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Four took the leading position outside the Alliance

Which one is your dish?

Today’s NFL is not 20 years ago, passing the attack on the road, the attack is very popular, which makes the outside take place more and more important. In recent years, the Youth League took over the foreign talent emerge in an endless stream, each equipped with special skills, like Wu Yi eighteen swordsmen, under their leadership, and took over gradually become the league’s most entertaining position, the ball has become a art, a science, today we have to check the four big League catcher.

“Eagles cleaved the sky.” (Julio Jones)

Julio – Jones is active in the first foreign take over, why do you say so? Have you ever seen a 300 yard game, straight to the opposite corner, to the player who lost his job? This was born outside the Alabama Alabama, in the University of killing the Quartet, and their sports talent will be perfect. The 2011 season was the sixth pick to draft the Falcon off into the league in 6 years after the 4 selected occupation bowl, 2 selected the best line-up for a while, the average catch per season 1200+ code, according to this speed, distance million yards of external finger to come.

Kell Shanahan under Jones in the last two season ushered in the outbreak last season played only 14 times, 83 times the ball 1409 yards and scored 6 touchdowns, helping the falcons reached the 51 super bowl, and finally completed a nearly time to rewrite the script of the ball. He was like a monster, 6 feet and three inches tall, with strength and speed, and once watched his defense guard say, “have you tried racing with wild horses?” He’ll tear you to pieces!”

Compared with other players in “Megatron” Kelvin – after Johnson retired, Jones is recognized as the wide receiver position but singled out the first magic. Not only that, he can liberate his teammates and make them better. He helped Matt Ryan onto the throne of MVP with his excellent technique and his absolute performance. 49ers football jerseys sale His involvement in the outside line drove the falcons from running guards to taking over and the group erupted. 2017 100 star ranked third, Julio – Jones will tell you that this is not langdexuming.

“Tigers down the mountain” (A.J.Green)

A.J.-, Green, a star in high school, has been voted South 49ers football jerseys sale Carolina’s best team for four consecutive years and has been named the strongest player of the year in the sports illustrated. After the University, Green is still a star in the campus, breaking the record of University of Georgia continuously. In 2011, A.J.- Green was picked by the Cincinnati tigers in the first round of the fourth position, and began his own NFL career.
The new season, Green will bring health A.J.- “swept down tigers” alliance, which killed a mess.

Onslaught of giant (Odell Beckham Jr.)

Speaking of Ma, the total miss jieting. Don’t forget to mention Guan Yu, Mai cheng. When people hear the name of Odell Beckham, he must think of his one hand catch. His age is not large, the end of 92, in 2014 after the first round of the NBA draft by the giants selected to join the team soon, they immediately become the core of the 49ers football jerseys sale team, if you give a comment, I think he is the most gorgeous outside the League to take over.

David Beckham has a strong ability to control black athletes, body balance and the body can deal with any emergency situation, if taken close tightly to him, then he will be out of the moment from 1 stall speed to 5 stalls, at this time, you can only hold a candle, this feeling is like the Ferrari engine mounted on the armored vehicle. But the most talked about is his ability to control the ball, Odell – Beckham is a walking video collection, you can catch any difficult passes in any way,

Interestingly, Beckham also called NFL “Lord of the dance”, he is the best dance ball, the ball hands dancing best, dazzling array of dance if he made some highlights did not lose the ten ball, but we must not be deceived by his dance. Publicity and passion is Beckham’s name card, his double training for God helps those who help themselves, become the top players every day, even if he is.

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