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Interview with for nfl Tom Brady

This is Tom Brady first came to Chinese, four months ago, he personally directed a Super Bowl history the greatest comeback, won Fifth American League football occupation (NFL) finals champion. Such a great reversal, even if the Chinese fans across the sea, in retrospect will be blood spray. Even if have seen many times, but the host still could not help but sighed, “in the world is able to complete such a reversal, only Tom brady!” The picture on the […]

NFL layout China market

The lunar new year this year, Brady recorded a video for Chinese Chinese pay New Year’s call fans; and in May, accompanied by his wife Giselle. He attended Bundchen fashion event, it is the initiative revealed that he will visit China in June information. From last summer NFL legend Payton. Manning’s visit to the Brady visit, can see whether the NFL market value of Chinese Brady himself. In the NFL2010-2015 briefing, in the American Football League will China positioning in […]

Tom Brady and china the indissoluble bound

Write Chinese characters with a brush For China people, first heard Tom Brady (Tom Brady nfl jersey) name, some people will feel strange, but the mention of his wife, Brazil supermodel Giselle. Ndchen is known to every family. For a long time, China users are accustomed to call Brady: “Giselle’s husband Bangchen”. In June 18th, Tom Brady (yes, your mouth is “lucky lady” husband) for the first time to visit China. We do not talk Bundchen, old driver told you, […]

Patriots give Super Bowl nfl jerseys rings to players

A gold medal ring Super Bowl nfl jerseys The United States on June 9th, the new England patriots owner Robert Cafu in his manor held a Super Bowl Championship ring ceremony, all contribute to the Super Bowl in the fifty-first session of the Patriot personnel have been the supreme honor, and this ring refers to the symbol of the new England patriots officially became the most successful in twenty-first Century the team in the NFL League, and in order to […]

The Steelers NFL superstar Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown derailed young model after the conscience back pregnant wife. A Monday week past so fast, but the off-season is still very long, today to talk to you as Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown story! Antonio Brown, one of the best players in the league in NFL, when there is no game that is quite zhaofengyindie, after all, in North America, rugby player that is quite popular, if not some self-control, it will not have good results. Antonio – […]

NFL superstar Wilson will take his wife to China

This summer for Chinese football fans are memorable, shortly before NFL, the first person in history Chinese Brady announced that it will open the line, and today, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson masters in social media announced that he and his wife Ciara to Chinese, they will visit Beijing and Shanghai two city. In the summer, it would be a great blessing for fans to be lucky enough to see two NFL superstars. As of 2012 Wilson rookie, just […]

NFL 6 June new developments news

Near the end of the new England patriots nfl jerseys winger rob Gelon he launched a barber activities at the Gillette stadium, this barber event is to charity, this activity has been carried out for eight years, and this is also the Gelon Khodorkovsky he presided over the sixth years, so far, the campaign has raised more than for many children with cancer 7 million dollars, more than 5000 people have participated in this charity event, not only in the […]

NFL’s strongest rookie came back after a car accident

Elliot returned after the accident A week ago, faizel Elliot because of an accident and nfl game jerseys the absence of the United States on May 21st the team organized voluntary training camp, but the good news is that after Elliot does not matter this week, Elliot has returned to training with the team, and as Elliot’s last season he won the NFL red ball is Mawang like, last season Elliot completed what feat, there is no need to repeat […]

Kansas City Chiefs jersey

Kansas chief announced recently laid off, their wide receiver Jeremy Mclean, this time the layoffs let countless surprised, because Mclean is the best team Kansas chiefs took over, but in order to cap space for $10 million, the chief really hands. At the start of the voluntary training camp in Kansas chiefs of the second week, Kansas City Chiefs jerseythe chief cut Mclean, because only $10 million off the vacated space for the Emirates in June 1st, before the chiefs […]

ESPN 100 players – Tom Brady

The world famous sports website ESPN announced the active 100 well-known athletes ranking, this is the director of the ESPN motion analysis using a set of computing – Allah Maldives ranking index to measure the athletes salaries, endorsements, social media and Google Google search volume etc.. The final list of a total of 8 occupation football player on the list, the first NFL Tom Brady natural history highest ranking after him, there are 7 players in the list, let us […]