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In the Senate, the team 49ers jerseys shirt in the first round of the team is not strong, but the two group Ryan cloth Lhasa de Macarthur the A new force suddenly rises. helped the team out of the powerful Boston bear, three people together in 6 games and scored 8 goals, two top two group Pajier partner team, Hoffman and Stone, they have 4 in the first round of goals, performance is acceptable, the three groups – – if Smith Durkin koal turits can also open up the situation, so there is still capacity with the Rangers to compete in the offensive end, senator.

No. 16: marlung – Humphrey, cornerback, Baltimore crow

17: Jonathan – Allen, defensive intercept, Washington Red

18: Jackson, horn, Tennessee Titans

19: OJ- Howard, the proximal side, Alabama

No. 20: Garrett Bowles, offensive tackle, Denver Broncos

No. 21: Jared. – Davies, inside Wei, Detroit Lions

22: Charles – Harris, perimeter guard, Miami dolphins

23: Evan – Eng Ram, near front, New York giants

No. 24: Leon Conley, cornerback, Oakland Raiders 49ers jerseys shirt

No. 25: Jia peipers safetys, Brill, Brown (Cleveland people from Dezhou and trade)

No. 26: calliste tower – Mckinley, outside linebacker, Atlanta falcons (from the Seahawks and fair)

No. 27: special radar Weiesi – White, cornerback, Buffalo Bill (from the chief office and trading)

No. 28: taco Charlton, defensive end, Dallas Cowboys

Number 29: David en library, near front, Cleveland, Brown (from the packers trade)

No. 30: TJ- Watt, outside linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers

No. 31: Reuben – Forster, inside Wei, 49 people in San Francisco (from the Seahawks and fair)

Number 32: Ryan Rahm, the offensive front, New Orleans saints,

The defensive line, Senator captain Carlson in the first round of the playoffs behave like Avatar, and he revealed in the series after the end of their own in two feet with a slight fracture in the case of playing the game, so he can bring that brave performance worthy of attention, and the Rangers will be at the physical impact on Carlson. And the Rangers, Captain Macdonald’s heroics, but Gilady and Sidor mistakes, young Holden and Shea although good performance on the offensive end, but in the defensive aspect there are many cheap nike nfl jerseys way to go.

The goalkeeper position, two door god launched the ultimate PK, this year the most powerful comeback award candidate Anderson in the first round of fighting rate reached 92.1%, while Sweden international Rehnquist is as high as 94.7%, he is the only reason the Rangers in the first round of breakthrough of Canadians, if you can not find to hack his way, the senator will repeat the Canadians mistakes.

People in the capital finally ushered in their favorite rival, has been gaining momentum they will use to attack the penguin team, after the first round of fierce Maple Leafs baptism, the team’s performance is also more mature, while the blue team easily eliminated penguins can continue to efficient performance is unknown. In short, this competition will eventually evolve into star showdown, who can have the last laugh let people see.

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