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Super Bowl jerseys midfielder show guests or OK

10 Grammy Awards Justin – Timblerlake is back! Michael and the late American pop music hall singer in the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show in Jackson’s sister Jeanne Jackson “exposed door” 13 years later, the 10 Grammy holding the trophy, and is the fifth album busy American male singer singing very likely in February next year NFL the championship game. According to the American weekly newspaper, the two Grammy’s best pop male singer, Justin Timblerlake, is negotiating with the parties […]

NFL fourth week forecast

Sheikh Falcon wants to win four consecutive victories Beijing October 2nd, most of the fourth week of the NFL2017 season will be officially opened. Remove the participation in the Thursday night game of the National League North rival Green Bay Packers and the Chicago bears, as well as in Monday night’s Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, the League of the remaining 28 teams will begin their fourth game in Beijing on Monday. Tencent sports will, after last week, give […]

JJ- Watt nfl jerseys sale is confident and optimistic

Low performance doesn’t matter, and JJ- Watt thinks he’s still invincible This is the first time w in the new season the first three games without contribution sacks, Watt’s career record is rookie season in five consecutive games 0 sacks, dating back to last season, the Dezhou assault hand has 4 consecutive games without sacks accounted for, at present, only one step away from Watts this is an embarrassing record. In spite of this, Watt himself does not seem to […]

Packers players injuries crises

The packers lost five generals, and the crisis squad crashed Packers clash with bears by accident. The packers suffered heavy losses and the injured were overcrowded, which undoubtedly affected the game under way. An opening packer attacked the pavement with an attack that he had never been good at. In the packers team fifth attack, still choose to walk the road, accident happened. Montgomerie in the offensive was to punch the ball bears 33 horn who hit directly Le Kells, […]

Kenny Easley’s No. 45 Jersey

His 7 year career in the 5 Seahawks jersey will retire on Sunday bowl occupation During the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts halftime, retired occupation football league Hall of fame Safety Award winner (Kenny Easley) of the No. 45 jersey. The shirts will be retired on Sunday “I hope it happens, and I’m happy,” he said. I’ve seen it 45 times over the years, even though it hasn’t been that many times. I’m glad this is going […]

Live dolphin VS saints at 21:30 on October 1st

The London bowl Hit World War II Beijing time on October 1st at 9:30 in the evening, NFL regular season second games this London bowl will be started in England at Wembley, by the Miami dolphins against the New Orleans saints. Watch the night in prime time broadcast NFL National Day holiday, the London Games for China fans is full of welfare, the dolphins just defeated the New York jets to the belly, and the saints on the round upset […]

review of NFL third week games

The giant was defeated Bill Mustang lore All the game NFL third weeks after the game has ended, the only unbeaten team chiefs and falcons, 5 teams, and the giant tiger still winless, five games in overtime lore, scored two games, Brady led the Patriots staged the great escape, it is not very interesting, let’s take a look at the! In the civil war more than 49ers a Mengliao, RAM Although the first three rams are firmly in control of […]

Larry Fitzgerald jersey sale

The arena contained 14 illustrious heroes of this youth “Fitzgerald is an example of the all union, I don’t know what time is the next time we met, maybe never, if you can, I want to him again for 10 years.” After the Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said to reporters. Is the so-called “home has an old, if there is a treasure”, in the NFL rivers and lakes, each school has the kind of old and firm heroes. Cardinals […]

The NFL Alliance protests Trump radicals

When the league and Trump to work, these people actually. I heard Trump came to the aid and launched an attack on NFL. According to BuzzFeed News, a political group that supports President Trump agrees with Trump’s comments on NFL and social media advertising. The first US policy (a group of former athletes prone to Trump) produced and released an ad on Sunday that featured “shut down NFL” and the theme tag “#TakeAStandNotAKnee”. It was also accompanied by a picture […]

NFL superstars are following NBA players

Anthony into the thunder, choose Baotuan, actually cited NFL giants have followed Cameron Anthony recently joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, this one stone Mottaki, NBA Western powers to completely change the pattern, Cameron Anthony came to a will again bring him into the finals and finals team, in 1, James decided to take refuge in Jinzhou after 2, Durant warriors, Paul this summer – George, Russell – Westbrook and Cameron – Anthony composed a super star Baotuan combination. Seeing the […]