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Detroit Lions jerseys nfl history of the highest salary

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1.35 million dollars for 5 years!

The Detroit lions quarterback Matthew Staffordshire team headed and formally completed the contract, he will have a value of 5 for the year $135 million contract with the Raiders and just overtook the renewal of Derek Carle, a league player of the highest average annual salary.

In fact, in June this year, Carle just with the Raiders after renewal, chairman of the lions is known as the mind will be the team’s star quarterback Matthew Staffordshire into the league’s most expensive player, he believes that this is their thing, executives are confident. And Carle had to renew the contract and forcing the team compared the Staffordshire without spending too much effort on this matter, the team also fulfill their promise, gave him a satisfactory explanation.

Staffordshire seemed to enjoy his time with the lions, and his wife Keri delighted him with two twin daughters. In April, Staffordshire made it clear that he wanted to stay with the lions, suggesting that management was quick to talk to him. The quarterback, who spent 8 years in NFL, had his last contract valued at $76 million 500 thousand for 5 years and received $16 million 500 thousand in 2017.

This year, Matthew – Staffordshire is already 29 years old, he will play for the lions until 2022. The details of 5 years, 135 million of the contracts included a $92 million security deposit, the team will be in accordance with the contract year paid him $27 million salary, which also makes him beyond Derek Carle’s $25 million, became the highest annual salary of the League today. Not only that, from $25 million to $27 million, and the gap of $2 million across the board, so that the Union’s salary has risen a notch. The Aaron – Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Drew – Bracey and Kirk – cousins is good news, some people can estimate the price hike, which fell to $30 million is not impossible.

The Detroit lions nfl jerseys after 0 – 16 season in 2008, the next year’s draft with pick to win the Staffordshire, this eight years have witnessed the transformation of Staffordshire, after the early career has plagued injuries for 2 years, he secured the team. Since 2011, more than 4200 yards of passes and more than 20 arrays have been obtained each year. In the past two years, Staffordshire’s passing rate is as high as over 65%, his play has gradually stabilized, and continues to rise, there is no sign of stop.

In the history of the NFL quarterback, the number of passes, the number of shots, the number of passes and the percentage of passing attempts in Staffordshire were among the top 50. So far, his total number of yards was 30303 yards, completing 187 passes and reaching 14 shots. In the occupation career peak of Staffordshire, in the middle of all of the National League North led the lions three times in the playoffs, the king of the lions on the reversal of the season as a single season, 8 times the four quarter reversal created a league history, this stunning performance with the Staffordshire and stable state of mind are inseparable.

Now, Matthew Staffordshire is likely to be the best quarterback in the league in the next two to three years, provided he keeps his momentum up for the past two years. Why do you say, we have to analyze, Tom Brady and Drew Bracey – the two giants are almost 40 years old, although two is not old, but there is no guarantee how long they can fight. The next Pittsburgh Wallace although positive year, but recently published speech seems to have retired, retired. The river has 35 lightning team, and has just moved from San Diego to Losangeles.

In the remaining people than Staffordshire, also have the advantage. Matt Ryan is the regular season MVP,nike football jerseys but last season, Staffordshire was also included in this list, the two sides at the same level; the little cowboy Darko Prescott needs to come up with more performance to replicate the success in his rookie season; although little Marrack is very talented, but he has a problem; he also Bikanmu – in Newton, Russell Werwilson data, Derek Carle and Winston et al demis more beautiful. So here’s the question, where’s Ron, the biggest rival in his career?.

The lions have finally found their man in the past 5 years, and now they are giving the team their future. They let him play in a comfortable environment and save him all the worries. For Staffordshire himself, 5 years later, he is 34, so it could be his last big contract in his career. It’s a two-way choice, and the fate of the lions will be tied up with Staffordshire, as it is wise to find a soul mate.

NFL preseason third week injury summary

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In addition to the third weeks of the latest injuries, injuries to key players injured two weeks before the season were also updated:


NFL preseason injuries in second weeks already the storm struck, New York giants headed wide receiver (small) – Odell Beckham suffered a sprained ankle, still unable to determine whether the team in the opening game of the new season debut. Unfortunately, this cruel storm has intensified in the third week. ESPN columnist Kevin Seifert inventory of these preseason third weeks of key players.

Julian – Egypt, Del, new England patriots, take over

Torn right anterior cruciate ligament

Injuries: Tom Brady the past four seasons, most rely on foreign – Julian Edelman will be absent over the new England patriots of the new season in all competitions. U.S. local time on Friday night against the Detroit lions in the game, Edelman in a successful ball advancing step awkwardly at Ford arena turf, leading to his right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear. Fortunately, the Patriots took over this position in a galaxy of talents: Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Brandon Cox and Malcolm Micheerdou can participate in more offensive team in the new season. Since the 2013 season, Tom Brady and Edelman completed a total of 195 times the first file connection, this data is not only the first team in the patriot, is ranked twelfth all over the same period NFL. The new season, the first pass selection Brady’s fans look worth.

Taylor de Taylor buffalo quarterback Bill

Injuries: the NFL alliance’s brain surveillance and protection rules vary from person to person, so no one is sure when Taylor will be able to return to the stadium on tests. On Saturday night in the preseason, the buffalo quarterback Bill was sacked in the back of his head, heavy ground. Due to concussion injury is complex, many of the recent cases, players have appeared for several weeks or even months. Therefore, Taylor is still undecided. For now, from the University of Pittsburgh’s 5 round pick Nathan Pittman will substitute Taylor vacancies.

Spencer – will, Kansas chiefs run guard

Injuries: early diagnosis of the injury had let the chiefs optimistic that will be able to return to the stadium in mid season, however, injuries after more detailed analysis, the team announced on Sunday will or will undergo surgery for the season. Will was injured in a catch on Friday night. Graduated from University Yutuolaiduo round rookie Kareem – Hunter will become the best person will replace.

Brice Patti, New York jet quarterback

Injury situation: Patti will not be absent for too long, and will be able to catch up with the jet team’s preseason game on Thursday night. Because the medial collateral ligament injury usually takes a long time to recover, so Patti’s injury can be said to be lucky. The latest news is that Patti’s thigh still can not bear the force, the left knee condition is not stable. In any case, this injury let Patti completely lost opportunity with Josh McCain and Christian Haken Berg for the team starting quarterback.

Brock Osweiler nfl jerseys sale

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This is embarrassing! He was out of contract price rookie in hand

Cleveland official twitter appointment (DeShone Kizer) for the new season starting quarterback, Jackson announced last week by the four rookie quarterback Sean de Cazale as the season of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a start against after it emerged that Brown began looking for a team as a backup quarterback for the home, the transaction (Brock Osweiler). The official stated that this news is a solid.

This is embarrassing! He was out of contract price rookie in hand

This is also a low Oswald Wheeler, last season Houston Dezhou announced second Wheeler Oswald low pass score (72.2), Houston in 9500 million years astronomical sign Oswald Wheeler after only one year and chose to give up. Over the years has been plagued by quarterback Brown Oswald will seize the Wheeler in the bag. At the end of the May camp during the interview, the coach said, “has a very good performance, but also feel very confident about whether he can sit on the first place.

But two pre-season, according to Cazale a total of 31 passes 19 attempts to promote the success of 258 yards in the offensive team he led a total of 23 points, and led by Oswald scored zero points “. The third game against the Tampa Bay race is simply not let Osborne vhailor play.

This is embarrassing!

After the interview Jackson of University of Notre Dame two round rookie quarterback Cazale praise: he is actively committed to offensive tactics in the study group, a large number of training quarterback basic skills, and good will transform the energy to the game.

After some interview Oswald Wheeler views on this matter, he is the official replied: “I avoid it as much as possible, but this is coaching things to consider, I only focus on my own to control”. And added: “now I have good teammates, I need to continue to focus on tactics, focus on pre match preparations, and do what a professional player should do and make progress every day to become a better player.””.

The fact is, vhailor now very embarrassing situation, no team hopes to get a rookie quarterback squeeze down the players, but also need to accept the remaining contract price Oswald vhailor. All the media are going to continue to focus on the “oswald.

New Orleans saints zero Houston Dezhou people

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Dezhou people were zero closure

The biggest highlight of the match is the exciting performance of both defensive groups, but the defensive team alone is not feasible, the total number of people in Dezhou to promote the total number of yards only 246 yards, and one point did not get. The quarterback Tom savage great embarrassment situation, fans have the popular rookie DeShawn Watson is also very low, the 21 11 116 yards and interceptions, notably Dezhou undrafted linebacker Eric Lee recorded two sacks dedication. The saints’ offensive fire was also suppressed and the court scored only 1 goals. The ultimate saints team 13:0 zero opponents, beating Houston, Dezhou.

The pony beat the Steelers, take the preseason victory

The Colts in quarterback Andrew ruck did not debut case, so it is unfavorable play performance. Although the Steelers Defense Basic killed the Colts Road, but in the end key before several file anti running or not doing a good job, released two rushing touchdowns. In contrast, the Steelers, their offense is also smooth, but the scoring efficiency significantly lower than competitors. The final 19:15 victory over the Steelers colts, made the first preseason victory.

Cleveland Brown beat Tampa Bay Pirates

Pirates attack with Jaguar in a show signs of weakness, this time against Brown, though Winston was 200 yards but it is difficult to get a touchdown, the game pirates rely on just 3 free kick scored 9 points. The Brown team in fourth with 1 touchdowns had victory, attention Zhuangyuanlang Meyers Gareth no dazzling performance, finally the ratio distribution Lang team 13:9 victory over the pirates.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Raiders

After the first day of the tug of war, second games by the Oakland Raiders took the lead, New Orleans saints jersey cheap Derek – Carle – Paterson rehl Kodak continuously connected with Amari Cooper catch a touchdown, then the Cowboys by a false turn Darko Prescott led handed tactics amazing, from the “old cowboy” near end winger Jason Witten touchdown completion. At the beginning of the second half, the Raiders continued to attack, expanding the score to 10 points. But the fourth quarter of the cowboy team suddenly force, substitute quarterback Cooper – rush one after another came two mark up, the score was set at 24:20, anti raiders. Cooper rush 13 12 sent 115 yards and 2 touchdowns record, stunning the audience.

The Denver Broncos victory over the Green Bay Packers

The first section of the beginning of the game, the two sides will you come to me to launch the attack, after GE has hit a wave attack off the rest of the time, the packers all run by quarterback Bret Hendry. In the two or three game, the team slowly widened the score and the packers failed to score one point. Although the final stage of the packers completed a touchdown, and strive to catch up with the score, but still three points to regret the loss of the opener. The wild horse quarterback Paxton – Lynch didn’t get much chance to play, and the main quarterback, Trevor van ANN, was also a regular player. Green Bay Packers running Committee today firepower, two up to all of them achieved, Thai – Montgomerie 3 times the ball 31 yards, 1 reach, Aaron – Jones 6 times to promote the ball 43 yards.

Chicago bears win over the Tennessee Titans

After the opening of the Chicago bears to show a good competitive state, Mike getting precise, find the proximal dolphins winger Duhem Simmons touchdown, then the defense in the end zone made the Titans punter made mistakes, safety. Glennon made 134 yards with 1 touchdowns after the end of the show Bangyan Lipinski debut hit 15 trube 10 in 128 yards for 1 touchdowns scores. Before the three game Titans scoreless, the offensive team performance in the doldrums, the final 19:7 win over the Titans bears.

Washington Red victory over Cincinnati tigers

The score of this game has been a stalemate, the Blackburn took the lead, the main running back Jeremy Hill rushing mlb jerseys cheap touchdowns, then the Bengals defensive team steals Kirk cousins after passing to the end, get a touchdown. The Washington Redskins made after the fourth day, during a 10:0 victory. Full score, the red team 23:17 victory over the tigers.

Preseason blitz 21-19 rams nfl football jerseys

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Ram shot super face of lightning

NFL the preseason, the Losangeles rams, the Losangeles derby against Losangeles, is over. What happened in the game? Let’s have a good time:

The start of the game, four star Philip Rivers led the lightning squad for the first appearance, Rivers found wide receiver Keenan passes Allen several times to complete the advance, and then rely on running back Malvin Gordon continuous punching ball, then in the other half 45 yards, Rivers directly to pass to wide receiver Travis Benjamin finished 45 code of long distance touchdowns, leading the lightning. Then the rams offense, but the 2016 overall pick, good times don’t last long, defensive rookie of the year Joey botha take only 2016 rams front breakthrough show champion Jared GF, after GF was to kill the ball, the ball was lightning players – Malvin Ingram picked up and then easily return to the next city.

After Jared GF has led the rams offensive team play, then, Jared GF once again a fatal mistake, when passing instant lightning player Jason weileite steals, again the ball right away after Philip Rivers once again play, running back Malvin Gordon and then rely on the continuous red ball forward, Rivers pass to find Keenan, lightning football jerseys nike way into the red zone, then relying on Malvin Gordon to punch the ball lightning in the first quarter of 3 touchdowns, the game will take the moment.

The second quarter, rams finally picked up, running back Malcolm – Brown and Aaron – Green continuous punching ball forward, and finally stopped in the opposition half 24 yards, kicker Greg Zuerlaien firmly hit 42 yard free kick.
Then a new lightning card quarterback Jones DELL, but the embarrassment is in a single pass, lightning receiver Benjamin ball instability, opponents cornerback Dominic Hatfield will grab the ball, get the ball after the rams attack effect is good, but in the red zone before replacing rams quarterback but not man ion. In the red zone in the attack, Zur Ryan 21 yards free kick hit. Then, at the end of the half, the ram attempted a 57 yard free kick, and Zur Ryan’s free kick hit him again to help ram the score.

Halfway through the second half of the time, he finally completed a nfl jerseys footbal touchdown, Sean continuous size man ion passing forward, finally completed 38 yards passing line Reynolds advance directly touchdowns, rams continue to approach the difference, then the lightning fatal mistake, running back Andre Williams ball, the ball was ram get back, after the rams were given the opportunity to promote the more difficult, the rams continue to choose super long-range free kick, new kicker Travis a 53 yard free kick is firmly hit, RAM will divide the difference to only three points.

Then the lightning offensive disadvantage to punt, and the rams with self struggle by the anti super games of chance, Sean continuous large number of passing man ion propulsion, eventually try to ram 33 yard free kick, but the kicker Conns free kick 33 yards was accidentally kicked, the hand is likely to play in tomorrow you will be giving up ram.

Finally, despite the first quarter of Losangeles lightning has not been completed, but because the ram himself dug too big, points difference is difficult to recover, the game ended, lightning 21-19 victory over ram.

Where’s the patriot’s new season?

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Edelman confirmed the season’s reimbursement and was injured

U.S. local time on Saturday afternoon, the new England patriots announced that the main team wide receiver Julian Edelman because of all the games of the NFL2017 season will be the absence of right knee injury. Edelman left the game in the first leg of the pre-season season against the Detroit lions on Friday night. Although the Patriot team official did not disclose Edelman’s detailed diagnosis, but according to reliable sources, Edelman’s specific injury for the right knee anterior cruciate ligament tear.

The Patriots headed quarterback Tom Brady on Saturday in a personal Instagram posted a photo of him and Edelman hold pictures, and in a word describing the Edelman image in his mind: fighter!

Edelman completed a two-year contract with the Patriots in June this year. Since 2013, he has finished the 436 catch (including playoff) with the Patriots, and has led any other player in the team over the same period. (the ball number second at the same time the tight end rob Gelon ‘years behind the 187)

We can be sure that Tom Brady lost his most rely on the ball players. Edelman occupation career and completed a total of 397 times the Brady air line, ranked third patriots history. Since 2009 Nianaideerman played for the Patriots since Edelman in the tournament, the Patriots made 84 wins 19 of the negative record. (. 81.6%) when the team lost Edelman when their record of only 15 wins and 10 losses. (. 60%)

So, in the face of the cruel reality Edelman season, how the Patriots will complete the offensive adjustment?

First of all, a point we must affirm that Edelman is indeed the Patriots offensive group a great player, but if Edelman can not play, the team still has a lot of quality players to replace his position.

The Patriots of the macro adjustment policy will be similar in recent years and the tight end rob Gelon ‘missing cheap jerseys mlb games strategy. In view of understanding and trust in the last 8 years Edelman and quarterback Tom Brady accumulated, no player can simply replace Edelman on the technical and tactical position. Brady said in an interview with the media described his relationship with Edelman: “we have been fighting together for many years. On the pitch, we’re full of chemistry with each other. Edelman is a great addition and a great teammate.”

As previously stated, Edelman is headed outside the Patriots took over, and Tom Brady at the critical moment of the a passing object of trust. His absence will make Chris – Hogan and Brandon – the first foreign promotion team took over for cousteau. Veteran Danny – Amen, followed by two people, locked a team third took over the seat. While the second grade students Malcolm suffered knee injuries due to mecherle, still not sure of his playing time in the new season, so only ranked fourth.

No accident, the Patriots will be very careful to use Danny – Dora, to prevent him from suffering injuries. (in season 2016, Dora participated in the team’s 23.8% offensive.) in the fifty-first super bowl against the Atlanta falcons, Amen proved a fact. He is in the team is struggling moment, the man most close to the edelman. In other words, in the moment of life and death, the trust for Amendola, no less than the trust for Edelman.

In addition to several of the candidates mentioned above, 2 – year – old German – Lucien and non draft free agent Austen – Carle can also provide a timely supplement to the Patriots’ outside team.

As the patriots have shown the season’s main attack players season reimbursement, the team in cheap nfl jerseys the offensive side of the rest of the position, but also always maintain plenty of firepower. Ran Wei, good at catching James – White, Rex – Burke head, Duhem Lewis, and DJ- Forster are likely to become the Tom Brady pass target. The patriots may be able to double their running team this season.

In the proximal position of the front, rob Kowski and Dwayne Marcus Allen will be a combination of extraordinary strength. “We don’t expect to see teammates fall on the floor, especially players like Julian,” told the press after the game ended on Friday night. I hope everything is OK with him. ”

After missing the Patriots 2015 season due to the second half of the game pace of fracture, Edelman has prior to the 2016 season set the attendance goals for the season. Last year, he was proud to achieve this goal, in all the teams for the game, away from the injury attack. So this season’s release was a huge blow for Edelman himself and for the patriots. We all know the value of the Patriots for edelman. At the same time, we are also fortunate that the team’s offensive team has overcome many similar conditions. In the absence of Gelon as Koski last season, they can win the super bowl, the Patriots also have the ability to record high, through the 2017 season this not the edelman.

Super Bowl jerseys heroes fear of season reimbursement

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What other noteworthy news does NFL have today? Let’s have a look.

Edelman injury, fear of loss of a general Patriot

In third weeks of pre-season match the Detroit lions on the new England patriots, patriots receiver Julian Edelman because of a knee injury left the stadium, the Super Bowl hero injured so many fans very worried about. According to informed sources at the end of the game, the injury is not optimistic, his right leg suffered a suspected ACL (cruciate ligament), if diagnosed ACL, means that his end of season.

The first game only two minutes, Edelman finished three catches for 52 yards forward is in good condition, more than three times the ball, he is off lions linebacker Davies Garate on the other side of the 29 yard line to complete the ball with his nimble body pushed forward 17 yards, were finally came safetys nanthavong – Wilson in a conventional tackle down to the ground, the body contact does not seem large and very normal, but may be in the air landing moment of knee. Edelman then limped out of the jump out of bounds, after the temporary tents are small simple processing tow to the locker room to conduct a comprehensive inspection, after the game he never again to the sidelines.

It is responsible for the broadcast of the staff revealed that Edelman has on the crutches, he said he felt wholesale jerseys like a cruciate ligament. The next night the team will return to Boston, MRI specific results will be at a later time announced, we also hope that through the examination of the hospital can determine Edelman’s injury not so serious, too much playing time.

Edelman’s injury affects many people’s hearts. At the end of the conference, in answer to a reporter when Brady said that examination results come out, soon, if seriously Brady will lose their most trusted ball target. In addition, after the Patriots will pull the old Garrett Blount Edelman. See on TV, is also the first time to send condolences to push, former teammate of prayer, visible brotherhood.

Chief of the main run knee injury, injuries remain to be seen

As the saying goes There is no story without coincidences., Edelman at one hour after injury, another nfl jerseys news piece of the main stadium on the Kansas City Chiefs running back Spencer and weir in the Seattle Seahawks game also suffered a similar injury: the first section of the game also has just started, the same right knee, the same small trailer.

The first game of Spencer, first as a running back at a few rounds, and then act as receivers in the attack on a top of the array, Arrakis Smith quickly after kicking the ball to Will, but he was a second Seahawks linebacker Terrence Gavin holds in. Then, the running guard tried to stand up but did not succeed. He fell onto his knees and felt very miserable until the trailer came into play.

But Andy, director of the Emirates team, said after DESAY’s conference, Weill’s X film initially showed that the injury was not heavy and that the knee ligament was intact, but it also needed to be examined in more detail.
Last season, Spencer – Vail won the Emirates run – up, and he clocked 921 yards in the 214 push. Not only that, other than the chiefs running back, the 25 year old can also create a threat in the offensive, 33 times the ball was completed last year, record of 447 yards. Able to run and pick up, Spencer – Vail is the real number one killer in the emirates.

In the match before the injury, he and rookie Kareem – Hunter share the chief ground attack, and with Will’s end, Hunter last 9 times to get the ball 39 yards. In addition, the Committee chiefs running back it difficult for other people to have what big as, CJ-, Peeler and Kendrick West mediocre, predictably, if will illness, rookie Hunter will assume the offensive team.

The preseason Seahawks defeated the chiefs

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Chief of secret brave return wind

NFL preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks chief Kansas has ended, those interesting things happened in the game? Let’s have a look:

The first quarter of the game, the Emirates first began to attack the main quarterback Arrakis Smith led the chiefs team debut, the chiefs began to attack from the first half of 35 yards, the Emirates pioneered the use of running back Spencer wale and Hunter Karuimu – ground attack with Smith to promote a red zone, but in the end zone before the Emirates by the Seahawks tightly pressed, Emirates can only choose the kick, the kicker Sam facon 30 yard free kick hit.

Then the Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson offensive lineup led the field, rely on the new aid Addie RESINES continuous punching ball, plus Wilson and rookie running back Chris Carson completed a 37 yard size in advance, but then the Seahawks offensive success, kicker Blaine Walsh 41 yard free kick attempt success hit the equaliser.

And then the chief attack was not smooth, after the chiefs punt. The Seahawks began to attack in the 30 yards, 39 yards passing line then Werwilson Jermaine Kors succeeded, running back Carson for 15 yards, but the Seahawks offense is still some stagnation, kicker Walsh completed 36 yard free kick on again shot.

Then the chiefs punt again, the Seahawks began to attack from the first half 40 yards, running back Carson is continuous for the Seahawks won the first ball attack, then at the Emirates team for the foul, the way to promote the Seahawks red zone, and Addie ray Xichong to end the ball 1 yards, and then Wilson is the habit of a code region before the crazy pass, but the ball found Trezeguet – Madden completed touchdown for the Seahawks to expand the score.
The Seahawks after the kickoff, but good times don’t last long, chief return hand de Anthony – Thomas road stop missing the raid, Seahawk players nfl jerseys usa grapple saw Thomas finish the 100 yard touchdown return, the Emirates to recover a city. After Hai Ying told the chief has no offensive performance effectively, Hai Ying at half-time had the chance to complete a touchdown, but once again facing the region before the code, Russell Werwilson heart is still only pass, after the attack failed, but Hai Ying sent the kicker Walsh free kick.

The third quarter, chief for the bulk of the lineup, and continue to make Werwilson was attacking the Seahawks, Wilson consecutive passes, the final attack stalled in the frontcourt 29 yards, Blaine Walsh once again on a successful hit 47 yard free kick, can be said that this game, Walsh is the Seahawks MVP.

Then Werwilson will come to rest, for Boykin, then the two teams began to punt, which had an interesting scene, the Seahawks punt turnovers, but after the ball hit the Emirates team into a live ball after the Seahawks, but then Boykin pass was intercepted, the Seahawks will ball back to the opponent, and chief offensive still negative, is also a punt end attack.

Then the two teams began a punt war, both of you come to me to each other. And the third mlb jerseys nike quarter last time, rookie quarterback Patrick Holmes Ma steadily to help the team forward, finally kicker facon scored 32 yard free kick, getting three points.

Then the Seahawks quarterback Austen Davies ran with the reserve guard JD- Mike Keith continuous advance, the Seahawks again completed a touchdown Seahawks victory, after the chief is not what effective performance. The end of the game, the Seattle Seahawks beat Kansas 26-13 for victory.

Lightning vs ram: who ups and downs?

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2016 Los Angeles Times

The whole network exclusively broadcast live NFL season, Losangeles lightning against Losangeles rams Losangeles Derby, let’s look at the game forward:

Jared – GF racing moments

First the Losangeles rams rams before pre-season has shown a completely different style last season, 2016 show champion Jared GF is a player we are looking forward to, and in the match against Oakland, Jared GF in the team determine the formation of various tactical situations, showing very good performance of 20 passes completed 16 times out of 160 yards and 1 touchdowns in the pocket, GF mobile become very flexible, and pocket pass has always been very calm, arm strength and accuracy are very good, many times to avoid hand transfer is very comfortable. It can be said that Jared – GF has shown the top class level. And this game, RAM will still send Jared – GF with the main line-up debut, when we can continue to appreciate the champion Lang wonderful play.

Ram fans

Not only that, after dealing with Bill, ram has been number one they want to take over Sami Watkins, playing preseason Sami Watkins has already completed a total of 2 appearances, scored the ball 8 yards in the game, Watkins’s performance is not completely from the data displayed by Watkins the foot is injured for a long time, the ram in the game is more sent Watkins and three rookie wide receiver Cooper khub stand on the same side, repeatedly challenged the opponent cornerback to create chances for the young white cloth, and took over in the preseason performance is also very good, he is likely to be a good the receiver; in addition to khub, ram as reinforcing the ball squad and selected in the two round of the near end Gerrard Everett in the preseason, excellent performance, no meaning We can still see the rookie forward’s debut.

The star and the rams running back Todd – Gary is one of the highlights of the team, playing before the season Saigeli finished 8 balls with 38 yards, Gayle to pre-season to continue running and better control of the rhythm of the game. The game should have made its debut.

Although another Donald superstar, Aaron, will not be in the preseason, the Losangeles rams are a nfl mlb nhl jerseys on sale bit more than expected.

The Losangeles lightning, one of the most anticipated rookie Cory Williams before the start of the preseason because of a back injury and determine the absence of the entire preseason schedule, even revealed in the latest news, Mike Williams might be absent because of injury throughout the 2017 season. But in any case, we certainly wouldn’t see such young players coming out in pre-season, which would be a loss to the audience.

But the lightning team’s star players should play to warm up, although the main quarterback Philip Rivers should not appear, but the star running back Malvin Gordon and Antonio Gates – tight end in accordance with the practice should be play a few files on the offensive, and last season’s overall pick Joey botha no accident will this play, several very famous star should increase the number of taste for the game.

But the preseason is just the preseason, but many teams will increase the number of characters in the struggle for the training of the nature of the game, although the stars shortage, but these players struggle, will let NFL preseason become very exciting.

Indianapolis Pony: exchange for rebirth

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Year after year, after Payton Manning left Indianapolis, but some of the sky dark and dark just fine, but they find the selection of Andrew the son of Lakshmi, but now the team struggled together and clark. Next, we started the AFC South powerhouse Indianapolis team’s Pony parade!

1, personnel changes

Andrew lark

After the Indianapolis pony decided to give up Payton Manning, the 2012 champion Andrew show – Iraq indeed gave the team a lot of confidence, but the team’s problem is that he is a good quarterback, three years before he entered the league in the occupation bowl, and led the team to the playoffs, and even become a pass Mawang and Midland led reached the final in 2014, but is now completely pony was not able to support Iraq. The past Zhuangyuanlang in high and vigorous spirits, now only with dishevelled hair and a dirty face. Not only that, the horse’s defensive team decline is obvious, once the defense general Dequel – Jackson, Mike – Evans are old heartbreaking.
The biggest change in management was the departure of former general manager Ryan Grieg, who signed the chief executive of the former chief executive after leaving the 4 year old mediocre Manager

2 star players

The Indianapolis Colts have different stars that feel, now the Colts in star finger snapping is redundant.

Star quarterback Andrew – La

Have to mention is the Mesozoic outstanding quarterback Andrew Rucker, the graduate of Stanford University in the first three seasons into the NFL League after the lead pony achieved 11 wins and 5 negative results for the Indianapolis fans sometimes forget Manning left pain, 2012 single season 4373 yard season, came 23 touchdowns, rookie the season can have such a play, helping the team make the playoffs success “; after the two season,” steady progress, came in 2013 3822 yards with 23 touchdowns and led the Colts in the second round of the playoffs; in 2014, Clark hit career peak level, 4761 yards and 40 touchdowns, has led the team and patriots United final realignment. After two seasons, he Luck some loss in 2015 due to rupture of kidney with the season, the 2016 season in an awkward line can still be completed after 4240 yards passing and 31 touchdowns, passing success rate reached a career high 63.5%, but was captured and killed 41 opponents flat career record, his contribution his best, but the overall strength, can only make the team for second consecutive years to 8 wins and 8 losses early. The 27 year old is still the most hopeful player of the times to grow into an elite quarterback china nfl jerseys.

Now, good partner TY- Hilton is now the Indianapolis Colts best pass, he is also the best in the League over one of Hilton, she is not tall, always can take advantage of the flexibility and speed to the opponent caused great distress, last season he was a total of 156 times as La pass, almost half of the number of passes. Hilton managed to catch 91 times and scored 1448 yards, the ball size is 15.9 yards, completed a touchdown. Hilton is the NFL League last season and the ball Mawang, he was selected for three consecutive years of the occupation bowl.


6. Forecast

Next we look at this season the Indianapolis Colts opponent, in general, the pony race is not easy, but full of surprise, they found the same area in addition to the opponent, but also on the American League and National League West and North buffalo Bill, Denver Broncos defensive strength of these tough team. Here’s the pony race for the 2017 season (American time).

September 10th away against Losangeles rams

In September 17th the home court against the Arizona Cardinals

September 24th home against Cleveland Brown

In October 1st, the Seattle Seahawks away

October 8th home against San Francisco 49er nfl jerseys online

October 16th away against Tennessee Titans

October 22nd home against Jacksonville Jaguars

October 29th vs. Cincinnati, mon tiger

November 5th away against Houston, Dezhou

In November 12th the home court against Pittsburgh Steelers

November 26th home against Tennessee Titans

December 3rd away against Jacksonville Jaguars

December 10th, away against Buffalo, Bill

December 14th home against Denver Mustang

December 23rd game against Baltimore crow

December 31st home against Houston, Dezhou

It is very interesting, the main attack Indianapolis Colts this season almost met were all good defensive team, but in recent years, Ma and are not afraid to these opponents, but is in the stage of reinforcing colt but 50% winrate, boldly predicted 2017 season Indianapolis Colts still 7 wins 9 negative.

The above is a detailed description of the Indianapolis pony, and the actual situation is to wait until after the beginning of the new season to find out.