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Interview with for nfl Tom Brady

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This is Tom Brady first came to Chinese, four months ago, he personally directed a Super Bowl history the greatest comeback, won Fifth American League football occupation (NFL) finals champion. Such a great reversal, even if the Chinese fans across the sea, in retrospect will be blood spray.

Even if have seen many times, but the host still could not help but sighed, “in the world is able to complete such a reversal, only Tom brady!”

The picture on the screen again highlights the super bowl and playback, sitting in the studio of the Tencent Tom Brady was seriously staring at the screen, at four months ago, eyes firm, but his face calm no waves. It is said that, after shaking reversal, Brady will soon return to the ski pants + shoes home state.

In the video the Brady kept running, fall, climb up, even after 25 minutes…… no one will believe, the game in the best of 12, is 39 years old.
Rather than 39 year old Brady making a miracle, Brady himself is a miracle.

“If we do it again, we’ll win the game.””

Time back to four months ago in the United States, with the United States Spring Festival Gala called “super bowl” scene, one of the most incredible, the most wonderful “super bowl”, the new England patriots staged an incredible reversal. At most 25 points behind, Aigo paratelum counterattack equaliser through the history of the first overtime to complete reversal of lore, ultimately, to 34-28 comeback victory over the Atlanta falcons, won fifth Super Bowl champion.

Director of all this, just in front of this a casual clothes gentleman.

To win the game, stands Brady’s wife Giselle Bundchen jumped when broadcast shots came to her, too excited about her broken mobile phone, it is said that she just social media sent a message.
“Even if this happens again, we know that we have the confidence to win the final victory.”.” Such confidence, only the strong have the brady.

Our big screen is playing the fifty-first super bowl, and after 4 months, when you watch this game as an onlooker, do you still feel the game is incredible?

Brady: I still feel the excitement at that time. It was an incredible game, and the course of the match was so shocking at the end. It was a great reversal that I could not forget. I was lucky to be on a team with so many persistent and determined players, and finally we won the super bowl, and we fought for it. I’m lucky that our team has won the final game.

We ourselves know that we are not doing the best we can, but we do not doubt ourselves. We only know that we need to do better. We’ll have to play like that, and the ending will be ugly. We seized the opportunity, scored a few points, and more importantly, we felt the impetus. When we felt the momentum and the situation changed, we finally won in overtime. The match was unbelievable. But I hope I won’t play this kind of game again, and don’t lag behind so many points. Even if this happens again, we know that we have the confidence to win the final victory.

Sports news: when the game is 3-28 behind, your team’s faith in victory has never wavered?

Brady: I thought we couldn’t play worse. We played so badly that we couldn’t be any worse! If you want to win the game, you have to have a very good plan. If the game is not going well, you have to adjust your strategy. The other team played very well, so we had to adjust our tactics. Fortunately, there were four games in total, and in the second quarter we were terrible and let the other team finish so that we were 3-28 behind. From then on, we began to perform well, through a lot of effort, played a lot of beautiful turns, eventually we caught up with them, and we finally reversed. It was a great game.

Sports news: in the past season, you have gone through numerous difficulties, numerous twists and turns, and finally won the championship. In your 5 championship, is this one the sweetest?

Brady: Yes, the champion is really hard to measure. For a few years, we think we have a good chance to win the championship, but there are still some teams who won the title without the title. We played well this season, and in the last half and half of the season, the team was on the right track and we were in the playoffs. Fortunately, we won the three game of the playoffs. We have done so much, and this spirit of perseverance has made me proud. The dedication of all of us, the spirit of teamwork, and the success of our team, for a long time, we will pursue that honor.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 "Next Jordan": hit 45 years old

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady #12 “Next Jordan”: hit 45 years old

Go down the field, Brady ran through the crowd kiss his wife Giselle Bundchen, daughter fell on his shoulders look to the side. After winning, Brady a this picture was the major sports website published in the headlines.
According to Forbes’s global celebrity list, Brady and his wife ranked second behind the Beyonce and Jay Z couples in the 74 million 500 thousand highest paid couple in the world. The happiness of a family of four, 5 Super Bowl champion ring quarterback, love, career, family, Brady’s success is all aspects, but he did not give up chasing.

Now he has a new dream – to be the next Jordan. In North American sports history, in addition to Michael – Jordan, has no other player capable of playing at the age of 45, 46 and 47 years old or more, Brady’s dream is to become the people break the myth of Jordan.

Sports news: some time ago, you announced your goal is to become “the next Jordan”, we know that Jordan’s greatness lies not only in numerous honors, but on his NBA and basketball movement spread to the whole world. So, is it your next biggest goal to make NFL and American football a more popular sport around the world?

Brady: when I was a kid, Jordan was the myth of a professional league. He was the greatest, not only the great basketball player, but also the greatest athlete in our country’s history.

If that’s the case, it’s a great honor for me, but in many ways, I still don’t think I’ve reached that level. I’m still learning, growing, striving for more honor. Now my age is a bit big compared to the beginning, but I think there are a lot of places to improve. I like to play football, I like to contribute to the team, and I hope I can go on like this.

Sports news: because of you, I think China will feel more and more people fall in love with football. In the morning, you went to the Great Wall. You saw a lot of Chinese fans. Are you surprised you have so many fans in China?
Brady: (today) the morning trip was wonderful. I feel very excited and lucky to be on the Great Wall, one of the landmarks of Chinese culture. Actually, I’ve heard that the Great Wall has been around for a long time, but I never had the chance to experience it in china. On my first night in Beijing, I climbed the Great Wall with my eldest son, an unforgettable experience in my life. There are so many places to appreciate and visit in China, the Great Wall is one of them. As far as I have visited, I have been deeply shocked by these cultural customs, and will be more exciting.

Sports news: next time you come to your wife Giselle Bundchen has?

Brady: of course, she had come, before I came to this topic we talk together. Her first impression here is also very good. I like it very much. I’ve always wanted to come to china. It was a long way across the earth. But we have only one life, and if we have the opportunity to understand the different cultures of the planet, we should try. Whether it’s Asia or the rest of the world. I’ve been to Africa, South America, and in some places I still have contact. And this experience in China, I feel very good, I will definitely bring my family here again.

Sports news: the experience of the offseason and draft, the outside world have praised the Patriots now almost no weakness, do you think that the new season is the strongest team patriot you met?

Brady: I don’t know. We still have a long way to go. I think people who make such predictions and conclusions are unfair to us and to the rest of the team. The other team is better in hope, but the reality is that some of the team’s strength will decline indeed, but some are better, and these after the season really began to see the outcome. We haven’t had a training session yet, and we haven’t even met together to have a meeting. We must wait for each link and the parts are combined, and then to see how the team can grow from now at the end of the year there is a long way, that is a really great team began to force the time in my opinion.

Sports news: how old do you want to be? Your coach says you can make it for another 6-7 years. Can you really?

Brady: that’s a good question, about 45 years old Well, that’s a good age. I want to hit that time. I feel 45 years old is still very reasonable. They put some pressure on me, ha ha, I feel more than 40 years old should be no problem, if I can continue to play then, I feel good, maybe I will continue to play, and I hope so.

NFL layout China market

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The lunar new year this year, Brady recorded a video for Chinese Chinese pay New Year’s call fans; and in May, accompanied by his wife Giselle. He attended Bundchen fashion event, it is the initiative revealed that he will visit China in June information. From last summer NFL legend Payton. Manning’s visit to the Brady visit, can see whether the NFL market value of Chinese Brady himself.

In the NFL2010-2015 briefing, in the American Football League will China positioning in the “Chinese fastest-growing sports”, the number of fans from 1 million 600 thousand in 2010 surged to 19 million in 2015, 6 years of growth reached 1088%; while the Super Bowl broadcast network ratings UV only 310 thousand in 2010, to 2015 this the number is 4 million 720 thousand.

In the fan structure, the potential of China’s rugby market is also worth digging. According to statistics,

Among American football fans in China, the majority of fans are mainly young people aged 16 to 25, mainly in a second tier city, and have relatively higher education and income compared to other sports. Both of these NFL have seen the great potential of the Chinese market. As in China most famous NFL star, the Brady’s visit to China will undoubtedly further exaggerate the influence of NFL jerseys cheap in China.

The VS library who is the brother of UA

This is the sponsor for Chinese Brady, Under Armour (hereinafter referred to as UA planning. When it comes to UA, the first reaction of Chinese fans may be NBA’s Jinzhou braves’ star curry. Along with the two warriors won the NBA championship in recent years, not only the achievements of the library, let the eye sign UA and cooley.

In fact, in 2010, has won three Super Bowl champion Brady signed UA, after three years, Curitiba officially became a member of UA. And Brady’s position in UA can’t be shaken either.

Aside from rugby’s status in the American community and Brady’s own accomplishments, Brady has a high status in the UA family, as well as a key factor. UA is actually the earliest rely on football related products started, founder of the Kevin Plank I was the captain of the football team of University of Maryland, founded the first product UA is gone after the launch of the professional range of children — and strong dry line stretching t-shirt. This corset products because of its close fitting fabric comfort and breathability, spread around the NFL, followed by UA, and developed specifically for rugby player custom stadium spikes.

In the nearly two years UA force of the women’s movement in the market, UA found Giselle Bundchen as a spokesperson, the couple together with the endorsement of the same brand influence, Brady did not work. The Asian tour, Brady ride UA to provide private aircraft, founder Kevin Plank is personally accompanied by, which shows Brady’s position in UA.

NFL is the greatest quarterback Tom Brady officially opened his first Chinese line. This time, Tom Brady with his eldest son Jack visited the the Great Wall China outside experience places of historic interest and scenic beauty, Chinese calligraphy culture in Shichahai, specially came to the studio with China sports fans interaction, and women’s Volleyball National Champion Ceng Chunlei, singer awake PK pitch.
To interview should propaganda empress Ji brady”

The afternoon of June 18th, Brady came to the sports studio guest, the agreed time and distance for nearly an hour, has been in a Brady shirt for the hardcore fans ahead of squatting in front of the building. Enough to see the legendary quarterback’s popularity in china.

In the sports studio, Brady accepted an exclusive interview with sports . The interview also brought in a special host, cheap jerseys online hardcore fans and singers in the entertainment world. In order to prepare for the interview and Brady, wake up and two presenters do your homework for a lot of problems. From the Super Bowl comeback to the prospect of the greatest quarterback growth history and patriots of the new season, Brady all make one answer.

Of course, the topic of course cannot do without friends who are most concerned about Brady’s wife, supermodel Giselle Bundchen. In the interview, the host on behalf of netizens issued an invitation to Giselle Bundchen, “next to China when his wife Giselle Bundchen has?” Without thinking, Brady promised: “of course, she had come, before I came here, we also communicate with this topic. Her first impression here was good, she liked it and she always wanted to come to china. This experience in China, I feel very good, I will definitely bring my family here again.”

The moment playing volleyball

The moment playing volleyball

Brady playing cross-border pitching PK women’s Volleyball National champion you guess who wins?

During the guest, Brady in addition to interview, also received a special challenge, and Yan Chinese “bear” value of women’s Volleyball National Champion Ceng Chunlei and singer awake to cross-border pitching game. On the pitch before the game, and each hand was bud Brady play football and volleyball teaching. When teaching the Brady whisper very patient also, after each demonstration should take the initiative to encourage Ceng Chunlei to clap on the pitch, tough seconds warming male, naturally captured the hearts of the fans and the staff the scene of many. Moreover, it is said that the beauty is the national champion Brady’s “fans”!
Brady taught volleyball by herself

This rule is the cross create new styles. Ceng Chunlei, Brady, football, volleyball, basketball to use were shot. Unexpectedly, Brady is not only football superstar, playing basketball and volleyball to action is also very professional, the first attempt to vote to hit the bag basket volleyball. The accurate shots, and also let Ceng Chunlei be startled at awakening. Finally, NFL is the greatest quarterback Brady hit the volleyball and football, the achievements of this field become cross-border competition in the best ball players “”.

Tom Brady and china the indissoluble bound

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Write Chinese characters with a brush

For China people, first heard Tom Brady (Tom Brady nfl jersey) name, some people will feel strange, but the mention of his wife, Brazil supermodel Giselle. Ndchen is known to every family. For a long time, China users are accustomed to call Brady: “Giselle’s husband Bangchen”.

In June 18th, Tom Brady (yes, your mouth is “lucky lady” husband) for the first time to visit China. We do not talk Bundchen, old driver told you, as the greatest NFL quarterback, Tom Brady. How cool in the United states.
All American men want to be him!

In 2015 the American film “Teddy bear 2” in such a plot: married Tactic bear wants a baby, but at no birth he thought by fine children in the United States, the best man, he and his companions first thought is: Tom Brady. In their view, Brady is the man national men dream of being, his genes must be the best.

In “into the” Brady mansion, opened his sheets, Tactic worship of Brady seems to have transformed into his key parts of the “myth”:

Why is the most perfect Brady man? It should begin with the exercises he is engaged in.

In addition to the handsome appearance, Brady is an American major league football occupation (hereinafter referred to as NFL) is the most successful in the history of the new England Patriots quarterback, he led the 5 time Super Bowl champion, Brady himself also has 4 times won the Super Bowl MVP.

“Super bowl” is called “the American Spring Festival Gala” by domestic netizens. As the name suggests, it is the “American must see every year” program”. “Super bowl” participated in the team’s championship for the American Football League of the season and the National Football League championship.

In 2015, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Brady patriots in the super bowl, won fourth Super Bowl champion. This year, the NFL regular season in the United States home to the audience average of 18 million, while NBA is only 1 million 300 thousand, NFL is the other three major league (NBA, MLB, NHL) viewership of the total number of 8 times!

The turn of the year fiftieth “super bowl” audience reached 110 million, compared with the 2015 NBA finals for the sixth game warriors beat the audience Knight won only 23 million 300 thousand, eighty-eighth Oscar awards for 34 million 500 thousand.

The 2017 super bowl, the 39 year old Tom Brady. Almost single handedly led the Patriots in the 25 points behind the successful anti kill, realize the comeback, the final 34 to 28 victory over the Atlanta falcons, won fifth super bowl, the ups and downs of the wonderful events known as the greatest the super bowl. Brady, World War one.

Even the “Ji empress” I have said that at a friend’s dinner, she is the first to launch the Brady Campaign of love at first sight, yo.

Father’s Day children’s visit to China

This came to Chinese, Brady with son Jack.

Visit the Shichahai, the Brady sponsors arrange calligraphy links, originally written for an interview, but see Jack picked up the brush, the staff of Brady push interview, sat quietly watching his son to practice on rice paper.
June 18th is father’s day, catch the rare summer time, Brady wanted to spend more time with Jack, which is a rare parent-child journey alone.

Grew up in California, in addition to the sun, more cheerful personality, Brady is a family man. With Giselle Bundchen before marriage, his former girlfriend and son Jack. But whether it is from the paparazzi candid photos, or Brady daily social network, Brady often appeared in “Daddy” status, with Jack, and Benjamin, the son of Bundchen born daughter Vivan together.

This year’s “super bowl” staged shaking after winning reversal, Brady on its own social network Po Jack, Benjamin, Vivan and his wife in the field together and kiss his photos, with: “this is my all.”
Brady Qinshou beauty women’s Volleyball National Champion game

Although American football in China jerseys wholesale has been regarded as a “niche movement”, but in the Chinese Brady star fans can be really many.

This year’s “super bowl” period, the high popularity of William Chan as the NFL Chinese District ambassador, shooting posters, he wore No. 12 new England patriots jerseys is brady.

In Beijing, a Tencent Brady came to the studio, in addition to an interview with China women “Yan value play” interaction, the beauty is the national champion Brady “fans”, more hands-on interaction during Brady to teach her how to play football well, really envy the scene all the female staff.

How was NFL’s greatest quarterback ever made? What was he thinking during the shock reversal? Who taught Rugby by hand? Want to know, don’t miss the June 19th sports Tencent, we will bring a guest studio and Tencent Brady highlights interaction for everyone.

Patriots give Super Bowl nfl jerseys rings to players

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A gold medal ring Super Bowl nfl jerseys

The United States on June 9th, the new England patriots owner Robert Cafu in his manor held a Super Bowl Championship ring ceremony, all contribute to the Super Bowl in the fifty-first session of the Patriot personnel have been the supreme honor, and this ring refers to the symbol of the new England patriots officially became the most successful in twenty-first Century the team in the NFL League, and in order to highlight its significance, the rings no matter in work or in the use of materials or size are called historical level.

The Patriots owner Robert – Cafu’s team, although a championship ring cost and no detailed information, but we can see some clues from the details. This ring a total with a full 283 diamond, the diamond is all in successive championship rings up to a diamond ring, 283 also has a different meaning, it represents the fifty-first Super Bowl patriots in the Atlanta falcons 28-3 was the leading case finally reversed the meaning of catching up. This is not at the Falcon, but the patriots used this figure to remind ourselves: victory is always not easily won. And the total weight of the ring is 5.1 carats. In this regard, the patriot’s boss – Robert – Cafu very proud.

“We are in luck. We can now celebrate the championship ring here.”. Again and again to win the championship, we celebrate with more grand, more ring for the players, like the game itself, this is an epic reversal, the players make it become a reality, they deserve such a championship ring, so we create a gold with no predecessors ring, but the players and coaches is priceless.”

After the previous plaintext marked the highest cost Super Bowl champion ring is the forty-ninth Super Bowl patriots reversed the Seattle Seahawks, Robert Cafu to create a $36500 patriot champion ring, obviously the fifty-first super bowl ring is more expensive than that one. In order to commemorate the great reversal, it rings a special text: internal ring engraved with the “Greatest comeback ever (the greatest reversal)”, and in the right side of the ring engraved with the “Unequivocally the sweetest (visible sweet)” such words.

Dezhou coach praised former champion, is called the hall of Famer

Houston Dezhou people rushed from hand – viand became Jed clowney last season Dezhou defence group of the most nfl jerseys china dangerous player in the escape after the injury, clowney proved to the people as he once the champion show the value of this offseason he continued to struggle trying to do good. And what is more effective than the coach’s praise, Houston Dezhou’s defensive striker coach Anthony – will think it is absolutely clowney Hall of Fame member in the future.

“I told him he was going to be a great hall of Famer, and now there’s something to keep. He wants to keep himself fit and he has to keep going. But all the qualities in his body, as well as the attributes of an athlete, are designed to get him to that peak.” Anthony will has added appreciation to the general.

In JJ- Watt absent because of injury of the 2016 season, clowney become a mainstay of Dezhou defence group, he was selected as the occupation season bowl in the playoffs, he always destroy the opponent’s offensive attack. He finished 6 sacks in 14 games played in, although the number is not much, but every time he can exert tremendous pressure to the opponent, a total of 52 tackles in 16 negative yardage grapple in the playoffs against the Raiders is staging a show. As the defensive end, clowney become rivals fear most threatened.

Although he can enter the hall of fame is perhaps too early, but we have reason to look forward to the people of Dezhou in 2017 and clowney will be how to play. JJ-, Watt, Klauni, and Whitney – Mo will make more power in the 2017 place for Dezhou’s first defense, NFL, who can challenge the patriot’s dominance in the United states. Now Jed viand – as long as if clowney can continue to maintain health, so he has the opportunity to become a member of the hall of fame.

The Steelers NFL superstar Antonio Brown

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The return of the prodigal son superstar NFL

The return of the prodigal son superstar NFL

Antonio Brown derailed young model after the conscience back pregnant wife.

A Monday week past so fast, but the off-season is still very long, today to talk to you as Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown story!

Antonio Brown, one of the best players in the league in NFL, when there is no game that is quite zhaofengyindie, after all, in North America, rugby player that is quite popular, if not some self-control, it will not have good results.

Antonio – Brown still belongs to the NFL player who has little gossip, but sometimes he still makes a lot of men’s faults. Not long ago, he was named Jana Flam, and a sexy model heats up the beauty, is currently on the social network resources and a lot of red net, Antonio – Brown is also a social network (when it is broadcast playoff madman to the locker room, let the Steelers coach patriot news network to detonate spray “the Steelers coach of the Patriots in the locker room shouted, but it was a” traitor “live”), Brown and Jana met in the network, in the course of contacts, Brown found himself fascinated by the woman who, despite his pregnant girlfriend, in this hot summer, he went to Jana’s arms.

And what is the woman will make Brown the man and a veteran in battle dumping her feet? The beauty of Jana is absolutely every man to stop, this blend of golden curls countless sunshine, stretches freely like the brilliant Jana 9 autumn chrysanthemum; half face, a pair of eyes revealed a Mediterranean Blue mystery, green ripples; beauty without makeup embellishment, jade Yan ashamed if lotus. Not little red lip, eyebrow painted and green.

The football field rhythm agonistic, jueshengqianli Brown to go by like the wind, the only body field under slightly relaxed, pregnant girlfriend, Brown a person how, fortunately Jana Brown has emerged as a hot heart quench temperature.

Jana accompanied Brown to attend a variety of occasions, the offseason Brown already forget football, forget the body fatigue training, forget the infinite anguish, now only around beauty can be companions for life.

But the passion slowly began to fade, Brown thought of his home is waiting for his girlfriend, how can he in this pregnant girlfriend need a person to accompany the moment to make this kind of thing, Brown’s retreat, he knew just the temptation of beauty Jana, his heart is always in his own girlfriend who is always in. Her unborn child. He chose to leave, the end of this struggle, to do a good man rectifies.

And Jana and Brown in April to end the relationship, she also realized that their own wrong, she also gradually relieved, and now she said that their relationship with Brown is just normal friends.

In separate Jana and Brown, Jana is walking in the street when asked to Brown, she said when playing fantasy football will choose Brown to his squad, and asked about the alliance blandas celebration array related issues when Jana is showing a shy. It seems that the past Jana has been laid down.


NFL superstar Wilson will take his wife to China

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This summer for Chinese football fans are memorable, shortly before NFL, the first person in history Chinese Brady announced that it will open the line, and today, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson masters in social media announced that he and his wife Ciara to Chinese, they will visit Beijing and Shanghai two city. In the summer, it would be a great blessing for fans to be lucky enough to see two NFL superstars.

As of 2012 Wilson rookie, just 5 years of occupation career has made numerous glory, 180cm in height at quarterback obviously not good enough, the 75 place in his career two years ago is perfect, in the first season career he was named in the second year occupation bowl, beat the famous Manning won the Super Bowl champion, third years once again enter the super bowl, but because he sent steals regret not defending.

As one of the few black quarterback in the league, Wilson is excellent in physical fitness, not only playing rugby, but also being selected by MLB (MLB) for two times. Just 5 seasons, Wilson has achieved 56 victories, winning percentage as high as 67.1%, but also the most active is possible to catch up with the number of wins the quarterback brady. He was able to run and pass, bringing new concepts to the quarterback.

His wife, Ciara, is an American singer, actress, and fashion model. Ciara signed with LaFace records, a well known female artist, sold more than 7 million albums around the world, with more than ten top hits. Her outstanding presence with Wilson in China is bound to attract legions of fans.

The Denver Broncos star cornerback AKI Budd Talib again on the list, as one of the best cornerback NFL nike jerseys alliance, AKI Budd Talib 2016 season had it last offseason playing amidst the winds of change, shot himself in his assessment of the many shadows, although the Denver wild horse as the defending champion, last season. Failed to make the playoffs, but this defensive group Mustang, and AKI Budd Talib much, the cornerback forever with assignment para receivers who feel pain, he never give any chance to the opponent, great contribution not only in the defensive end, even in the last season the Broncos offense in adverse circumstances, Talib with interception return touchdown to help Mustang points last season, Talib was first elected to the first team career season, this is the perfect Talib last season’s approval, also hope While keeping the team defending, the wild horse can make a breakthrough at the end of the offense, so as not to disappoint the guard.

There is little rookie can 100 star List Ranking so on after a season like Tyreke Hill in the university had domestic violence tainted, graduated from the University of West Alabama this unknown primary school, was selected in the fifth round of the season to take over the basic must in order to stay in the team fight, but Hill’s talent is too high, his speed is on the season all the players the most surprising, in the emirate of Kansas as back into the hands of Hill, shine in the game against the Denver broncos, rushed the ball he completed a 86 yard kickoff return and a 3 yard touchdown and a 3 yard touchdown catch record, as Hill took over, can be used as a rolling speed, thrust ball task he can return more take charge as chief of, Hily is famous for, Last season he had the ball 593 yards and 6 touchdowns, 267 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns, and 384 kickoff return yards and 1 touchdowns and 592 punt return yards and 2 touchdowns, 2016 punt return Mawang, he also to return the identity of the selected hand when the season first team.

JJ- Watt can make 100 star is not accidental, it is for the famous and influential JJ- Watt and take care of the star,cheap jerseys because like Adrian Peterson the same season still can be selected 100 star ranks, so JJ- Watt can make is also reasonable, and ranked 35 compared to last year Watt’s position is low a lot of. As the league has few signature brand players, he is in Reebok as Brady to dema, the importance of self-evident. Last season we could not see the JJ superstar performances, but obviously, after a year of rest, has won the three best defensive player Watt, Houston led the people of Dezhou to complete the transformation of the teams, and next season to return to the football field of JJ- Watt, will regain the defensive player of the year honors.

NFL 6 June new developments news

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G Ron koves Ki barber's charity activities

G Ron koves Ki barber’s charity activities

Near the end of the new England patriots nfl jerseys winger rob Gelon he launched a barber activities at the Gillette stadium, this barber event is to charity, this activity has been carried out for eight years, and this is also the Gelon Khodorkovsky he presided over the sixth years, so far, the campaign has raised more than for many children with cancer 7 million dollars, more than 5000 people have participated in this charity event, not only in the activities of others to gloon haircut, he also let other players for their hair is often one of the highlights of this activity.

This week in Sunday’s event, G Ron koves Ki debut, he played the barber shaved to help other people, he went into the crowd look very happy, then, Gelon in the activities he once again showed his head, but he Gelon still happily said this very summer he’s feeling of love.

Not only that, Gelon’s brothers also came to the scene, and Khodorkovsky requested Gelon, as his brothers shaved hair, in order to activate the atmosphere of the scene, G Ron koves Ki will also raise their hands.

Rigg Ron koves Ki kept smiling throughout the activity and played with the children at the scene. Perhaps this is why each summer Gelon Khodorkovsky almost will occur with the head image, Gelon Khodorkovsky every offseason have colorful, although last season because of injury last season, after the injury, he also made a cameo appearance in a WWE annual fall angle mania, now looks very gloon bar.

Rodgers supports the patchogue Faria

The formal war in the NBA finals of the occasion, Jinzhou warriors are the most optimistic about the outside world team, but the team also many fans heart evil, because Kevin Durant’s Baotuan behavior, the entire season is the wind of public opinion on Durant and the warriors and warriors of contempt, not the most time for people to accept. It is precisely in the finals before the first game in the Western Conference finals, stepping behavior warriors center Zaza Pachulia to spurs the core of Leonard’s world denounced the warrior’s dirty routines, and patchogue Faria a time also became the target of the player, aggressive style of play is cast for the countless fans, people will only know him give support and patchogue Faria, apparently the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of them.

When the whole world crazy black patchogue Faria, Aaron – Rodgers to come forward, in his own twitter put out a video, the video clearly shows that Aaron Rodgers wore a bucks Jersey No. 27, is Zaza Pachulia once worn in the Bucks playing jersey. Rodgers, don’t worry about the comments on the network, he is not worried about his Twitter users to be filled with righteous indignation, he can stand on the side of patchogue faria. Aaron Rodgers is the Milwaukee bucks loyal fans, he has many bucks jerseys, wearing a shirt that Rodgers must be patchogue Faria said, in which Rodgers this is brave in the teeth of the storm.

Rodgers had to travel to Oakland to watch the Jinzhou warriors against the Cleveland Cavaliers, because patchogue Faria’s sake, Rodgers should support Jinzhou warriors at home court warriors apparently gave Rodgers great confidence.

Savage enjoyed the start of Dezhou people

Tom – Savage seems to have become Dezhou’s absolute starting quarterback, this June he felt very happy.

The defense as Houston Dezhou in the training of the offensive team a quarterback directly against the people of Dezhou, to know nfl jerseys news the defense of Dezhou people but the best in the league, he got the chance, and has a good performance in training, this Savage very excited.

“It’s a great opportunity. I wouldn’t say it surprised me or something like that. Because every day I have to face these, I have to work hard every day. I want to have more exchanges with some guy, when you are the backup quarterback, you don’t have to go with the team wide receiver who talk too much, to tell them how you want to pass, but now we need to communicate with his teammates, you must be in the same class, this is what we want to do work.” Savage said.

At least now enjoy a savage team of the time, he was the man who led the team to attack, this is rookie DeShawn Watson cannot compare, he needs to maintain his position, until August, to come to the preseason, he still needs to prove himself.

NFL’s strongest rookie came back after a car accident

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Elliot returned after the accident

A week ago, faizel Elliot because of an accident and nfl game jerseys the absence of the United States on May 21st the team organized voluntary training camp, but the good news is that after Elliot does not matter this week, Elliot has returned to training with the team, and as Elliot’s last season he won the NFL red ball is Mawang like, last season Elliot completed what feat, there is no need to repeat our.

So Elliot is not in the car accident was the other dangerous cowboy is definitely lucky, to know that this is not the first time Elliot in the offseason, the playoffs this year, Elliot was involved in a car accident or small, in general, these two accidents are Elliot was involved in the party, he can only say is down on the luck. At least two accidents are not caused by too much damage.

Return to training after Elliot need to assume more responsibility, before coach Jason – Jones Witten and Jerry two people said that in addition to punch the ball, Elliot will assume responsibility for the attack as part of the ball is about to enter the second grade, the rookie will show more talent. In addition to Elliot, such as Jason Witten and Sean – Lee such stars are the main injury in the body, may need to continue treatment. And the injury in the camp, Jielun – Smith, Tyrone – Crawford, Laurence and Stephen DeMarcus – who also need to continue treatment, they will continue to miss cowboy training, but Elliot, in a car accident after a week, she will go to let him join the team’s training.

“He needs training, you can’t make it more complicated, he will not participate in team training last week, he is a young player, he has a good beginning last year, but he still need to continue learning, Elliot also love training, he loves football, he is eager to play. Even though he wasn’t able to practice last week, he still did some running, you could see his passion, he liked the pitch, he’s getting better every day.” Cowboy coach Gareth said. Elliot is absolutely passionate about football and if he can handle some of the sidelines, he will probably be a long star.

Bracey is very pleased with the new aid

Adrian Peterson at the New Orleans saints training camp with impressive things, and coincidentally, in addition to a 32 year old veteran offensive also on the training field show good condition.

In a full team training as well as a 7 hit 7 training, wide receiver Ted Jean show their iconic speed, nfl jerseys china received a profound distance two passes from Drew – Bracey, he also completed several people find everything fresh and new catch. For his new teammates, the catch was impressive, reminding people that even though jean has stepped into his eleventh season, the catcher will still be able to keep that pace. Drew – Bracey specifically mentioned the veteran, his personal ability surprised Bracey,.

“Jean’s performance impressed me not profound, I think he is a good player, he is a veteran, he spent a long time in NFL, he played football for a long time, I think he played great in the past few years, he become more sophisticated, I think he has brought us a lot of important elements of wisdom and leadership, but he also maintained a high yield of play.”

“He doesn’t look like he’s running. He can fly.”!” Bracey spoke highly of Jean because for a long time, Drew Bracey had more of his ability to take over many of the saints. Like Jean, an exceptional outside player, Bracey believes he can complement jean.

Over the past two seasons Jean does have a very good performance, he spent two years in the Carolina Panthers 2015 season, he catches the ball 739 yards forward scored 10 touchdowns, 2016 season he scored 752 yards and 4 touchdowns, not only that his great speed, so he has a good knowledge of in return, last season his 202 punt return yards, 391 kickoff return yards.

Kansas City Chiefs jersey

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The chief gave up the strongest outside position

The chief gave up the strongest outside position

Kansas chief announced recently laid off, their wide receiver Jeremy Mclean, this time the layoffs let countless surprised, because Mclean is the best team Kansas chiefs took over, but in order to cap space for $10 million, the chief really hands.

At the start of the voluntary training camp in Kansas chiefs of the second week, Kansas City Chiefs jerseythe chief cut Mclean, because only $10 million off the vacated space for the Emirates in June 1st, before the chiefs cut, cut Mclean only $3 million 500 thousand in available space.

Mclean was surprised at the fact that he had been laid off by the team, and he was totally unwilling to believe the fact. “This crazy thing has happened.”.” Mclean wrote on his twitter. The Kansas chiefs were reluctant to make such a choice, but for the sake of the team’s operation, they finally made up their minds. “It’s almost no good losing any of the major players,” said Andy Reed, the head coach of the Emirates, which has always been tough.
“These people choose from no easy, especially to do such a thing to a player like Jeremy, I watched him grow up, when he learned of the matter, his way of dealing with accidents is very professional, this is NFL, I wish him good luck.” Andy – Reed said.

Mclean previously in 2015 with the Kansas City Chiefs signed a 5 year contract worth $55 million, then the chief to sign Mclean violation of league rules by the NBA penalty for the third round of the 2016 and 2017 seventh round draft pick. That season, Mclean finished 1088 yards and 8 touchdowns is the chief best receivers, 2016 chiefs tight end Javier Kelsey broke out, Mclean made only 773 yards and 4 touchdowns. After he was dismissed, the Emirates had $7 million 700 thousand to share with the other 11 players.

Crows near the front or retire

The United States Friday in Baltimore’s near end Denis Crow – pita hips hurt again, this is the Baltimore team crow second consecutive days of training in the injured players, and this is the third time in four years, pita injured his hip, but the most serious is that this time the sport injury is possible the end of the Denis pita, but for now, to treat his hip surgery need pita.

According to reliable sources of pita in training in the case without any contact trying Kansas City Chiefs jersey to complete a flying ball, it fell to the ground after he injured his hip. The general manager of the team of hip injuries, crow Niusang expressed frustration.

“This is really frustrating, whether or pita for our team.” Niusang said. Baltimore crow team luck is not very good, the United States Thursday they cornerback nanthavong – Yang cruciate ligament tear basically determined the season will miss the entire 2017 season, and this injury will affect the pita crow passing attack largely, if pita season pin, then the crow team is only Mike Wallace – the last season the team crow the ball more than 34 times the number of players.

When interviewed in May 25th, pita expressed his feeling is very good, but now he may choose to retire, because his hips may be difficult to continue to support his play, last season, he played 16 games 86 times the ball 729 yards with 2 touchdowns, he in effect six years crow a total of 2098 yards long, the ball scored 13 touchdowns, helping crow won the Super Bowl champion.

ESPN 100 players – Tom Brady

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The world famous sports website ESPN announced the active 100 well-known athletes ranking, this is the director of the ESPN motion analysis using a set of computing – Allah Maldives ranking index to measure the athletes salaries, endorsements, social media and Google Google search volume etc.. The final list of a total of 8 occupation football player on the list, the first NFL Tom Brady natural history highest ranking after him, there are 7 players in the list, let us look at the 8 athletes were led by Tom Brady who it is.

ESPN 100 twenty-first athletes: Tom Brady

Tom Brady this year won the personal occupation career of the Super Bowl champion fifth gold rings, now Tom Brady is NFL fully deserve the first person in history, he and his wife Giselle supermodel Bundchen is a couple of popular culture in the most popular. If you want to be in this position that Brady, then the number of NFL, the top five passing rate, passing yards and touchdowns number can prove this point, especially his five Super Bowl trophy is the best proof. Remember what he said! “Believe me, we won a lot easier than we lost.”.”

Brady too low-key life leads to his outside income is not very high, will be $8 million for endorsements and Brady such a player is really a bit bleak, but on his wages and other income, Brady annual income can reach about $50 million. His Instagram and Facebook fans are 2 million and 4 million 300 thousand, plus he does not play twitter, compared with other sports stars, his outside flow is still relatively low.

ESPN 100 forty-seventh cam - Newton: Athletes

ESPN 100 forty-seventh cam – Newton: Athletes

Second in the list of players is the Carolina Panthers four quarterback cam Newton in the rankings last year he ranked thirty-second. He has a comparable linebacker body in general, this is probably the previously difficult to see, he is very strong, very fast, full of toughness, he can create some stunning performances with his arm, his legs. Although Newton was criticized for his character and temperament, it was hard to deny the success of NFL’s MVP player in the 2015 season. Not only that, Newton’s wearing characteristics can be said to be a new fashion in sports, he dares to try any kind of match. Every year Newton endorsement income of up to $12 million, he and Stephen curry is currently dema sports brand in North America two big pillar.

ESPN 100 fifty-second athletes: Drew – Bracey

Bracey’s ranking fell 8 compared with last year, in New Orleans after the hurricane disaster to the city is really happy, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, and now his career passing yards and touchdowns number are ranked in the history of the third, he is the legend of the city of New Orleans. Bracey’s annual endorsement income of $12 million, plus his salary, Bracey can have more than $30 million a year income.

ESPN 100 fifty-fifth athletes: Russell – Wilson

The 2012 NFL show in the round of his second season Seattle Seahawks won the team history first Super Bowl trophy. He, along with his wife and famous musician Ciara, is also a popular couple with the American people’s welcome.
Russell – Wilson year endorsement contract income also has tens of millions of levels, so Tom Brady in a star in public is really poor. Wilson has a good business sense, and although his quarterback doesn’t have a very high salary, his income is quite high.

ESPN 100 fifty-sixth athletes: Aaron – Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the most surprising quarterback in the NFL League, and he leads a fantastic team. No need to go into details. He had been the subject of much media attention since he was dating a famous actress, Olivia Mutu, but recently the two broke up. The current Aaron Rodgers has a Super Bowl champion, six career bowls, and NFL’s all-time quarterback.
Rodgers’s personal life is very low-key, he did not play with Instagram Facebook, his 2 million 900 thousand push on fans attention, a year of endorsements with Brady similar to $8 million, but between his wages, the endorsement fee is only the tip of the iceberg.

ESPN 100 player sixtieth: Eli Manning

Eli Manning is able to list the reasons largely because the quarterback of his family, is a period of time Eli Manning’s past performance is good, the two time he beat the Patriots won Super Bowl champion, he can always make some unbelievable reversal, or send some disaster, but now he is copied cut a quarterback has sent countless.
Eli Manning’s salary in the league’s top level, but compared to the end is not active Eli Manning can still get a $8 million endorsement income.

ESPN 100 sixty-fourth athletes: Odell – Beckham

With his last year ranked fortieth in the rankings this year compared to Beckham decreased significantly, he is one of the most exciting NFL earth, against the Dallas Cowboys catch with one hand brought him a high reputation, but last season after the events of Beckham Yacht Club, became the target of the best representatives of angels and the devil is the player.
In the 5 years to complete a $30 million contract with Nike shoes, plus the rest of the OTC revenue, Beckham is obviously NFL minority endorsement income more than wage income players, although he can only get a salary of $1 million 500 thousand, a fifth year contract option but in, he can get a salary of $8 million 500 thousand.

ESPN 100 seventy-fourth athletes: JJ- Watt

JJ- Watt is the NFL League feared players, he is the best defensive player in NFL history, sacks quarterback for him almost homely food field, he love everyone is amiable and easy of approach, the man in the last season because of injury last season, so his ranking than last year fell 19.

Watt love in the social network interaction with others, so there are about 2 million 500 thousand fans on his Instagram, and his Facebook is about 1 million 900 thousand, and 3 million 200 thousand for twitter fans, his annual endorsement income of $7 million, plus the 2014 Watt and Dezhou signed 6 year contract for $100 million. Watt’s income.
It is worth mentioning that the list of one hundred athletes and three China athletes, they are 66 Ning Zetao, 71 Malone, 88 Lin Dan, Malone and Lin Dan is table tennis badminton field with only the list of athletes, while Ning Zetao beat new swimming became the highest ranking athletes.

In addition to NFL players, many ranking athletes are well known, such as the number one Cristiano – Ronaldo and Lebron – James ranked second, next to you from the list of 1-20 names, let’s see before Tom cloth Reddy what are the famous athletes on the list.