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Occupation bowl cornerback with the giants of animosity

Professional bowls were banned for improper conduct The New York giants Dominic, Rodgers – Cromartie, who was banned by the team last week on Tuesday morning, was formally banned from the team by the team. Rodgers Cromartie as suspended by the team missed Sunday night giants beat the Denver Broncos in 23:10 score. The former professional bowl guard has met with Mcadoo, the coach of the giants, on Tuesday morning. He will return to the court on Wednesday’s team training. […]

NFL crazy week: Super Bowl repeats itself

Pink October ignite the passion of the game Super Bowl Weekend sees Zhu Qiang hegemony this week, we will build a strong sports Tencent “Super Bowl weekend”. October is special, say autumn October, but if the month according to the color to be divided, it should be pink, pink in October, NFL together with the care of women’s health, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. In the coming seventh weeks of intense campaign, coincides with the Atlanta falcons and the […]

Review of sixth weeks of NFL regular season

Beijing time on Tuesday, October 17th, 8:30, the last game of NFL regular season sixth weeks in the week night game start. Tennessee in Nashville to greet the Titan United home court, Southern District with the rival Indianapolis pony challenge. The current record is 2 wins and 3 losses. In recent years, the titans have had a very bad record against the colts. Since October 2008, the titans have only won a single jump in the 2011 season, and the […]

The classification of NFL quarterback

2014 season NFL season ahead is in full swing, it is less than a month away from the regular season. Recently there are a lot of fans ask me a question, think you already know many of the quarterback, running back, wide receiver, but the feeling of each player playing style are not too bad, look at the characteristics of data cannot distinguish between the various players, so when the ball can not find the key. So before the regular […]

Change nfl team jerseys just this person

The 32 year old veteran Cardinals debut stunning the audience Dressed in a black shirt of the Arizona Cardinals, stood in front of the microphone, Adrian Pedersen told a group of reporters will continue to pay attention to his performance. “My oil hasn’t burned out yet.”. “This is the Wednesday after Pedersen joined the cardinals, statement to reporters. In fact, Pedersen’s confidence is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. In this Sunday afternoon, two consecutive years failed to ensure the […]

Rodgers jerseys or season reimbursement

In the first game of the Sunday afternoon local time, the Green Bay Packers against the Minnesota Vikings. The packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered when the Vikings outside linebacker Anthony Barr hit, lead to the right shoulder clavicle fracture. According to the packers, Rodgers is likely to miss all the rest of the season. In Rodgers’s injury attack, Baal broke through pocket protection to put pressure on packers quarterback. Rodgers turns to his right side and looks for the pass […]

video live Indianapolis Colts vs Tennessee Titans jersey

The same area will be bloody enemy Beijing time on October 17th at 8:30 in the morning, NFL sixth weeks of the last game of the regular season will be started in Nashville’s NISSAN stadium, Tennessee Titans in home court against Indianapolis colts, two teams have made since the start of the 2-3 record, the Colts defeated two teams Brown and 49 people now add up to 10 defeats, and Titans has suffered two defeats, kill dolphins are demoralized last […]

NFL sixth week prediction

Beijing time on October 16th, most of the six weeks of the NFL2017 season will be officially carried out. At the same time, after the 4 teams last week bye, buffalo Bill team, Cincinnati tigers, Dallas cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks are also in this week ushered in their season bye week. Especially for the star running back Elliot will miss 6 of the cowboys, this week bye is timely assistance. In addition to the Thursday night race of the […]

The Vikings lost 3 generals nike jerseys

Main quarterback + external injury According to reliable sources, on Sunday in the Minnesota Vikings home court against the divisional rival Green Bay Packers game, Vikings three Starters: quarterback Sam Bradford, the number one wide receiver Stephen Digges and Nick Easton left guard attack will be sidelined by the. At the end of the first half of the first half of the Vikings’ victory over the Chicago Grizzlies last Sunday, the Celtics quarterback, who had just missed his three game […]

Raiders and lightning race were held as scheduled

Raiders and lightning no fear of fire The United States Friday afternoon local time, has been decided in the attention of upstate California fires the NFL alliance, originally scheduled for this Sunday afternoon in Oakland when the Oakland Raiders against the Losangeles lightning team will be as usual. The NFL alliance also says that the alliance will continue to monitor the air quality in the bay area and inform the public about any changes through social media channels. According to […]