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NFL jerseys sales list charts

The ten state championship Wentz total sales in the first The 2017 season of Super Bowl in less than 10 days were started, this year, the new England patriots as in the past is stable, but the rise of Philadelphia people are very surprised, this is also reflected in the Jersey sales distribution, Carson – watts Jersey has Huobian america. The second quarterback Carson Wentz since last year, came to the team, has been the focus of attention, this year […]

NFL VS NBA? Who’s better?

Fan experience: the NFL theme party vs NBA single party For all the European fans, the London game is a carnival about rugby. Before the game, many London landmarks, including Trafalgar Square and Regent Street will be held at NFL street party; and the venue outside on the grass, there will be a large number of traditional barbecue. On the day of the competition, there is a huge VIP stand in the Wembley Stadium, which sells expensive match day packages, […]