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NFL boxer strives for hegemony

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Hello, everyone. I miss my friends for a week. Today, I will bring “NFL high black” to you as “the most black little editor on the surface.” tell me loudly that you don’t expect it. Okay。 Now, follow the “NFL high black” into the true inner world of the NFL alliance and feel a little known NFL (manual funny).

First look at the murder by a gold chain triggered

Yesterday the news headlines are a great fight angle Weiaqibu occupied the Oakland Raiders wide receiver “crab tree” – Michel Crabtree and Denver Broncos – Taleb, shortly after the start of the game in the first quarter to the 60 thousand in the audience staged a scene with a wearing helmet UFC Ultimate Fighting

“In November 26th, a battle for the century of the gold chain for the NFL boxer had been struck, and the audience could watch it free of charge on the Internet!”

It is interesting, this is indeed a competition for “gold chain” caused by the war, Talib in defensive crab tree neck a thing seeing the opponent shining moment evil to the bravery of life to take the baby, the Talib snatch failed, was forced to break his gold chains, see your baby is absolutely destroyed, the crab tree is inadmissible, he decided to give Talib a lesson, and then directly punched another, not to have been Talib down a beaten, lost the gold chain was beat up opponents, crab tree really lose the wife of another soldier. And from this Rugby arena, we can see that fighting is for the gold belt of the boxing champion. NFL players jerseys fight for the gold chain of the boxing champion.

“Player introduction: No. 15 Michel clobabroi, 6 feet 1, weight 215 pounds, 30 years, 9 years of NFL experience, 2 times by tarib to take the gold chain…”

So we can understand why the crab tree of Talib straight to, because this is the Talib tried second times to take his gold chains, in the season when the teams meet, Talib in the defense off crab tree gold chain, when the tree is good tempered crab without too much care; the results of this tower cloth and want to trick. It seems that the allure of the gold chain is really bigger than the gold belt. .

Why always on the gold chain Talib besottedly? We can see some of the pictures from the photos of the NFL players jerseys when they were young.

See, even when Brady is only 49 fans, and we may be the tower grew up wearing two gold chain men! Why did you say why he had such a deep attachment to the gold chain?

So take the gold chain in the tower cloth second, Talib in the entertainment circle, took a name called “Chainz 2”, and “6” speed and passion to sing the theme song “We Own It” was a big success, ever quit football has become famous hip-hop singer……

Of course, this is just a joke, not because the tower grabs robbed 2 “Chainz” (Jin Lian), he is really 2 Chainz, otherwise, really 2 Chainz all want to hit a person (next is really 2 Chainz).

But it’s the best way for the wild horse to seek some self comfort from the flagrant robbery of the gold chain on the court.

Thanksgiving and football?

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Beijing time Friday, the NFL twelfth week game will start the curtain, the first competition day is NFL tradition program – Thanksgiving Day war. This year’s Thanksgiving war has three games, namely, the Vikings vs lions, lightning vs cowboys, giant vs red skin, we have selected a number of NLF experts, focused on their Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving war views and insights, to listen to the voices of experts!

A brother: I feel, in the English speaking countries, the traditional holiday entertainment activities without sports, like all the holidays China also has entertainment, people celebrate the festival of the project are fixed, if no match, just feel like less of what holiday. For example, in the UK, the Premier League Championship Boxing Day War, a war of easter. In the United States, NBA’s Christmas War, NHL Winter Classic, MLB because almost every day, so the particularity of the festival competition may be weakened, but there are memorial day, Jackie Robinson memorial day and national day of these three important occasions. Rugby season is short, Thanksgiving is a typical festival competition.

Why is Thanksgiving associated with football rather than basketball and ice hockey in the same season? The defining of Thanksgiving Day (1863) was similar to the creation of Rugby (1869), and the latter became a way to celebrate the former and used as a tradition so far. Dallas and Detroit will certainly have a home game on this day, and it’s part of the tradition. There’s only one game a week, and the Thanksgiving day must be Thursday, so it’s probably easier to schedule. In contrast, Christmas fixed date rather than a few weeks, it is more suitable for NBA each team one week game schedule settings, NFL wants to control a Christmas schedule arrangement is more chaotic, became the only fan that the game had no game, No.

However, when it comes to football with thanksgiving, there are a lot of really reasonable, compared to indoor basketball and slow in baseball, football game live, sweat and breath on the court players on the sidelines of transpiration of players and fans with a thick coat, directly bring a very occasional but very warm feel, with the theme of the Thanksgiving holiday in orange, the kind of deep sense blowing.

Barney Roy: war with thanksgiving NFL can be said to be perfect, just think, what is the Thanksgiving holiday? Even in the local culture in the global mutual communion, Thanksgiving in the United States still like the Mid Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival in China, this is a kind of unique culture, like Christmas popular around the world, after Christmas China slowly change to an influx of young people have Chinese characteristics rave; Thanksgiving Day? It’s always around American culture, like NFL’s meaning for the United States, eating turkey, watching the game, NFL is the favorite of the American people, but it’s difficult to circulate around the globe, NFL like Thanksgiving, with a unique American characteristics. Just like Christmas Day is the NBA world, Christmas is like NBA, expanding overseas into a popular language, and Thanksgiving is the dinner of NFL fans.

The magic ball theory: we all know that Americans love sports and love of football. On weekdays, when families and friends meet for a party, there is always a lack of sporting events, and rugby has always been the most popular choice. The history of rugby playing on Thanksgiving Day originated in nineteenth Century, and the NFL, thanks to the historical tradition, has consolidated and deepened his position on Thanksgiving day. When we watch TV commercials, Thanksgiving is basically related to football. In addition, NHL and NBA are not scheduled for the season at the same time on Thanksgiving Day, which reflects the status of rugby on Thanksgiving day.

A: many people say the super bowl is a gala, and I think the Thanksgiving war is the Lantern Festival party. Many people will feel strange, why Christmas atmosphere as Thanksgiving football, in fact it is not difficult to understand, the Christmas Day celebration too much, really is not necessarily the family watching football jerseys, but it seems that Thanksgiving is a common day, three games, see from the late afternoon, a see enough. Look up the brain, a family reunion or 32 friends, drinking beer, eating turkey, a Dallas Cowboys game, I guess who can “eat chicken after the most favorable auspices success”, this is the festival of football fans, even inferior to the super bowl.

Shorthand: NFL regular season has been second years from September to early January, covering the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday two. NFL has jerseys china the usual Thanksgiving war and no Christmas War, mainly for the following reasons. First of all, the NFL regular season was only 14 weeks before 1977, and the regular season ended in mid December, and there was no way to arrange a Christmas war. Secondly, the Christmas War is usually NBA schedule, NFL does not need to hurt each other with NBA, everyone ratings. Christmas Eve is the University bowl Hawaii bowl holding time, NFL according to the law can not compete with NCAA football ratings. So the highlight of NFL can only be played on Thanksgiving day. Today’s Thanksgiving war is usually arranged 3 games, from noon until night. Just when family members are together and preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, there is almost standard football game on the living room tv.

NFL Mexico for game?

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football elements are all over the streets, Mexico is on the verge of fire

The little boy rode a toy car and passed the statue of football

Mexico fans and football statue photos

A couple of statues look at a photograph taken just now

Huge football helmets, sculptures in a row nfl jerseys

Fans of passing Raiders took pictures of the Raiders in front of the statue

The family took a picture in front of the statue

Oakland Raiders laid a foundation stone ceremony at Las Vegas new Arena

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Stars, retired players, NFL officials, and Nevada politicians. The United States Monday evening local time, Las Vegas city is located in the Las Vegas Nevada Raiders new arena ceremony has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. It can accommodate 65000 people at the stadium have officially started watching the dome, and will become the future of the new team raided the home court.

Nevada governor Blaine Sandoval with about 600 guests attended the ceremony and said: “the dream came true, isn’t it?”

The foundation Raiders owner Mark Davies, the NFL Commissioner Roger goeldel, and Sandoval together for this seat at a cost of $1 billion 900 million to the construction of the stadium. The stadium is expected to be opened to the public in 2020.

Godell said in his speech: “this stadium will become the best embodiment of the spirit of Las Vegas.”. It’s a city that’s growing fast and resilient. This is not only a memorable day in the history of the RaidersOakland jerseys, but this stadium will also be the best symbol of the team’s future in Las Vegas. ”

The groundbreaking ceremony began after sunset. The first shooting in Las Vegas in October 1st all of the victims were in silence, then, the Raiders and the local civic leaders for Las Vegas legal department and emergency department of outstanding performance in the shooting of recognition.

The high number of votes NFL team owners agreed to 32 people in 31 people in March this year, the team’s relocation plan to raid.

The Nevada legislature also approved spending 750 million dollars from public funds to build the stadium. The Oakland Raiders jersey planned to remain in the stadium in Oakland in 2017 and 2018. Although the Raiders hope the team boss Davies in 2019 to stay in Oakland, but Godell said the alliance will raid to find another home court for team competition in 2019.

A sorry NFL player (jerseys on)

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The second was to Lang Kardashian playing cowboy

In the long history of NFL always has some God’s favored one become Zhongyong story, and once the draft second Lang – Reggie Bush is a regrettable player. The 31 year old ma Sean – Lynch in the Raiders play to be in full swing, the 32 year old Adrian – Pedersen in the Cardinals renewed, but now look at the 32 year old Bush, he can play without the ball, the heart is dark, no team is willing to contact him, he made the plan to retire, but his heart still have some hope. Recently he almost pleading that he wanted to spend the last days of occupation career in Dallas cowboys.

Of course, do not ignore the former cowboy up Lang, Bush’s fate may not come to such an end, he took the college grades into the invincible NFL ready to flex its muscles, but in the rising period of career caught the destruction of his athletic career woman – Gold – Kardashian. At that time, Bush has just entered the community from the university soon, he could not resist the temptation of such a mature woman, in a month of the party, Bush met Kardashian, he looked at her with a pair of enchanting beauty: pale eyes, slender Liu Mei, the facial features tease tenderness fluorescent shine, a wisp of beautiful the hair like waterfall falling rich hot lips a stick like fiery rose, that is the most deep red, with dew dripping, silently enchanting with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Bush forgets everything. He just wants to whisper in his ear with his burning heart, with all his feelings, with Kardashian’s ears. It is Reggie Bush will enter the second year of NFL, he is strong, muscular boundless, which is better in high and vigorous spirits. He met Kim – Kardashian, he began to frequently injured, his status plummeted, from the first season of the NFL 1400+ code total code number, began to move toward the inexhaustible abyss, the 2008 is Bush’s peak year, the year of his youth is just go by like the wind, the herd boy, he is the best in the league the punt returner, his 10 games finished 270 yards back to attack, and 3 touchdown return is the top of the league, but in the end, he was injured only played in 10 games, he fell down at Kardashian’s skirts like all players like Kardashian were killed. Once, he was beloved, and later he was banished.

I don’t blame her, nor can I blame him. This is the original sin of human nature. It’s something that you and I can’t control. But Bush was like fireworks gorgeous, he in the saints scored countless players coveted honor Ron Bardi cup, he has also been selected NFL best jerseys first team, he in the dolphin he had rushed the ball over a thousand yards season in the Detroit lions he completed a total number of 1500+ achievement. But after only one night Epiphyllum beauty is, Reggie Bush in the 2006 Draft, he was the New Orleans saints overall pick in the first round of second, he never cashed out with this overall strength. Kardashian is the edge that he can’t hide. There may always be such a woman in his life who adds a heartbreaking dream to him.

“Once had you, this life I do not regret, after you, everyone I met with your shadow.”.” It’s most appropriate to use this sentence in Bush. Now he and a woman named Lili – Ian AVA married, but perhaps Bush might just for her that Hu Kardashian’s shadow. Bush, he wants to go back to the past, back to that time back to that in high and vigorous spirits, drunk days. But you can’t go back, Bush will be 32 years old, but he is like old people, lost, helpless.

“I can’t go back in the next year after missing one year’s game. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’m going to be 33 next year.” He once said, we do not put out some regret in Bush’s discourse, within 10 years, once the youth already no longer look, life into a greasy middle-aged uncle from God’s favored one heart, life always inadvertently turn us into their most dislike. But Bush still had a little bit of a dream in his mind, and although he said he didn’t live very comfortably at NFL jerseys, he kept training, and he spoke openly to Jerry Jones, the cowboy boss.

“If he wanted him to join the cowboy, I wouldn’t refuse.”.” Bush said. Indeed, now cowboy might need to run back, because the suspended Elliot is unknown, but the cowboy does not like Bush’s invitation, after all, Bush had not the year that President Bush, joined the Cowboys like Kardashian had probably already thought was a dream. The debut of known as the “second strongest Lang” man at the age of 32 will be retired but face, really is a sigh. But Bush was still a little thought, after retiring, he may invest in eSports project is perhaps the LOL team may DOTA2 team, after all there is no Kardashian, no football days, E-sports let him find happiness in the past.

Seahawks for Super Bowl jerseys road more difficult

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The Seahawks star cornerback for the season

The Seattle Seahawks, after the news conference, cornerback Richard Sherman teeter on crutches came in, dressed in a green suit, slightly funny. In the evening, they were wearing a fluorescent green jersey, a victory, perhaps he thought that green can bring him a good luck. I also ridicule, compared to the green suits, or green on the game better.

When Sherman learned that he might have missed the season after injury, he struggled to adjust his feelings and control his tears. Sherman choked in the dressing room and said, “we just have to be positive, and you can do it all.”.”

Sherman is indispensable in the team, and no one can replace him. In the Thursday night game, from his off the defensive, immediately see his role. His absence for the Seahawks defensive is fatal, but they expect for the super bowl, but cast a shadow.

Seahawks middle linebacker Bobby Wagner encouraged his teammates, let his teammates cheer up and be strong. Sherman can be called the best corner guard in the league, and there’s no doubt about that. By him at the regional rivals rushed to consider all pass. When he comes off, it will reduce a lot of pressure on the opponent. We are only going step by step, looking forward to the miraculous return of Sherman. Wagner knows very well what Hillman has done for them in these 6 seasons. So, he prayed for miracles, not without reason.

Wise Pete Carol picked Sherman from the fifth round of 2011 draft. He was ranked first in his defence, averaging only 203.6 yards in the field, scoring an average of 49.4 points against quarterback. A defensive defense group Sherman left the Seahawks, Seahawks jerseys nike defensive finish as high as 51%. In the face of opponents quarterback challenge, Hillman volley ratio as high as 81%, quarterback score is only 42 points.

Seahawks most needs to solve is the lack of core team defensive player of the problem. Last year, they found the safetys Earl Thomas at Thomas because of a hamstring injury in the offseason, the Seahawks just as mid season defensive player of the star players, but also temporarily unavailable.

But Carol still says sincerely, at present still can’t find a better way to deal with Sherman’s absence. He was like jerseys a fortress, full of competitiveness and toughness, all of which came through our efforts. It’s great, but tough, to be able to do that. His absence is a challenge for us, and for the iconic character in the team, his significance is extraordinary. Carol said excitedly.

Richard – Sherman also knows the challenges he needs to face, and this is something that must be faced as a professional player. In NFL, injuries are also part of the game. What Sherman needs most is to keep up with injuries and return to the team as soon as possible. You need strong Seahawks with their plans down a firm to face challenges.

NCAAF playoff situation analysis

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Atlantic Coast Conference

Two finalists in the playoffs: 4 teams

Comprehensive analysis: the Atlantic Coast League has only two teams with the chance to reach the playoffs. One is in the the Atlantic division of the Clemson University team led the tigers, and the other one is in the coastal division team unbeaten University of Miami hurricanes. The two teams will also meet in the finals of the league. In addition to the results of the loss to the Syracuse University orange team, the tigers’ regular career profile has been making an excellent impression on the selection committee. According to statistics, the tiger team this season schedule intensity ranked second in the United States, they have 7 games against the top 40 teams in the United States victory. On this data, the tiger team ranks first in the United states.

The unbeaten Miami hurricanes, if they can beat the University of Notre Dame, the Irish warriors and the Clemson University tigers in the rest of the season, will be locked in a year-end playoff seat. But if the University of Miami at the weekend lost to the Irish warriors, but in the League finals Barrick tigers, then the Atlantic Coast League playoff jerseys situation will become whirling, especially the Irish Warriors team is likely at that time is a team only won one.

Eleventh weeks of attention:

I. University of Notre Dame Irish fighter team vs hurricane University of Miami

Currently ranked in the United States: Irish Warriors: 3 hurricanes: 6

Current record: Irish Warriors: 8 wins and 1 losses hurricanes: 8 wins and 0 losses

Analysis: if the University of Miami win, they will be announced next week in the American University Football League playoffs three selection rankings in the final four. Since 1989, the hurricanes have never beaten the Irish soldiers. At the same time, if the University of Virginia Cavaliers this weekend lost to Luis Weil University of cardinals, then the hurricanes will lock the coastal division in the top spot.

II. of the Florida State University Seminoles team vs Clemson University tigers

At present, the United States ranked: the Seminole team: the tigers did not enter the ranking: 4

The current record: the Seminole team: 3 wins and 5 tigers: 8 wins and 1 losses

Analysis: from the cheap game jerseys in the past few years, the game will have become the the Atlantic Coast League the Atlantic division, the most exciting game. However, with the Seminole people unable to get up after a fall season, only need to prevent being upset to Clemson University. A victory doesn’t add up to the tigers’ regular career experience, but a defeat is enough to get the tigers out of the playoffs. Whether the tigers or wolves win, North Carolina State University team lose, Clemson University will be able to lock the top position in the Atlantic.

NCAAF eleventh week race Preview

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Most of the eleventh weeks of the American College Football League will start on Saturday. The eyes of the United States will focus on the University of Notre Dame’s Irish Warriors team, which is ranked third in the United States that evening, against the University of Miami’s seventh hurricane team. The result of the game will have a big impact on the three playoff ranking announced next Tuesday.

If the Irish soldiers lost to the hurricanes, the University of Washington husky and the University of Wisconsin badger team would be the biggest beneficiaries. Because, as long as University of Notre Dame continues to be shortlisted for the top four playoff teams selected by the U. S. University Football League playoff selection committee, there will be at least two leagues in the five major leagues that will have no teams on the playoffs this season. As long as University of Notre Dame lost the ball at the end of the week, the playoffs will open to another team. Perhaps, it will be the second team from the Atlantic Coast League team, the Miami hurricanes; perhaps it will come from the twelve school league team – University of Oklahoma team jiezu horned frog or the Texas Christian University; perhaps, it will be the ten school alliance is currently the only one still undefeated team and the Wisconsin badgers; perhaps, if the University of Washington huskies can in the rest of the season unbeaten, they are desperate for a stroke of opportunity. (Note: the five major alliances are the the Atlantic coast alliance, the twelve school alliance, the ten school alliance, the Pacific twelve school alliance and the south east alliance)

There is no doubt that the University of Notre Dame Irish Warriors team is now on the road to the playoffs on the ten school league, the twelve school alliance, and the Pacific twelve school alliance leaders. However, the Irish warriors will have the most important and most difficult game in the remainder of the season this weekend. Since October 7th, when University of Notre Dame beat the Tar Heels at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, they have never played an off road game. The Irish Warriors team this season, the rest of the season, and against 3 of the negative record at the United States Naval Academy student team sea was 5 wins, and against the current record of 6 wins and 3 losses of the Stanford University Cardinals games. Given that University of Notre Dame has no chance of winning the league championship finals, this weekend will be the best opportunity for them to impress the selection committee.

University of Notre Dame coach Blaine Kelly told reporters: “I know our players are on the road to the national championship.”. They were very excited about it. At this stage of the season, especially in November, every team in the competition playoff team will prepare every game one step at a time. For most teams, this is a single knockout tournament. ”

Indeed, most teams are waiting for the Irish warriors to be eliminated, otherwise, the road to this season’s NCAA playoffs will be blocked.

If the Irish warriors finally occupy a five league seat in the top four of the playoffs, which alliance will regret it? Next, we’re going to take you to eleventh weeks, depending on the probability of a major league joining at least one playoff playoff game, which will affect the playoff situation. (Note: the home team is behind)

1. southeast Alliance

Two finalists in the playoffs: 5 teams

Comprehensive analysis: in the playoffs selection committee primaries and two selection rankings, University of Georgia Bulldog team and University of Alabama red tide team has maintained the top two rankings. So, who will win in the southeast League Championship, who will be locked in a playoff final four seats. Even the Auburn University tigers, which have now won two defeats, still have the chance to reach the playoffs in theory. The tigers are remaining in the hands of the season, including the first Bulldog team in the United States, and the fourth Clemson University tigers.

The biggest question for the south east alliance is whether they can finally guarantee two teams into the year-end playoffs. University of Georgia and University of Alabama are the only two teams in the top five in record strength and game control. So, as long as the two teams continue to win, this assumption is possible. In the eyes of the members of the selection committee, the gap between the two teams is very small, which is more conducive to their two teams at the same time.

NFL new season coach

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Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay looks on during a week 9 NFL football against the New York Giants on Sunday,

Macwhite build ram tanks

In NFL, every season, the team’s rookie is popular, because these people often entrusted with the team in the future several years of hope, a new high Shun people is likely to directly affect the team’s performance this season, such as this year’s Dezhou four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson, or chief running back Kareem Hunter. And often neglected by the coach group replacement, in fact, for NFL such a high level of League is more important. The following is the observation of the 6 rookie coaches of the season.

Shane McVeigh, Los Angeles Rams jerseys record win 6 2 negative

McVey’s performance as a ram coach is almost impeccable. One of the most striking is his choice of attack. In the previous two seasons, RAM scored the lowest in the number of offensive yards, and this year, under his command, the ram attack team was unstoppable like a heavy truck running at high speed. Poor performance last year – GF has completed the quarterback Jia Reid 2030 yards passing, 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions, although this figure can not be called elite quarterback, but also meet the needs of a good performance should be the second grade. Running back Todd – complete Karli for 686 yards, 7 touchdowns, to prove he is still an elite running back. Other players, whether attacking or outside, regain their rhythm under his guidance.

If you really want to find his shortcomings, McVeigh in choosing to use time outs to some too anxious, always early spent suspended, but the secret service coordinator John fassel said in advance is often suspended McVeigh to stop those who let him dissatisfied formation. In addition, macwhite sometimes in defensive play group plans to attack and give up on defense command, but it is also because the team with good defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, so this is not what big problem. Now it seems that McVey is a very good team leader, the design can be very clear and convey their tactical intention, players will unite, if he can keep the current state, he is likely to change the team culture.

Sean McDermott, buffalo Bill jerseys, record of 5 wins and 3 losses

Over the past two years is relatively laissez faire playing style, brought a significant change to Mike de Mo Bill’s lounge culture: adhesion he stressed that the team, the players are more familiar with, especially in different groups (such as the wide receiver group and the line group) familiarity between greatly improved. While on the court, in addition to the New York jets defeated in last week, in his time, Bill never lost more than 7 points. Although only in the game, Bill sent three ball power conversion, but still a total of -11 times the ball power to lead the entire league. After 17 consecutive years of playoff defeat, Bill finally won the seeds of the United States No. six, although there are still 8 games not yet, but it does bring hope to the Bill fans.

However, Bill is currently the average number of offensive yards (303.8 yards) ranked twenty-sixth in the league, defensive teams were sent 344.6 yards, ranked twenty-first. They are the 6 offensive and defensive are ranked only 20 after the team has more than 50% winning teams. The 8 game in the first half of the season,jerseys in addition to the Carolina Panthers, the team failed to reach the remaining 50% winning percentage, and in the face of the Panther, Bill lost the match. In the remaining 8 games, they will face 4 more than 50% winning teams (saints, chiefs and patriots). The data are pointing to the opposite side, and Bill’s fall in the second half of the season may not be surprising. In the 1-5 week, the Bill defense team managed to limit the opponent’s score to the lowest 14.8 points in the league, and then scored 25 points in the next game, ranking a sharp decline. In addition, Bill’s foul counts in the last two games were second in the league. These questions are the categories that Mike de Mo takes into account in the next game.

Watson’s operation was smooth

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During the recovery, still participate in the activities of the team

Houston, rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean – Watson will undergo surgery today. According to the latest news, Watson’s operation was successful.

De Sean Watson shared his videos on the hospital bed listening to music and playing “call of duty” on Instagram, and wrote: “the operation was successful! On the first day after his injured news, Watson also promised that he would return to the game in a better way, ready to win the championship with the Dezhou people. “I promise I’ll keep working, just for the team to win the championship one day.”. When I come back, I will be better, stronger and more focused than before! It’s more difficult than it is now..”

Just last Thursday, a thunderbolt broke the dream that you had unlimited expectations of Dezhou people this season. Houston, rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean Watson tore the anterior cruciate ligament during the team’s training and will miss all the remaining matches of the season. Today by the team doctor Dr. Lowe Department of orthopedics surgery.

Coach Bill OBrien said: “it seems that this very good Lowe said, everything is going well.” He also said that although Watson is now recovering from injury, he will still be involved in other activities of the team. Watson will be able to communicate with his teammates and coaches in the next few weeks and months, and also use some facilities to help him recover. “He’s not going to be on the court this week, but he’s still involved. He is in a meeting, he is a good communicator. He’s a real football player. He likes to play with his teammates. He’s a winner.”

Obrien and the team will continue to give Watson a game every night, and talk to Watson and the quarterback about the upcoming rivals and feasible or infeasible tactical tactics. Quarterback coach Sean Ryan said: “we will continue to improve our performance, and continue to improve, continue to consolidate everything we do.”. His recovery is good, and once he comes back, we can play better. We need to keep a positive attitude and focus on the future, because our future is obvious, and it’s worth looking forward to.”

Ryan also said that Watson would often appear at quarterback meetings and offensive meetings, and he would continue to watch as much video as possible and try to give the team a bit more strength. “I think it’s a critical moment for him to do rehabilitation, and now it’s completely mentally restored. Obviously his injuries haven’t been that fast. He’s watching some video of the game. As long as he can start doing some normal physical activity, he can start training in other ways. When is he will return.”

Watson, the champion of the University, has broken many rookie quarterback records in a month and is the most powerful contender for the best rookie of the season. When he was on the court, he could activate the attack team of the Dezhou people, but the Dezhou people were not in a hurry. He could return to the court as soon as possible, but he was healthy and was in a better condition to attack the championship.