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Beckham back difficult to resist the team two fails

In the 2017 season, the NFL second week regular season continues, the road game Detroit lion 24:10 has defeated the New York giant, although Beckham’s line fire comes back, but still cannot change the team defeat result. Matthew – Staffordshire lions 21 15 two touchdowns, running back Abdullah 17 red ball 86 yards, the giants Eli Manning 32 22 in a 239 yard touchdown a interceptions and a lost ball, the audience was 5 sacks, Beckham only finished 4 ball […]

Philadelphia Eagles jerseys

The eagles cornerback front was shot on the sidelines of the toilet cleaners People have three, this is normal, but sometimes this “natural” will have some very embarrassing situation, such as a NFL player in the game, if wearing full armor wearing helmets to fight in the field when suddenly felt the urgency how to solve it? The Philadelphia Hawks’ corner guard, Dexter – MacDougall, told people the solution was to solve them on the spot. In Beijing on Sunday […]

Washington Redskins jerseys

Among the 22 reserve squad, Redskins safety or decided to retire In the 22 year old Washington Redskins cornerback Suarez Klavins told the team he had two weeks to retire after the Washington Redskins today officially listed Klavins as the team’s reserve team, which means that the 2017 carat Vince season ended. In September 4th, the red team once added Klavins to the team’s immune team and gave him one month to consider his decision to retire. As the Troy […]

19th live video giant lion vs giant

Little Manning wants a counterattack 19 8:30 video live lion vs Giants: Beijing time on September 19th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season second Zhou Jixu, the New York giants will be based in the metropolitan Stadium against the visiting giants Detroit lions, a comprehensive attack misfiring first week game giants, was playing the Cowboys now utterly routed back to the familiar, home court, facing the first week of firepower the Detroit lions, the two sides will […]

NFL-Falcon 34-23 victory over the packer

NFL-Falcon Win the showdown again! Beijing time on September 18th, the 2017 season NFL second week regular season continues, home court with the Atlanta falcons 34:23 victory over the Green Bay Packers, the biggest difference has widened to 24 points, the packers made after it was too late. Falcon Matt – lane 28 pass 19, 252 yards, 1 reach, running guard Wei Feng – Freeman 20 catch, push 84 yards, 2 reach, angle Did Teru Fant 1 times 1 times, […]

King of NFL Cleveland jerseys nike

James also show the white feather. 10000th consecutive offensive performance of Joe Thomas as his previous 9999: home, multiplier. The attack left Jiefeng Cleveland Brown team in the US local time Sunday afternoon against the Baltimore team for the first quarter crow left less than 10 minutes, through an effective barrier, helping his teammates – running back Isiah Crowell, gained 9 yards into the push. In this regard, since the Cleveland Brown in 2007 third selected Thomas, he did not […]

Minnesota Vikings jersey vs Pittsburgh Steelers jersey

The Minnesota Vikings vs Pittsburgh Steelers Tee off time: Monday morning at 1 Foresight: The defense group compared to the New Orleans saints, Steelers defensive team will face the Vikings for second weeks to give them a completely different experience. The team quarterback Sam Bradford did in the opener passes for 346 yards, and completed 3 touchdown passes, but the Vikings can perform well in the game in the replay on Monday night will play depends on the team’s offensive […]

NFL second weeks of all-out war!

Beijing time on September 18th, the NFL2017 season second weeks of big scoring games will be carried out. Remove the Cincinnati tigers in the Thursday night and Houston Dezhou team, as well as in Monday night at the Detroit lions and the New York giants, the remaining 28 teams in the League will have 14 games for NFL fans. In these competitions, sports Tencent will bring Super Bowl Champions new England patriots game against the New Orleans saints for you […]

18th Video live packers vs falcons

League finals rehearsal Beijing time on September 18th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season continued for second weeks, Atlanta falcons will play their new stadium Mercedes Benz Stadium against the Green Bay Packers visit, this is the first time to usher in a new stadium race in the true sense. Last season, two teams had played in the National League finals, the packers were falcons 44:21 bloodbath, now the two sides experienced an offseason after the clash […]

Houston Texans rookie quarterback Sean Watson

Because of the “Friday – Monday – Tuesday schedule, NFL often can give a person, for a week before the game is enough, the second week race has begun. Today the NFL regular season second weeks before the match, Houston Dezhou people in the 13-9 away win over the Cincinnati tigers, get first win of the season, and the tigers ate two defeats. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the game. The first Watson, attacking only Qiuwen The […]