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Detroit Lions jerseys nfl history of the highest salary

1.35 million dollars for 5 years! The Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire team headed and formally completed the contract, he will have a value of 5 for the year $135 million contract with the Raiders and just overtook the renewal of Derek Carle, a league player of the highest average annual salary. In fact, in June this year, Carle just with the Raiders after renewal, chairman of the lions is known as the mind will be the team’s star quarterback […]

NFL preseason third week injury summary

In addition to the third weeks of the latest injuries, injuries to key players injured two weeks before the season were also updated: NFL preseason injuries in second weeks already the storm struck, New York giants headed wide receiver (small) – Odell Beckham suffered a sprained ankle, still unable to determine whether the team in the opening game of the new season debut. Unfortunately, this cruel storm has intensified in the third week. ESPN columnist Kevin Seifert inventory of these […]

Brock Osweiler nfl jerseys sale

This is embarrassing! He was out of contract price rookie in hand Cleveland official twitter appointment (DeShone Kizer) for the new season starting quarterback, Jackson announced last week by the four rookie quarterback Sean de Cazale as the season of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a start against after it emerged that Brown began looking for a team as a backup quarterback for the home, the transaction (Brock Osweiler). The official stated that this news is a solid. This is embarrassing! […]

New Orleans saints zero Houston Dezhou people

Dezhou people were zero closure The biggest highlight of the match is the exciting performance of both defensive groups, but the defensive team alone is not feasible, the total number of people in Dezhou to promote the total number of yards only 246 yards, and one point did not get. The quarterback Tom savage great embarrassment situation, fans have the popular rookie DeShawn Watson is also very low, the 21 11 116 yards and interceptions, notably Dezhou undrafted linebacker Eric […]

Preseason blitz 21-19 rams nfl football jerseys

Ram shot super face of lightning NFL the preseason, the Losangeles rams, the Losangeles derby against Losangeles, is over. What happened in the game? Let’s have a good time: The start of the game, four star Philip Rivers led the lightning squad for the first appearance, Rivers found wide receiver Keenan passes Allen several times to complete the advance, and then rely on running back Malvin Gordon continuous punching ball, then in the other half 45 yards, Rivers directly to […]

Where’s the patriot’s new season?

Edelman confirmed the season’s reimbursement and was injured U.S. local time on Saturday afternoon, the new England patriots announced that the main team wide receiver Julian Edelman because of all the games of the NFL2017 season will be the absence of right knee injury. Edelman left the game in the first leg of the pre-season season against the Detroit lions on Friday night. Although the Patriot team official did not disclose Edelman’s detailed diagnosis, but according to reliable sources, Edelman’s […]

Super Bowl jerseys heroes fear of season reimbursement

What other noteworthy news does NFL have today? Let’s have a look. Edelman injury, fear of loss of a general Patriot In third weeks of pre-season match the Detroit lions on the new England patriots, patriots receiver Julian Edelman because of a knee injury left the stadium, the Super Bowl hero injured so many fans very worried about. According to informed sources at the end of the game, the injury is not optimistic, his right leg suffered a suspected ACL […]

The preseason Seahawks defeated the chiefs

Chief of secret brave return wind NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks chief Kansas has ended, those interesting things happened in the game? Let’s have a look: The first quarter of the game, the Emirates first began to attack the main quarterback Arrakis Smith led the chiefs team debut, the chiefs began to attack from the first half of 35 yards, the Emirates pioneered the use of running back Spencer wale and Hunter Karuimu – ground attack with Smith […]

Lightning vs ram: who ups and downs?

The whole network exclusively broadcast live NFL season, Losangeles lightning against Losangeles rams Losangeles Derby, let’s look at the game forward: Jared – GF racing moments First the Losangeles rams rams before pre-season has shown a completely different style last season, 2016 show champion Jared GF is a player we are looking forward to, and in the match against Oakland, Jared GF in the team determine the formation of various tactical situations, showing very good performance of 20 passes completed […]

Indianapolis Pony: exchange for rebirth

Year after year, after Payton Manning left Indianapolis, but some of the sky dark and dark just fine, but they find the selection of Andrew the son of Lakshmi, but now the team struggled together and clark. Next, we started the AFC South powerhouse Indianapolis team’s Pony parade! 1, personnel changes Andrew lark After the Indianapolis pony decided to give up Payton Manning, the 2012 champion Andrew show – Iraq indeed gave the team a lot of confidence, but the […]