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They are the most beautiful scenery NFL Stadium

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The cheerleaders of the crows in Baltimore

The floor dance is full of heat

Revealing the charm of the vest line

The tigers cheerleaders in Cincinnati

Tigers cheerleaders in hot dances

New York jet Cheerleaders

Smiles can warm the winter’s cold

Sexy dancing

The embodiment of elegant western cowboy

Bring beauty to the football field with its own beauty

College football jerseys fierce fighting

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Playoff primaries will be announced

On Tuesday local time, the American College Football League playoffs will soon be announced.

In the past ninth weeks of competition, no team than the Penn State University Nittany lions have a better chance for the playoffs selection committee to leave a good impression.

The Nittany lions in the city of Columbo against the Ohio State University Buckeyes, and sports director Jean Smith of the Ohio State University, is one of the 13 members of the selection committee for the playoffs. Smith, the first time this season for the selection committee, although it is likely that he will vote for his parent club Buckeyes, Pennsylvania State University but he will spare no effort in support of the ten school union.

In September 30th, when the Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University cowboys with a 41:34 victory over the Texas Tech University Red Raiders, the selection committee chairman, Texas Tech University sports director Colby hoctor at the scene to watch the game. The former Virginia Tech coach Frank biemel also served as a member of the selection committee for the first time this year in the playoffs. He witnessed the Clemson tigers winning Hodge at 31:17 in Ryan Stadium last month. But will Clemson University’s ideas change when he loses to Syracuse University?

The ninth week is the last chance for competitors in the American College Rugby League playoff table to impress the selection committee members. 13 college football jerseys cheap veterans will announce their top 6 rankings in the first playoff season in Texas on Tuesday, local time, in Grapevine, USA.

Before that, let’s look back at the 9 week, the results of the tournament that affect the decision of the selection committee. (from small to large influence ranking)

National rankings: Cowboys: 11 climbers: 22

Pre competition record: Cowboys: 6 wins and 1 losses mountaineering team: 5 wins and 2 losses


The results of analysis: due to the Cowboys before the game has been a failure, therefore, if the game they lost again, this season’s playoffs and they Never mind. At the same time, if the twelve school alliance hopes to have a team to reach the playoffs, can only look forward to the end of the season twelve League finals in the same school as a negative, between University of Oklahoma and Texas Christian University, will have at least one team’s failure is not higher than a.

There was no retreat for the cowboys to play well, opening the 13 point lead, and once the difference cheap jerseys between the two sides opened to 20 points. Although the climber team had at the end of the third quarter by interception return touchdown will narrow the difference to 6 points, but two consecutive touchdowns in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys started successfully killed the game of suspense.

After winning two straight victories, Oklahoma State University still has the hope of reaching the playoffs. Next, the Cowboys will continue to face the University of Oklahoma, the eighth fastest foot team in the United States, and the fourteenth Iowa State University tornado in the United states. Before praying for the playoffs to select themselves, the Cowboys first have to guarantee that they can win all the remaining matches of the season. The Cowboys is best conceived, they will again face the Texas Christian horned frogs finals in the twelve League school, and in their regular season defeat revenge.

Vikings counter attack four wins

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The coach wants to get back to the bench

The flight from London to Minnesota, the end of the Viking soldiers will bring a good mood to celebrate the season before the second half of the game, the Vikings in London in a 33-16 victory over the Cleveland team Brown, before entering the bye week successfully won the four game winning streak and a wave row in the League of Nations North first place. Aaron Rodgers – after the season, the Vikings to the division championship road has never been so clear, but even now the Vikings are in a gratifying situation, they also have to face some troubles.

Keith Keenan as the fifth victory at the Minnesota Vikings starting quarterback has scored a personal season, although the game in the first half Keith Keenan’s performance is not perfect, he made a number of mistakes in the first half of the game against Brown, but in the second half, Keith Keenan to lead him rushing touchdowns – wave Jessica ‘s Mackinnon and Kell Rudolf – a ball offensive touchdown attack, helped the Vikings successfully defeated Cleveland Brown team, four consecutive harvest.

So far, Keith Keenan played in 7 games, a total of 7 touchdowns came 3 steals, passing success rate of 64.2% great, since Sam – Bradford Keith Keenan is injured, a step by step to the Vikings pulled up on the top of the partition.

Although Keith Keenan performance is very good, but this does not mean that Keenan is a Vikings starting quarterback in the coming weeks, bye, the Vikings will not consider the contribution made by Keith Keenan today as the Vikings, the team will be on the first draft of Sam Bradford, the return from injury and Bree jiwote Keith Keenan for the inspection and evaluation of the quarterback. For this, Mike, the head coach of the Vikings, said Zimmer was very strange, and he seemed to have no confidence in the case of Keenan, who was outstanding at the moment.

“I hope I can make a choice, but I still can’t make a choice, we will have the team next week two days training, we will evaluate all the matters, Keith Keenan is currently doing an incredible, he could do anything we asked him to do, he maintained a shock. We will solve some problems as soon as possible, and I hope I will make a choice as soon as possible.”

This is a sad news for Keith Keenan, rather than Bradford or the Keith jiwote Bree, Keenan even can only be called a “grass root”, he was elected in the General Assembly on the draft, after the team, but almost no down in a team last season he was stable, as the Losangeles rams the team’s starting quarterback, but after several extremely brutal game, Keith Keenan was again the team to give up, and in the Vikings, Keenan can be said to be playing career by far the best performance in the 7 games, he is a high level of NFL. Lead the team to win. But if the Vikings don’t trust Keenan can keep this state, in the past performance, Keenan absolutely cannot compete in Bradford, according to Zimmer jiwote Bree, discourse, the coach seems to have more confidence had excellent experience rather than a quarterback, like Keenan has been obscure grassroots quarterback.

But for Keith Keenan, the good news is that Bradford played after high optical performance has been a knee injury in the season opener, according to today’s performance, Bradford bad body may have lost their starting quarterback position, and just back from the training time is certainly not a brie jiwote boarded the first so, although the Vikings will make the evaluation of the quarterback, but between the current Keith Keenan state and the remaining two quarterback body, first bound or Keith Keenan, Keenan hopes to keep the current status, so he counter attack story may create a player who fly the branches become the Phoenix. Grassroots.

NFL eighth week game jerseys

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The Super Bowl runner up to stop losing streak

In addition to the Thursday night match Baltimore crow team and the Miami dolphins, as well as in Monday night’s Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs, the remaining 22 teams in the League will have them at the beginning of the weekend seventh weeks. Tencent sports will give you a live broadcast of London bowl Minnesota Vikings’ match against Cleveland Brown on Sunday evening at 21:30. Monday morning at 1, Tencent sports will also invite you to appreciate the Losangeles lightning team away from the defending champion of the new England patriots match. At 8:30 a.m. Monday, Matthew Staffordshire and Ben Roethlisberger will lead their respective teams to the stage on Sunday night. Tencent sports will together with you to witness the Steelers “3B” combination of firepower. So, what are the unique aspects of the 8 games that are left behind this week? The falcons can like minnows jet, stop the team losing streak decline? DeShawn Watson can continue his stunning performance, led the Dezhou team defeated the Seahawks as strong as iron? Just let Xiaobian you Weiweidaolai. (Note: the visiting team is the first, the kick-off time is Beijing time)

Atlanta falcons vs New York jets

Kick-off time: 1 a.m. Monday

Looking forward: the Atlanta Falcons jerseys wholesale have suffered 3 successive defeats, and in these three defeats, the falcons averaged 13.6 points per game. To know the score data of Atlanta last season per game but up to 33.8 points. However, from the current point of view, the offensive coach from Kell Shanahan replaced Steve salkey Xi’an transformation has profound influence on the team. The New York jets this season, losing to reach 23 points per game, the falcons need to correct their mistakes in the game, to regain a sense of attack. The team took over Julio – Jones once said: “we need to ensure that each player communication smoothly.”. “If the falcons offense continued to run their pavement, with excellent three key players, plus the red zone touchdown efficiency, and will the jets run 100 yards in the restricted road, Atlanta will return to the winning track.

When the two are unable to turn the advantage into a winning team head-on collision, the story of what will happen? The game in the MetLife stadium may be a dramatic play. Although the Falcons have fallen sharply this season, there are enough key players in their team to help the team win the game. The New York jet team jerseys online sale has not been good at defending the nimble running guard, therefore, the falcons Germany tower – Freeman will be able to have a great chance in this competition. In addition, the falcons taking over Julio – Jones will also make a lot of trouble for the jet team’s corner guards. In the last two games, the jets have lost 583 yards and 6 touchdowns air yards. This is a straw for Matt Ryan and his falcons teammates.

Prediction: falcons won

Oakland Raiders vs buffalo Bill team

Kick-off time: 1 a.m. Monday

Prospect: last week, the Oakland Raiders beat the Kansas City Chiefs of the same district. Quarterback Derek Carle finished the 417 yard pass and the 3 pass. Take over, Cooper, also in the 19 aerial connection attempt, completed 11 times, to promote the 210 yards. The attack team of the Raiders was unstoppable in the match. This weekend’s match against buffalo Bill, Sean, the running guard of the Raiders, will have the chance to face his former club in 2007.

The Raiders’ passing attack scored 417 yards of terror data in the game against Kansas City Chiefs last week. Perhaps the recovery was just right. Since the start of the fifth week, the defensive team of Bill has performed badly. The average score of the quarterback (73.5 points) was thirtieth in the league, and it was hard for Bill to limit the connection between Derek – Carle and his catcher.

Prediction: the Raiders won

Former patriots main players jerseys or retired

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A year after winning the Super Bowl Championship with patriots, Matras Bennett signed a $21 million contract with the Green Bay Packers in the spring of three years.

Bennet is likely to retire after this season. He has never given any information to suggest that he has no time to go on playing.

Bennet, 30, released a statement on Instagram on Saturday, saying he would consider retiring after the end of the season.

Bennet wrote, “after I spoke with my family, I was sure that the next eight games would be the end of my NFL cheap jerseys career. For every person who puts himself and time into my life and my games, I think the next game is for you, thank you, thank you.”

Insiders at the Green Bay Packers have confirmed that the team already knows what Bennet might retire after the season.

Matras Bennett, who was selected by the Dallas cowboys in 2008, went into NFL and started his career. He had 5 teams in his career. He won 916 yards in the 2014 Chicago cubs regular season, averaging 10.2 yards and became the professional bowl player of the year. From 2016, the Chicago bears to the new England patriots jersey, the regular season played 16 games, absent, get 701 yards receiving yards, and 7 touchdowns, and helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl champion. Then he came to the packers. This season, the Matra Bennet with 24 ball, get 233 yards receiving yards, but no touchdowns data.

Before packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers clavicle fracture, Rodgers has said that he needs to make sure that Bennet has more participation in the game. Earlier this month, Bennet also said he was not disappointed with the limited number of shots, because he was getting used to playing with Rodgers. When Rodgers wasn’t injured, the packers had a record of 4-1, but since Rodgers’s absence, they’ve lost two games.

Bennet also said in the earlier this month, “it is a long season. It’s just the beginning of the season, and for me, I need to adapt to the Rodgers and the team process and the game. So I just wanted to figure it out and try to stay in good shape, and I haven’t found a rhythm of my own, but we’ve just started, and we’ve won the game, and that’s the truth.” He adds, “it doesn’t matter. If I have 10 catches or 2 catches, it doesn’t matter. There are a lot of things. I’ll play my part in the game. If I get the ball, I’ll try to do my best. If they need 10 catches, I’m going to try and catch the 10 balls. Every game is different, and something unexpected happens.”

This week holiday packages, the current record of 4 wins and 3 losses, with 9 games remaining in the regular season. It’s probably the last 9 games of Bennet’s career.

Follow up of Rodgers accident

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Rodgers exposes Baal to make indecent gestures to him

After the impact of clavicle fracture in Aaron – Rodgers, the television screen captures only the Green Bay Packers headed quarterback against the Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Anthony Barr his picture. But Rodgers recently revealed Barr’s improper move to Rodgers outside the camera.

Rodgers, speaking at the Conan Obrien show at Turner radio, said, “I found Anthony Barr on the way down the court. The camera only captured the scene I was babbling to, but they missed the picture of Baal’s gestures against me. ”

According to several sources, Barr after the crash, scratched his crotch. On the next day after the crash, the NFL Alliance said they did not find any indecent gestures, and did not carefully study the behavior of Barr after the collision.

The NFL alliance has yet to respond to Rodgers’s latest position. In one case, the coalition needs to make a decision on whether to investigate the matter.

In October 19th after experienced right shoulder surgery to repair, Rodgers in the Packers’ bye week, visit the Conan show jerseys”.

Barr said, “he (Rodgers) was angry, and I understood that. He probably realized at the time that he was seriously injured, so he was not happy. If I had the same situation, I might have nothing to do with his reaction. That’s okay. ”

Mike Mccarthy, the package coach, called the crash “an illegal act” and “no need.””.

Mccarthy said, “Rodgers was hurt in this way, and he was angry.”. After he was injured, something happened on the court was unpleasant. The whole team is unhappy about it. ”

On the second day after the surgery, Rodgers was placed in the backup list of the packers. The team still expects him to recover from jerseys china injury at the end of the season. But according to the rules of the injury reserve list, Rodgers will be absent for at least 8 weeks.

The premise of Rodgers’s return is that the packers can continue to retain the hope of reaching the playoffs. Before the sixth week game against the Minnesota Vikings, the packers won a record of 4 wins and 1 losses. However, Brent Hendry was the backup quarterback in the case, the final team to 10:23 win against the vikings. Last Sunday, the packers lost to the New Orleans saints jersey in their first match of Hendry’s career, and their record dropped to 4 wins and 3 losses.

Rookie is the peak authentic nfl jerseys

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Dezhou new star with two super running guard selected

Not many players can take away the spotlight as a rookie. Fresh faces provide us with something new to talk about, because we see their performance in their initial career stages. The 2017 draft has long been considered one of the best players. In fact, some of the rookies this year aren’t just great, they’re trying to be the best players in the league.

Next, let’s look at the most impressive rookie of the season so far.

Deshaun Watson, quarterback, Houston, Dezhou

“It’s just another reality, and we see Houston, the rookie quarterback of Dezhou, winning a victory on Thursday night. “Even though the team lost the game in first weeks, it was like throwing a bucket of cold water. At the beginning of the 2017 season, de Sean Watson has been one of the most exciting quarterback of the NFL League jerseys this season.

When we entered the seventh week, de Sean Watson in the year with 15 touchdowns leading all the way though quarterback, during the second week of the game did not get the array data. But since then, Watson has not stopped his stunning performance.

The most impressive thing about Watson was his deep reading of some difficult passes. He scored as much as 107.3 of his pass when his pocket was about to break, ahead of all the quarterback. For a draft process is considered to be not the arm of the quarterback, so the answer is so satisfying.

De Sean Watson’s strong performance makes Dezhou people continue to hit the throne of the Champions League of South America with 3-3 results. Of course, there are strong rivals, the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville jaguars. With Dezhou’s current offensive, it seems unlikely to open up a dominant position. But in view of our first six games (seventh week holiday in Dezhou) to see the rookie quarterback Watson’s dazzling performance, we can continue to look forward to the future of the Dezhou Houston.

Kareem Hunt, run guard, Kansas City chief jerseys on sale

Unlike some of the other players, Kareem Hunter on the court to seize the opportune moment to show themselves, that he is a special player, he is in the 2017 season opener in helping the team win over the defending champion new England patriots. It is worth mentioning that he was not selected in the first round of the draft. In the past 7 weeks, Kareem and Hunter were the best rookie of the NFL league.

As the game went on, Kareem and Hunter continued to show us his amazing performance, as if to tell the whole league that his strength was not limited to just one game. This season Kareem Hunter with 124 offensive got 717 yards yards, plus 4 touchdowns in the league in rushing list position in the league, many running backs in yiqijuechen. How fierce is Hunter hitting the ball? According to the statistics, after the defense season, the defensive players are close to him one yards, his average number of goals can be ranked in the league’s second place. This season, the average number of run shots is 3.70 yards, and the average number of Hunter shots is 5.25 yards. It’s like someone else’s file, Hunter alone. Hunter, Kareem, has proved to be one of the best players in the race.

Rodgers is expected to comeback in playoffs

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Rodgers expects the packers to see the playoffs in the end of the year

Aaron, the quarterback of the packers, was hit by the Vikings in Minnesota during the October 15th World War I with Rodgers, who landed on the shoulder and caused a fracture of the right clavicle. Then substitute quarterback Brent Hendry failed to win the first game, losing 26:17 to the New Orleans saints.

In October 19th, Rodgers underwent surgery in southern California. In the morning out of the United States Conan show segment, Rodgers told Conan, a doctor in his right clavicle scored 13 nails to fix the broken bones. In the video, Rodgers had a fixed sling on his right arm and traces of bandages beneath his black shirt.

Reporters through SMS to verify the authenticity of this video Rodgers. Rodgers jerseys online refused to admit how many nails were used to fix his collarbone, but he told reporters: “this is a TV program, you sometimes to express exaggerated, but sometimes you also can say some facts.”

Rodgers is currently undergoing rehabilitation in Losangeles, where he says he is sitting on the beach in his bare feet. The idle day may not be long, and Rodgers will return to green bay next Monday, and the packers will be back in training on Tuesday.

Rodgers is currently on the injury reservation list, the NFL League rules, each season, the team can be transferred from the list of 2 people back to the list of 53 people. It takes at least six weeks to resume training after the injury enters the list, and it takes eight weeks to get back to play. In other words, if Rodgers was in good condition, he could be back at the Carolina Panthers in December 17th and be able to catch the last three games of the regular season.

The Green Bay Packers jerseys wholesale record at 4 wins and 3 losses, and in a few games in the absence of Rodgers, the packers will face a number of teams including lions, Steelers, also have Brown as the underdog, if able to successfully win several games, Rodgers three games after the return of the Panthers, the Vikings will face the three battle and the lion. Let us look forward to GE health back, and led the packers into the playoffs!

NFL pay 20 times in 3 years

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Jaguar star guard and extension

The United States time on Wednesday night, Jacksonville every Friday announced the renewal of star linebacker Teerwen – Smith, the new contract for 4 years fifty million. Currently, Smith is in the last year of rookie contract. In the four year contract signed in 2014, the total value was only 2 million 430 thousand, ensuring that wages were pitifully poor by 210 thousand.

As of seventh weeks, Smith is now taking 58 sackin puma defense leading group, and another two steals, a manufacturing and a picked up off the ball off the ball.

Puma Tom – executive vice president Smith Coughlin said, as an important part of the team’s defense team, with excellent performance to win his second contract. The team hopes to prove to the rest of the players through the big contract that the team will recognize the players’ performance and reward them.

In the 55 games since Smith’s career, he has only missed two games, starting 47 games. Completed 408 runs in less than four seasons, ranking second in the history of the team. At the same time, he earns six copies, two of which are completed.

Smith said that the team’s decision to thank, representing the Jaguar play is his honor, hoping to lead the team to victory.

Smith is the Jaguar team, the second player to be added to the 2014 level. Center Brandon Liddell was worth fifty-seven million in the pre-season training camp this year (twenty-four million guaranteed amount) five year contract, league history, the highest revenue center.

Although Allen, Robinson, was the recipient of the season’s knee injury at the start of the season, he was still the prime target for the remainder of the contract that was due to expire. In addition, wide receiver Mazis Lee, cornerback Aaron Ke Erwen’s contract will expire this season.

fifty-first Super Bowl jerseys china

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The 7 All Star defensive front to the sea eagle

The Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril after the fourth week of neck injuries, they for the 37 year old veteran Dwight frini expressed great interest in the. Dwight frency in the first 11 seasons of his occupation career was spent at the Indianapolis colts, he scored 7 times in the pony named occupation bowl, and the 3 first team. The 122.5 career sacks in the history of the eighteenth, and ranked second among active players, only the Carolina Panthers Julius peipers. He also made 47 balls in his career. After 11 years spent in the colts, Dwight frency in Santiago lightning team for two years, the Arizona Cardinals for 1 years, and 11 games in that year had 8 sacks. Last year, he joined the Atlanta falcons, played 15 times and got 3 kills. Last year, the falcons lost to the new England patriots in the Super Bowl duel, he also had a capture, this is his career playoff eleventh kill.

Dwight – frini debut will not let the Seahawks fans wait too long. The Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday with Dwight Fulinidacheng a one-year contract. And on Wednesday announced the signing of the defensive front. Coach Peter Carol plans to let frini feature in the Sunday Seattle Seahawks home court against Houston Dezhou in the game. Seahawks coach Peter Carol said: “we are ready to let him into our system and then see what happens. He’s ready to play, and he’s eager to stand on the court. He worked hard, and now he’s stronger. Yesterday’s pre match training, he also showed that he was going to do his best on Sunday, and we looked forward to his performance in the game.” Frisoni said that he was in the Seahawks trial showed excellent condition. He also said there is a Seahawks attract his place, he was with the Atlanta Seahawks falcons jerseys felt very similar, because the falcons coach Dan Quinn was in the hands of Carol to teach. Dwight frini said: “a lot of things with last year is very similar, I should be able to help my teammates.”

Carol has not said what will use Dwight frency, but should be a limit to the number of times, especially in his debut is likely to enter the rotation. Frisoni, Arizona Cardinals in the 2015 period, average per game in 23 attack. Last season, when Atlanta falcons, they averaged 28 games per game. Seahawks star cornerback Richard Sherman said: “Dwight Freeh and other players are not the same, he only need to participate in several rounds of attack can change the situation in the playground. We’re all happy that we can sign him. ”

Frini coming to the Seahawks increase a blunt pass hand, it can also compensate for Cliff – Lille injured zaff. Frank – Clark replaced Avril as the starting defensive side, as well as Marcus – Smith and Brandon – Jackson as the rotation lineup. But the Seahawks coach Peter Carol said: “a team never jerseys abandon military rushed too much, and frency will give us a more defensive end rotation choice. “The Seahawks list does not have any change, because the injured since Cliff Avril last week, only 52 people in their squad.