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From Australian rugby to NFL jerseys

By • Sep 30th, 2018 • Category: cheap sports jerseys news

Compared to other sports leagues, NFL is like a miracle place, where every day there is a beautiful plot of grass-roots retrograde. In NFL, even if you’ve never touched football before you’re 20, even if you can’t make ends meet by doing odd jobs at the supermarket, one day you might get a chance from the NFL to impress fans, coaches, become a real NFL player, even a star.

The hero of today’s story, Philadelphia Eagle rookie left-hander Jordan Melata, is one of the NFL’s myriad wonders. He knows little about NFL. Melata has never played rugby under the rules and requirements of the NFL in more than two decades. He is an Australian, and the Australian people are keen on the sport of Australian rugby. Melata has previously played for the South Sydney Rabbits, an Australian football star. But for the sake of a loftier rugby dream, Melata decided to leave the country, give up fame, give up everything he knew and come to the United States to participate in the NFL draft.


The so-called thousand-mile horse often has Bole not often, in the seventh round 233, Melata met his Bole – Philadelphia Eagle jerseys. As a seven-round show, Milata’s position in the team is not really guaranteed, he may be abandoned at any time. Milata has shown his desperate spirit in Australian football, refreshing coaches at training camp and shining in pre-season, winning awards from teammates, coaches and the media as a seven-round show. And when the hawk announced the final list of the 53 people in the season, Malata’s name was in the eye. Despite their success in the squad’s official squad, it still takes a long time for the players to get a starting position. Unlike Jordan Mala, his physical and athletic abilities look like a smart bear. Not only did he climb up to the Eagle’starting volley position, but Milata’s skills, strength, and pace, both in passing and ground, were totally unlike those who played only Australian rugby, so people believed he could win one of the Eagle’ starting positions in the future. In fact, these are not the most interesting aspects of Melata. Melata also has a magical “metaphysical” technique, called “Ooga booga,” which is Melata’s “stunning” and an important reason why he was selected for the official list.

Whenever an opponent’s defender is ready to start, Melata likes to shout a mysterious slogan about “Ooga-booga-booga.” I don’t know if it has special magic, or if the opponent is scared by the sudden shout. Anyway, the defender Melata faces is hearing the magic “Ooga-booga-booga-booga” “After that, there will always be offside fouls, which may be a bit of Zhang Fei-chang Banpo’s sense of both sides of the million Cao troops. But Jordan Melata revealed that it was just a “skill” that allowed the team to gain some advantage in the game. “Coach Stoutrand said if you saw an opponent start, you’d say’Ooga-booga-booga’. That’s what the coach said, so we all trusted him. Coach Sdot Rand also said that you should follow the boot when your opponent starts. Then, when your opponent is ready to start, you use this’ Ooga-booga-booga ‘to frighten him. But I can’t always read this phrase. I’m often wrong, but anyway, it works.

The word “Ooga-booga-booga” became the secret of Milata’s victory over his opponents. When we dig deep into the Jordan-Milata game, stories, we find this interesting truth. Although he has never been in contact with American football before, Milata has become one of the defending champions. This is not only the eagle’s confidence in his abilities, but his wit is fundamental to his foothold in the NFL. More interestingly, as an Australian, Melata always mispronounces “Ooga-booga-booga”, which is a headache for the grumpy Stoutrand coach, but whatever Melata shouts, the end result is always very good – opponents are always deceived to cross the line early, and the referee throws the Yellow flag.

So, unlike other forward players, Milata has been given a different task by the Eagle, and his job after playing is more to cheat opponents offside fouls. Although he hasn’t played in the regular season so far, Milata’s Ooga-booga-booga has been loved by his coaches for three offside fouls in the pre-season he played.

“Ooga-booga-booga” is Melata’s expertise. Imagine a 2-meter-long, 300-kilogram-long man in front of him suddenly shouting a strange slogan like “Bara-booga-booga”. Whatever he says, his opponent is sure to be scared. Accidentally crossed the line ahead of time. So that’s why Milata, who has never been in touch with NFL football jerseys before, is loved by the Eagle. Fairy tales of inspiration are not daydreams. To get a foothold in the NFL league, players have to have a different ability to make their dreams come true.