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Super Bowl jerseys midfielder show guests or OK

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10 Grammy Awards

Justin – Timblerlake is back! Michael and the late American pop music hall singer in the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show in Jackson’s sister Jeanne Jackson “exposed door” 13 years later, the 10 Grammy holding the trophy, and is the fifth album busy American male singer singing very likely in February next year NFL the championship game.

According to the American weekly newspaper, the two Grammy’s best pop male singer, Justin Timblerlake, is negotiating with the parties about the details of the Super Bowl midfielder’s show this season. Not surprisingly, the 36 year old pop star will return to his personal Super Bowl jerseys show at the Bank of America stadium in Minnesota, Minneapolis, next February 4th.

“Although there is news that Timblerlake will work with the American rapper Jay-Z, Timblerlake will be the only guest performer for the current news,” said one person familiar with the situation. ”

Super Bowl midfielder show guests or determine 10 Grammy trophy elected

Timblerlake’s 2004 and Jeanne Jackson midfielder show not only shocked audiences across the United States, but also changed the live broadcast of the annual sports extravaganza. In the final stage of Jackson and Timblerlake sang “rock your body”, Timblerlake accidentally Jackson costume torn, resulting in the latter’s chest unobstructed appeared on the TV screen on national TV. After the incident, the Federal Communications Commission introduced new rules requiring all live broadcasts to be delayed by 5 seconds to prevent similar incidents from jerseys happening again.

The NFL League has denied the season’s Super Bowl midfielder has confirmed the news. Blaine spokesman Mccarthy told reporters: “we are sure to give the audience a wonderful performance.”. We’ll announce her name at the right time. Or his name?. Or their names?. “

NFL fourth week forecast

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Sheikh Falcon wants to win four consecutive victories

Beijing October 2nd, most of the fourth week of the NFL2017 season will be officially opened. Remove the participation in the Thursday night game of the National League North rival Green Bay Packers and the Chicago bears, as well as in Monday night’s Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs, the League of the remaining 28 teams will begin their fourth game in Beijing on Monday. Tencent sports will, after last week, give you the London bowl for the New Orleans saints against the Miami dolphins at 21:30 on Sunday evening. Monday morning at 8:30, the Tencent sports will also bring you a taste of a Sunday night match Indiana Colts at vianet center of the Seattle Seahawks game challenge. So what are the highlights of this week’s 12 games? Will the Atlanta falcons be able to score their four straight season? Who are the tigers, Brown, giants, lightning, and the 49 men who will win the first win of the season? Please let Xiaobian give you one by one.

Buffalo Bill vs Atlanta Falcons

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Forward: if in the second week war off the Panthers last moment, Bill scored four points and Taylor Rhodes – Wei Tai outside Karzai – Jones completed a touchdown over the line, then the current record of Bill team will be 3 wins and 0 losses. After three games, the Atlanta falcons were unbeaten in the first place in the NFL standings, and Bill, 1 (15), was 14 higher than the 2 – win. Therefore, the game will reflect the real ability of the Bill team. In the past three games, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had met with Bill coach Sean – Mcdermott thought as the core of the Panthers defense group, however, Ryan in the three games in the pass rate reached 78%, completed 7 touchdowns, only one interceptions, quarterback score up to 131.1 points. Since Bill is the lowest scoring team in the League (12.3 points per game), Mcdermott needs to prove that his defense will limit ryan.

The Atlanta falcons haven’t shown their best yet, but that doesn’t keep them from winning 3 straight wins. Although Bill is averaging only 12.3 points per game, and has not yet allowed his opponents to pass the ball, they haven’t met a full blown attack team like falcon. To recover from a back injury in the first ball outside the top Falcon over Julio – Jones will likely cut off the new season in the game touchdown; running back Coleman and Feng de tweng Twin Tower – Freeman teamed up in single game ran out of more than 200 yards in the game, won 7 wins and 0 losses record, they will give Bill a violent assault team. The falcons only need to pay attention to is the defense on the ground to run Sean Mccoy Bill team Weile enough restrictions.

Prediction: Falcon wins

Losangeles rams vs Dallas Cowboys

Tee off time: Monday morning at 1

Preview: Dallas Cowboys season won 13 matches, therefore, this road cowboy will become this season’s biggest test of the Losangeles rams. The defense Cowboys has yet to reach their full potential, but the team is in a positive direction ahead. The rams’ defence has completed a 805 yard drive in the past two weeks by the red shirts and the 49 men, but in fact their defensive team is not so bad. In general, the cowboys have more advantages in the game than the rams.

The Cowboys had only 5 days to prepare for the game, while the rams had 10 days to prepare for it. The rams defensive coach, Wade – Phillips, was fired by the Dallas cowboys in the middle of the 2010 season. This game, he will prove his ability to the old club. Last season, RAM quarterback was troubled by the media’s decision to choose Prescott – and he also wanted to play well in the game. Therefore, the game will be a fierce battle for both sides. The Cowboys need fortunately, when running back Elliot Ezekiel finally returned to his last season invincible brave state, and this game he will face is the League ranked fourth place run defense rams defensive group.

Prediction: Cowboys wins

JJ- Watt nfl jerseys sale is confident and optimistic

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Low performance doesn’t matter, and JJ- Watt thinks he’s still invincible

This is the first time w in the new season the first three games without contribution sacks, Watt’s career record is rookie season in five consecutive games 0 sacks, dating back to last season, the Dezhou assault hand has 4 consecutive games without sacks accounted for, at present, only one step away from Watts this is an embarrassing record. In spite of this, Watt himself does not seem to care much about the data.

On Sunday with the Titans team before the game, Watt said not to be troubled by, don’t care they have captured and killed, “now I want to knock down the quarterback has become more and more difficult, the data placed there, but I don’t care about it, it doesn’t make my performance fully reflected, every time I have to face each other at least two people stop, if we can at the end of the season the team finished 40 sacks and 20 ball conversion, even if my sack data is still zero, so what? Winning is the last word.”

“In my occupation career, I’ve got enough honor, so I don’t think too much, I want to do is to win the nfl game jerseys, if the opponent put all up with me, then I will give other good players to create opportunities, we have enough good players.”

In fact, the capture is a very unstable data, and sometimes defensive players on the relatively weak attack front, a game, a person can get three or four capture. Although one of Watts’s data is still 0, the confusion he made during the race is not small, especially for those who have pockets to protect. So far, Watt has led Dezhou’s defensive forward to 4 passes, made 14 quarterback pressure and 3 tackle shots, still the strongest defence team.
Last year, J.J. watt almost missed the season, and played only 3 games with a quick operation. People look forward to the new season he returned nfl jerseys sale with another defensive end – Jadwin clowney “double ghost pat door” trend. The 28 year old watt career has contributed 76 goals to kill, it can be said that NFL is currently the most dominant defensive player. Although for various reasons Watt has not presented his fatal blow, but he is still the quarterback harvester in this league feared “”.

Packers players injuries crises

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The packers lost five generals, and the crisis squad crashed

Packers clash with bears by accident.

The packers suffered heavy losses and the injured were overcrowded, which undoubtedly affected the game under way.

An opening packer attacked the pavement with an attack that he had never been good at. In the packers team fifth attack, still choose to walk the road, accident happened. Montgomerie in the offensive was to punch the ball bears 33 horn who hit directly Le Kells, clutching his chest, went to the sidelines, the degree of pain directly on his knees, then walked down the locker room. Soon the report, No. 88 Montgomerie Paowei rib fracture. The packaging industry and the loss of a major movement.

The accident continued, and in the first game, a heavy rain suddenly began, and the match was interrupted.

The second quarter opening, the packers rookie Paowei No. 30 Jamal Williams in an attack and hurt. Immediately, Wei Wei Black Martinez was also hit, and then undergo a concussion check. The injured condition did not stop like a rainstorm. In the ensuing match, packers and a guard, No. 48 Jo Thomas, ankle injury, did not return to the stadium.

The packers will lose 3 more marks.

The third quarter, the doom still did not disperse. Rodgers in an attack to pass the ball to take 17 of all Adams, Adams immediately by the violent collision of bears, fell to the ground, the situation is very critical. See the replays showed Adams was bears linebacker Danny Teweifan a particularly unnecessary collision, direct impact on the helmet helmet, a were knocked out, slow motion replays showed Adams’s mouthpiece already flew out, we can faintly heard the crash. Being hit by this degree, Adams suffered a head injury and was put on a stretcher, even if he had raised his thumb on the stretcher to show his condition. It was then taken to hospital for further examination. The packers have lost another player.

The whole audience booed. The smell of gunpowder grew stronger. Such an unnecessary move is really too cruel, too far.

No matter what the outcome may be, this game will cause a lot of complaints and complaints from the fans, and more and more public opinion will be held.

Even won the game, presumably the packers full no players happy, after all the game they lost 5 generals, two runs two linebacker and a wide receiver! The match was so damaging to the packers that the wounded packers had added 5 wounded after the match. Well, the packers are not going very well.

It’s not about winning or losing!

Kenny Easley’s No. 45 Jersey

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His 7 year career in the 5 Seahawks jersey will retire on Sunday bowl occupation

During the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts halftime, retired occupation football league Hall of fame Safety Award winner (Kenny Easley) of the No. 45 jersey.

The shirts will be retired on Sunday

“I hope it happens, and I’m happy,” he said. I’ve seen it 45 times over the years, even though it hasn’t been that many times. I’m glad this is going to happen, and I can be part of the ceremony in October 1st. I’m looking forward to it.” “This will be truly wonderful.”. It’s been a long time for me, and it’s been 30 years now. 30 years later, this unique thing happened. Most of the time, when things are so long, people tend to forget. 30 years after I played, I went into the hall of fame and retired my shirt. It was really special. I am now 58 years old, and when you have had a steady life for yourself and your life, you will have more respect and trust for what happens to you in the future.”

Kenny Easley, 1981 fourth in the first round by the Seattle Seahawks selected. In just seven years the Seahawks career, 5 times to enter the occupation bowl, 1984 NFL defensive player of the year. The presence of Easley which left 32 steals 538 yards and 3 touchdowns in the data. But Israel occupation career is very short, the end of his occupation career in 1987. He was diagnosed with severe kidney disease at the time. Easley accused many years ago because he was injured in the Seahawks ankle swelling during the Seahawks the doctor suggested that he take a lot of Bloven to relieve the ankle injury pain, leading to kidney disease. The incident also made headlines in various sports news. Two years later, he brought a suit against the Seahawks, he later received a new kidney and settled life.

After retirement, Easley success distribution in the period from 1999 to 2003, became a Cadillac dealer. He and his partners used the GM program to make African Americans and other minorities owned car dealerships. The dealer event success, also let him add a bunch of light, was appointed chairman of the African Association of dealers.

Later, he also had a team, but the team Nighthawk AF2 (in their first season in the lost money, accused the Easley rookie mistake. Eventually the team disbanded before the 2004 season.

Because the relationship between reason and litigation Easley Seahawks has been in a tense state. A few years later, he received a phone the Seahawks director, said the new boss Paul Alan wants to grant him the ring of honor said in his honor. Easley saw this, and when the boss is not in opposition, is reconciliation and Seahawks opportunity. In 2002 won the Seattle Seahawks ring of honor easley. He accepted the honor, reconciliation with the Seahawks and the establishment of friendly relations, and at the beginning of 20s and his team live together in peace together.

In 2017, he was inducted into the NFL Hall of fame.

Reconciliation is the best of all contradictions.

I’m also looking forward to the day of the retirement of the number 45 jersey,

This is his story.

Salute No. 45 Seahawks veteran, Kenny easley.

Live dolphin VS saints at 21:30 on October 1st

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The London bowl Hit World War II

Beijing time on October 1st at 9:30 in the evening, NFL regular season second games this London bowl will be started in England at Wembley, by the Miami dolphins against the New Orleans saints. Watch the night in prime time broadcast NFL National Day holiday, the London Games for China fans is full of welfare, the dolphins just defeated the New York jets to the belly, and the saints on the round upset rout of the Panther, is going to win, two teams actually happen in a foreign country from it, then the Tencent sports will bring the game live video, here is looking for the game, we go!

New Orleans Saints jerseys wholesale

Two weeks before the saints team did not show their offensive strength, although their four quarterback Drew Bracey still sophistication, but with the Vikings and patriots in the contest made only three touchdowns. Fortunately, third weeks away in the face of the Panther, the saints broke out, scored 34 points and recorded 4 touchdowns rout of the Panther, so let us see the signs of the saints offensive group recovery. This season the team running back Mark Ingram will board a galaxy of talents, is number one, compared with last year, Ingram road rushed the ball number has declined, but he often took over as the embodiment of Bracey of the ball target. So far, Ingram hasn’t made it yet, but he has been able to contribute more than 71 yards to each game. It’s an important part of the team’s steady progress.

The saints were the only team this season to miss the ball transfer, but the figures didn’t help them much, or did they lose two games?. In the face of the dolphins, the offensive team the saints also usher in a major positive offseason because of drunk driving problem was suspended for three games and wide receiver Wiley Snyder will be lifted back, after leaving Bracey Cousteau brandin, also adapt to the new ball and weapons, Snead 15 games 72 times last year’s ball scored 895 yards with 4 touchdowns in the offseason Snead training camp “four fire”, whether it is flying with Michael Thomas in two, or slot systems are capable of harassment, Snyder, play dolphin, already hold a three game, ned to his upside down will cause great trouble to the other.

Miami dolphins jerseys nfl

A defeat to the league the weakest team New York jets, coach Adam Gus shouted the dolphins attack is rubbish, in an interview revealed that Gus will change team in the next game play, such as speeding up the tempo of attack. The team of Jarvis – Landry and Kenny – with Stiles two big Jay took over, and Ajay like star runs, two games a total of only 25 points is really let the fans stunned. The quarterback Jay Cutler in the first splendid situation, facing the defense jet is weak timidity, simply Panruoliangren, now this week with the saints the same weak defense, people may know who is the “real” Jay Cutler.


At present, the dolphins can be described as the first week broke the main line of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, guard Laurence Timmons due to absence without coaching match was suspended indefinitely, this week the dolphins and injured two generals, defensive end Jordan Phillips and Jay star Paowei Ajay did not participate in the week in the team training. Jay Ajay is very dependent on the dolphins offensive weapons, Ajay rushed out of the last 1272 yards (fourth in the League), including 3 games more than 200 yards, scored 8 touchdowns instantly among the alliance first-class list paowei. If he could not play, the dolphin attack would be tantamount to losing a leg and only relying on Cutler’s pass.

Two veteran veterans revisited

The dolphins is apart from the Jacksonville jaguars, the more than 3 team tournament in London for more than a decade, this is the fourth time to participate in the London Games, the past three games they scored 1 wins and 2 losses. 10 years ago the dolphins first participated in the London games against the New York giants, the past 10 years, two dolphins players in the game is still active in the NFL, one of the dolphins kicker John long – apatani, another was well received by the Miami people’s favorite receiver Ted – small gold, but ironically, the gold saints on Sunday put on the shirt against his old club. Now, revisiting the old haunt, I wonder if little Ted Kim’s eyes are full of his own shadow 10 years ago.

review of NFL third week games

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The giant was defeated Bill Mustang lore

All the game NFL third weeks after the game has ended, the only unbeaten team chiefs and falcons, 5 teams, and the giant tiger still winless, five games in overtime lore, scored two games, Brady led the Patriots staged the great escape, it is not very interesting, let’s take a look at the!

In the civil war more than 49ers a Mengliao, RAM

Although the first three rams are firmly in control of the pace of the game, made a big lead, but 49 people home court in section fourth using the opportune score will be rapidly approaching, they have completed in the fourth quarter manufacturing quickly dropped the ball up front kick – grab three gambling Zhuang Ju, if it is not the last time the character with luck they almost old rams over carrier. Zhuangyuanlang Jared – GF show in the game content is compared to last season, running back Todd changes in turn the world upside down, koal force is also credited with three touchdowns declared “RAM king” the return of the king. On the other side, the 49 coach has stressed that the attack is completely excited, quarterback Heuer 332 yards for two touchdowns performed well, the key reason for losing is too many mistakes, including steals, off the ball and release a record return touchdown. Full court score rams 41:39 thrilling victory over 49ers.

The London season Jaguar rout of the crow

At the beginning of the game “home court” combat Jaguar would show a strong fighting force, a crow swallow momentum, instead came to London for the first time is serious crow team defense group lost The climate does not suit one., its past glory, Joe Flacco until the end of the first half of the season to finish faster than the first success pass, and the crow team is slightly improved, then the team was not steals is off the ball, instantly down momentum. Before the three game Jaguar victory, the fourth competition both sides put on a bench, a regular season fight nhl jerseys for sale every inch of land was actually dubbed “America” meow “playing exhibition games, the final team in London was a Jaguar 44:7 crow massacre.

The saints slaughter Panthers on the road

Is Newton Kamm sent three steals Panther team lose the biggest reason, and the saints is a good use of the three ball, Newton compared to the young Daredevil, saints Drew – Bracey to sedate, 28 to 22, is eyesight, in the first half respectively. For Michael Thomas, Ted king and Coleman were fed cake to complete a touchdown early on the leading edge. The final saints away 34 to 13 victory over the Panthers, broke a popular medium round.

Bears overtime lore Steelers jerseys

The two sides are all played half strike, the first half of the incoming bears quickly, rely on the ground to obtain steady offensive touchdowns, the second half have the initiative the bears often made the mistake of the two ball conversion help the Steelers before the end of the equaliser in the final, the two teams played hard points in overtime. The first wave of attack overtime bears, running back Tariq Cohen, open runaway mode, break the line after running a 80 yard touchdown touchdowns, but this was the referee disallowed. Then the bears still advancing to the Steelers red zone, and finally by the best game of running back Jordan Howard scored a 19 yard touchdown to win the nfl game jerseys, home court bears 23:17 win over the Steelers, first win of the season.

The controversial verdict helped Falcon win

The Detroit lions just a little bit can continue their fourth quarter continue to reverse the myth, in times of emergency last fall behind, Matthew Staffordshire has long helped the lions at the end of the game stopped at the other end before the 1 yard line 11 seconds before the moment when Gordon’s backward touchdown zone, at all people are boiling, but after the referee carefully replays showed, Tate seems to be the first touchdown in backward region of the knee before the moment, the lions away from the victory is a few mm distance throughout the match, the lions showed a tough full, unhurried time behind Staffordshire showed, of great ingenuity. Only the falcons offense is too strong, the ball constantly sent the case can still win. The overall score, falcons 30:26, defeated lions, and won three straight victories.

Larry Fitzgerald jersey sale

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Larry Fitzgerald jersey sale

The arena contained 14 illustrious heroes of this youth

“Fitzgerald is an example of the all union, I don’t know what time is the next time we met, maybe never, if you can, I want to him again for 10 years.” After the Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said to reporters.

Is the so-called “home has an old, if there is a treasure”, in the NFL rivers and lakes, each school has the kind of old and firm heroes. Cardinals Larry – Fitzgerald is still fighting, although already 34 years old, but his performance on the court is not 34 years old, two consecutive thousand yards season, often a critical moment to stand up for Fitzgerald, so, you love with “rejuvenescent”, “inverse growth” to describe the game today, from the performance point of view, he still got it.

The face of “the United States team of the Dallas cowboys jerseys, while Bruce Arians behind the situation could not open his face as he was thought of saying” if you don’t know what to do with the ball, Fitzgerald to head it, suddenly enlightened Arians hurried to on the field of Carson Palmer winked, who understands, in the third quarter with 3 minutes and 13 seconds, Fitzgerald the evil eye catching a touchdown for the Cardinals tied the score. The fourth quarter is still lagging behind the cardinals, Fitzgerald once again aerial acrobatic skill, the ball from cornerback Orlando Iskander Rick grabbed the hands directly, and then with his left arm covered, do not let the ball on the ground, and his body was smashed on the ground. Then he got up to make sure the ball was valid, and politely reached out to the fallen cowboy player before returning to the next offensive line. He was so calm under the cheers of all the fans and everything seemed so natural.

At the age of 34, the retirement of the rugby field has also reached the age of retirement. In fact, Fitzgerald also considered this offseason, he revealed himself to face the media want to retire, “desire” and stressed that “if one day I retired, it must be my choice of retirement, rather than have to retire.” Fitzgerald is now 09 years to lead the Cardinals jerseys to achieve success and win recognition, the super bowl, occupation career 1134 catches the league history third, 14484 yard ball ninth all-time last season at the age of 33 with his 107 ball team ranked first of all, he is an important factor in the Cardinals self-evident. In addition, the key decision critical moment, shaping the team culture, in the locker room right to speak, to help young people to establish the correct views…… Doesn’t he want to quit? Just the team needs him, and the great coach and the great team, the more understanding of the role of such veteran.

Ten years of training, in order to keep the state much harder than the young, he did is want to win a super bowl, which also makes him continue to play the reason. Someone asked me, so the Cardinals didn’t make the playoffs this year, what about the super bowl? I thought of gulong’s novel “the sword of three young masters”. There is such a saying, “as long as you become a quack, you will always be a quack.”.” Into the rivers and lakes, it is difficult out of rivers and lakes, swordsman once touched the sword, it can no longer turn back.

14 years ago, Fitzgerald just turned out against various warlords, had one fell swoop into the super bowl. At first no one had expected a green hand Larry Fitzgerald jersey can create outstanding outstanding service now, time flies, but Fitzgerald is the same day as the year of the general smart, but also a trend which cannot be halted. A dozen years ago, martial arts or Steelers patriots, packers and Colts and other tyrannical rule to take turns, the other clans to take hold of the era, Fitzgerald is wearing a red beat a rival, refresh a record, become a dynamic world first knight.

Skywave fade, summerheat inch hard to stay, so many years, the arena had former overlord Cardinals already transform heaven and earth, sinking, Fitzgerald was the first non Knight arena, the utility of the arena if you cannot always stand in the peak, then it means that will be forgotten, perhaps people will he forgotten, but he himself did not sink. When the team is in danger, Fitzgerald finally shot again, his sword like a casual listen to the silent thunder, tore the cowboy proud defense, although it didn’t help, but who can think of, such a long time in the past, but Fitzgerald still has a sharp sword of meaning so hard. When Fitzgerald was again broken beautiful village, his eyes are his shadow 14 years ago.

Fitzgerald is no longer the young young knight, but he still has a cavity blood, 14 years back, is still young, the rivers and lakes because of Fitzgerald that old and solid knight, was very wonderful!

The NFL Alliance protests Trump radicals

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When the league and Trump to work, these people actually.

I heard Trump came to the aid and launched an attack on NFL. According to BuzzFeed News, a political group that supports President Trump agrees with Trump’s comments on NFL and social media advertising.

The first US policy (a group of former athletes prone to Trump) produced and released an ad on Sunday that featured “shut down NFL” and the theme tag “#TakeAStandNotAKnee”. It was also accompanied by a picture of Trump’s hand on his heart, with the American flag as the background.

The main content of the ad is to say that instead of looking at NFL, we do not respect our country… It’s better to open something to remember the men and women who have made sacrifices to protect us and our great American flag.
These ads are mainly aimed at NFL fans, let them refuse NFL, and do more patriotic things.

Just last Friday, Trump said that if the NFL players kneel down during the national anthem to protest against buy nfl jerseys racial justice, then such players should be fired. “When someone doesn’t respect our flag, you don’t like to see such NFL players.”. Now let the Bitch leave, leave here, he was fired.”

However, Trump did not stop, and then turned to twitter:

“If the NFL fans refuse to watch the game until the players stop respecting our flag and country, then you’ll see how fast and how fast they change.”

“Attendance and ratings for NFL are down. A silly cheap game jerseys; a boring game. But many people leave because they love our country. The alliance should support the United states.”

Because of this radical unfair speech, the NFL league players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the comments. There are also some coaches, who also say that the players are doing nothing wrong and supporting them.

Players throughout the country and London, England, encouraged each other on Sunday, and they still believed in their beliefs. During the prelude to the national anthem, they responded to such an aggressive speech by Trump.
Including the Detroit Lions boss Martha Ford, she was with the players, and coach Jim Caldwell, hand in hand, and the players said they unite.

It’s like the whole league is going against Trump.

In any case, as long as it is justice, it is right to do it

NFL superstars are following NBA players

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Anthony into the thunder, choose Baotuan, actually cited NFL giants have followed

Cameron Anthony recently joined the Oklahoma City Thunder, this one stone Mottaki, NBA Western powers to completely change the pattern, Cameron Anthony came to a will again bring him into the finals and finals team, in 1, James decided to take refuge in Jinzhou after 2, Durant warriors, Paul this summer – George, Russell – Westbrook and Cameron – Anthony composed a super star Baotuan combination. Seeing the NBA star group PK wave intensified, as the first North American Sports League NFL and a star natural heart are countless words to say, let’s take a look at the star Baotuan views NFL superstar.

As the highest star endorsement contract NFL is currently the highest commercial value — Odell – Beckham in the summer and Nike signed a NFL history value, and Cameron Anthony for the New York superstar, watching Anthony finally determined to give the New York world to poor Oklahoma City, Beckham hearts may inevitably lead to some ideas. After all, Anthony in order to and George, Wei less composed of three giants, decisively gave up the transaction veto, just to return to the west to pursue the playoffs, to challenge the power of the warriors of Jinzhou, to compete for the NBA championship. Anthony, George and Westbrook are unable to lead the field of 5 basketball go further, not to mention the Odell Beckham single handedly to change a 53 man football team, perhaps now Beckham heart is brewing a big chess.

“Although our defence team has been doing well, the attacking team has nothing to say. Eli Manning kept to the others to refresh the sacks record, the line is even worse than the trash, Brandon Marshall has even the old ball not to live. I think it is time for a change, I thought the New York giants or the two beat the Patriots won the New York giants, didn’t think I was wrong, I was wrong too thoroughly, I came here only once in the playoffs. Unexpectedly, Anthony, the old man, betrayed the revolution, betrayed New York, betrayed a lot of money, it was time to make some changes. Hello, please contact me immediately to the broker, patriot, Falcon what team of, yes, I play with this person mainly for the brothers, I have a summer training with Julio Brady, I want to play football brothers. What? The Patriots say my salary gives them a headache I tell you, money is not a problem, salary this kind of thing can drop down, play ball, the most important is happy.”

After all, as a super star, and only after that, the championship is as a player really want to pursue things, of course nfl jerseys online sale , the brotherhood is also a very important link.

NFL has created numerous records, known in the history of one of the best military rushed Dezhou superstar JJ- Watt probably also deeply infected, after all, in Houston, it cannot avoid the City brothers team Houston rockets in the offseason to come up with a big push to break. Anthony was hard to chase, but the Rockets got at least Chris – Paul. JJ- Watt saw this posture, look at yourself behind Tom Savage and DeShawn Watson, look, think again once, Blaine Wheeler Oswald Hoyle et al control shadow, JJ- Watt shivered, and in the American League Division, Watt and the people of Dezhou is always get rid of the new England patriots rule over the past year, the people of Dezhou for two times by the Patriot beaten united in the semi-final, the patriot is made after the direct killing of the people of Dezhou, think of the next but also against the Patriots, Watt’s heart had an idea.

“If you don’t want to be so dead, you have to change a life. I think the Patriots can’t play at one thirty, but the people in Dezhou may not be able to win the championship now when I retire. I think joining patriots is a good choice. Anyway, Durant has set this precedent. I’ll try it on. Come on, patriots, pay a cut. Let me have a good time!”

Of course, also live in the shadow of the Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers and active NFL first run Weile viand – Baer, Baer in the offseason with the Pittsburgh Steelers dallying is not clear their own requirements, nor with the Pittsburgh Steelers renewal appearance is similar to the story is not seen in the NBA jerseys china? The Steelers even opened up to Baer’s $12 million contract, but Baer is not willing to renew to know that last year the Steelers, American League finals, the Patriots also beat Pittsburgh Steelers, Baer was injured in the game to leave.

Can be said that the Celtics are unable to shake James’s decision by the warriors beat the reason is Durant began to the enemy. While this may not shake the Patriots, let Baer have decided that if the Steelers cannot solve the contract with Baer, then the next offseason Baer will become the free player, he will make a decision.

“I will put my talents to new England, I want to get more united and Brady one or two champions, we must create a dynasty. Then I finally want to say that I’ll sign 2 million contracts with the Patriots for 2 years. I don’t want to influence the stability of the team because of my salary. We want to win the championship.”