2 team, after all there is no Kardashian, no football days, E-sports let him find happiness in the past.

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