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Football jerseys china legend NUPI champion fast enough

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Brown was the champion. Legend criticized shortcomings

Hall of fame defensive end Bruce Smith after watching the film of the football jerseys china year in the legend of the draft, the draft this year champion Meyers Garrett made his suggestion forthright and demanding. Bruce Smith told Gareth directly, “you’re playing too slowly.””.

He told reporters about the fact that he was preparing for his second practice with his teammates at Cleveland’s rookie training camp in Brown. Interestingly, when asked whether there had so much to his questions, Gareth said no, but he humbly accept criticism.

“Nobody said I slow, from the past to the present, these years he only think ‘well, you need to quickly'” Gareth said, “few people said me like this, but he is the greatest impact of military ah, if he think so, so I want to improve myself in order to achieve his standard, I will absorb his ideas and efforts. I think so, too. I’ll be better.”

“His achievements in this league are much higher than I am now. If I want to make some achievements here, then I need to learn all the information and all the great factors.”.” Gareth said, after entering NFL he had no supercilious attitude, he is very modest, and speak very clever. Since joining Brown Gareth this is the usual practice in the draft, Gareth said he only to football fight on Sunday after the end of the training, he said “don’t want to leave Cleveland this”.

“Stay here and work, I hope I can impress these guys, and then get better.”.” Garrett said the same as leader.

Brown rookie suffered serious injury or reimbursement

Although Meyers Gareth seems to have changed Cleveland Brown team, but in addition to Gareth, Brown chose the full potential of countless cornerback in this year’s draft, but embarrassing, Brown’s luck is not very good, Brown rookie training camp for the first time training and then came the bad news of the team the four round pick Howard Wilson knee patella fracture, it is likely Wilson season. The young man to lose the first battle, Werwilson issued a statement expressing their feelings of grief

“I am very sad, but he is a part of football, this is a terrible thing, I just want to play, but my knees just refused me, now I can’t think too much, I need some checks, so I have to accept nuclear magnetic resonance. I am an optimistic person, so I will undergo surgery, then recover positively, and look forward to the day when I can return and help the team.” Wilson indicated.

But Cleveland Brown’s manager, Hugh Jackson, is not happy about it. He says Wilson will miss a lot of time and will not be able to make sure he will not be reimbursed for the season.
“Whenever you lose the player you’ve just picked, it’s very difficult, especially if you want to see what level it can do.” Hugh – Jackson said.

Jaguar hopes No. four will be the cornerstone of the team

The Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Malone and the team’s executive vice president Tom admitted the cheap jerseys forint want to have some with a substantial threat of attack in the construction of punching ball attack, which is why the minnows will choose the reason running back Leonard fournet in last month’s draft.

But this does not mean that Fornet will be granted as No. 1 Jaguar first team running back, he must strive to win this position, and coach Malone on Saturday also clearly put forward the problem.

“Obviously when we make such a choice, we can consider him grow as a player, what the future clearly, he showed his ability, but in other words, when you have a team, each position of one thing to think about is the team is to rely on their ability to earn, so Fornet will continue to move forward, and continue to show his strength.” Malone made a special mention of Fornet’s future in the second day of the rookie training camp.

The young Wei ran for three seasons at the Louisiana State University, he was the University for three years with a dominant performance, he has completed 3830 rushing yards, scoring for 41 touchdowns, who kept the record, he will be the key to the Jaguar run offense, to coach, he is very much in favor, he said he needed to become the first running back the jaguar.

“My role is to do everything that the team and the coach want me to do, and now my role is to go out and start competing and try to make myself better.” Leonard said: “I’m not fournet, without thinking say these words, I can learn a lot from the team’s old man, my high school when we have met in the team several running backs, I will learn anything from them.”

40 yards of light speed brother and Meng tiger officially signed

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John Ross, an official with the Cincinnati tigers team signed a contract, Ross is being drafted third outside the draft took over the player, he in the first round was the ninth pick tiger team selected, his great speed is the speed of the Cincinnati tigers to choose his reasons. Meng tiger offered a 4 – year contract to the outside catcher and added a fifth – year option.
“I’m glad John – Ross is officially one of us. We gave him the chance to end school time and go for professional football, and I think it’s very important.”.” Meng tiger’s coach, Malvin – Lewis said.
In addition, Meng tiger also with their four round of rookie Carle – Lawson signed a four years additional options contract, Meng Huxin season important new talent basically equipped with.

85 – Chandler Jones, the Arizona Cardinals defensive end nfl jerseys

The former patriots rushed from core in 2016 by the Patriot Hugh trading to the depths of the desert of Arizona is one of the blockbuster trades on a season in the offseason. In Phoenix’s first season, Jones handed over 11 kills and 38 tackle data, proving that he was one of the league’s top drivers. PFF scored 87.4 points for Jones and ranked seventh in the league. In today’s military contract rushed increasingly rising situation, the Cardinals franchise tag play in the body of Jones, and on the second day of March free agent market after fenestration and Jones reached 5 years 83 million contract.

84 Mike – Daniels Green Bay Packers defensive front

The better – dressed packer, the defensive player of the 4 round of the 2012 show, had already received 42 million of the contract before the end of the 2015 season. In the past two years, with the shift of position, Daniels has found his rhythm more and more. He has handed over 4 capture and 25 capture in the 2016 season, and has a fairly close level of play in the fight and run. PFF season 85.5 points league ninth.

83 – Campbell Jackson Weil Carlisle Jaguars defensive end

Last season, the Arizona Cardinals have led the League 48 sacks, cannot do without the ghost of Campbell and Jones double door. The career of the previous 9 years in Phoenix had rushed from hand, leaving the more than 2 career 8 sacks in the 2016 season, in addition to 53 tackles and 1 steals. This offseason, the window in the free agent market on the first day of Campbell and Jaguar 60 million signed 4 year contract, the Jaguar would also like to take this improved performance from poor season.

82 – Mathews Cray, the Green Bay Packers linebacker

A long flowing blond hair, plus good acting, often appeared in various television commercials with teammate Rodgers. We believe that for the selected 6 occupation bowl, star linebacker has just entered the thirty years of age is absolutely not strange. Since NFL has selected “100 star” in 2011, 7 years down the list Mathews are all on the list: in 2011 192012nd years 272013rd years 312014th years 772015th years fifty-first and 57 in 2016. Mathews suffered injuries in the 2016 season, leading to a 2017 drop to eighty-second. Last season Mathews made only 12 appearances, 9 of which started. The number of 24 arrests dropped sharply, but still surrendered 5 times. I believe the new season, with Mathews’s healthy return, the packers defensive situation should be better than last season, 40 nfl jerseys online continue to play with his long hair.

81 Alex – Smith, Kansas quarterback

This year the first appeared in the list of the 100 star quarterback, and this time Smith’s rank and 2016 rank exactly the same, not up not down or eighty-first. For the former veteran quarterback, 2016 season, Smith handed out his best 3502 yard pass and the 5 best shots of his career all season. However, since the debut in NFL, Smith can only rely on the “checkdown pass” it is equal to a yoke has been locked with the growth of Smith, so he has been unable to get rid of himself for not being a champion of the criticism of genuine goods at a fair price. Benefit from the 2016 season, rookie Hill was born and near end Kelsey outbreak can make his short play to the extreme. This makes Smith 3502 yards passing, 1921 yards from the ball catcher is then ran out of the code number (Yard after catch), the total passing yards up to 55% of the proportion, is also the last season with over 1000 yards passing quarterback “after the ball ran out of number” the highest proportion of the quarterback. Plus only 1581 yards of air pass yards, so that the chief’s offense is always so poor. Smith, 33, is no longer young, nor can he expect a stereotypical quarterback to change his style. So the chief in the 2017 draft, in the first round to deliberately trading in the No. 10 selection from Dezhou tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes to prepare for the day after. As Reed, the head coach, said, “we still love Smith, but he’s getting old.””

NFL 100 star chiefs soul jerseys usa

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Today NFL is the official publication of the second NFL2017 100 star, we saw many familiar faces on the list, including the year ahead of Rodgers to become champion chiefs quarterback Smith, let us look at the ten stars of this announcement!

90 – Malcolm Jenkins, Philadelphia eagles, cornerback / safety

Jenkins is one of the top comprehensive safety in the league. In the 2016 season of the offseason, the eagle in order to keep the defensive line all rounder, direct and Jenkins continued under a big contract 5 years 40 million 500 thousand. In the middle of the season, when the Hawks’ main slot, Bruce, was cheap jerseys usa reimbursed for the season, Jenkins was well positioned to fill the second line. Throughout the season, Jenkins received 69 capture, 1 capture, 9 damage pass, plus 3 copies, of which two or copy back to attack.

89 Thomas Davies Carolina Panthers guard

2015 and still played the Super Bowl season almost data star linebacker the veteran Panther by concussion in absence of Jikeli case. The 106 run of the year, leading the team, plus 3 blocks and 2.5 kills, led the veteran, who had undergone 3 knee cruciate ligament repairs, for two consecutive years to enter the professional bowl list. In addition, Davies in 2016 100 star ranked 54.
The 88 Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug – Baldwin

The 2016 season is Baldwin’s sixth years in Seattle, is also a career best year, really show himself to the big Wilson over. The whole season has the best 1128 yards, and for the second season in a row, the catch reaches more than 1000 yards. 94 times the ball made him the Seahawks history single season record of the number of the new owner of the ball. Although the 7 ball array was less than half of the 2015 season, it also indirectly led to his fall in the rankings, but the performance on the pitch was absolutely obvious. PFF to Baldwin’s score up to 97 points, seventh in the league. In addition, Baldwin has another passing pass to Wilson this season. Baldwin also made its first professional bowl in the 2016 season.

87 Travis – Frederic, Dallas Cowboys Center

Speaking of League number one center, cowboy Frederic will definitely be the first choice for most people. Whether it’s kick-off, running, defence or quarterback, Frederic is definitely a textbook figure for the League center.
The Kentucky Jockey Club is one of the oldest sporting events in the United States and one of the most prestigious sports in the world. The first Saturday of May each year, the world’s fastest thoroughbred horses are all collected in the Louisville Churchill downs race. Horse racing is not only a traditional sport, but also a nfl jerseys usa traditional gambling event. And a big event like this, there are always a lot of star bigwigs on the audience. But this time, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers the two daily no excessive intersection of the super quarterback are generally came to Luis Weil, so the two star players for horse racing enthusiasm is quite high. But this is not only two Super Bowl champion quarterback, like Boston’s legendary “Diddy” David Ortiz also came to watch this exciting game, but Brady’s good teammate, the new England patriots winning hero Julian Edelman and Danny Oman are also Dora together with Brady at the scene, in addition to their Baltic with Jimmy Gallo Bulisaite also appeared together with Brady..

The scene with his brothers in the Kentucky Jockey Club fun, three self very hard, there are a number of other well-known figures the industry to come, this is a good opportunity to their home for Brady, can see Brady’s social network by his photos have been brush frequency, and finally shave Edelman finally revealed his handsome face. At the scene of the Brady Rodgers encounter, two photo friendly greeting and pleasant, looks very well, only Rodgers a dress collocation can’t compliment instantly by the handsome Brady down. The photo is the three Patriots quarterback Gallo Baltic Yan burst table values, a new horizon. Not only the active player, David – Boston Red Sox legend Ortiz apparently traveled with Brady and the two legendary Boston debut together passers-by are people. But, just like when Toni retired commentary Romo also with his former teammate, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, star running back demak – Murray also came to the Kentucky horse racing event scene, very suction eye.

86 Zhu Di – Casey, Tennessee Titan defensive front

Casey since the fixed position for defensive tackle, became one of the 10 defenders inside before alliance. 5 kills and 31 kills in the 2016 season. On the transfer performance inside defender rushed in, PFF site in Casey’s score, pass the League scoring at defensive tackle in third. A series of outstanding performances also allowed Casey to enter the career bowl for second consecutive years in the 2016 season.

2017 nfl nike jerseys texans

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Pirates all star run Wei was in a car accident was nothing

Pirates running guard speed and passion, 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans the two car crash did not matter

The NFL players in the offseason had not calm, like the Vikings running back Doug Martin was not peace. At noon Thursday, Doug – Martin met with a car accident in tampa.

According to local police in Tampa claimed that around 1:15 in the afternoon, Doug Martin driving a black BMW at a crossroads crashed by a black car KIA, after which Martin crashed into a roadside dentist, also crashed an external equipment air conditioning system.

But the problem is not, because no one else was hurt, and there were no other problems with 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans Martin’s building. But according to the police, Doug Martin only received some minor cuts and bruises and swelling after impact. The car accident, Martin really bad luck, because the black KIA driver violated the traffic rules, he ignored the stop signal and directly through it led to this accident. Police said Doug – Martin would not be questioned by the police, and he did not have any alcohol or drug problems. The Tampa Bay pirates said Doug – Martin will need to accept the team’s medical assessment first.

Series Ottawa senator and the Penguins of Pittsburgh have been carried out in two, and even in the big score 1-1. This series is beyond the imagination of many, especially the big game that most people expect. We’ve seen two teams with excellent defense, amazing saves and a few very depressed superstars. The two teams were able to play in the Eastern Conference finals to prove that they had a lot of fighting power and that they had the strength to reach the finals. Next, let’s take a look at the important elements that the two teams have shown in these two games that will affect the results of the series.

Martin this time luck is not very good at the end of last season, the running back due to violation of the provisions by the Union banned for four games, the pirates once wanted to cut the running back. The two – time all – Star running guard is the one that the pirates trust, and the team intends to give Martin another chance. Do not know this a bad offseason for Martin will not affect or how long the pirates will start the team’s training camp.

The Pittsburgh penguins are the regular season the highest scoring team in the playoffs, but also averaged the highest scoring team. These two games, the senator’s defense but let the League offensive dumb fire, in the first two games of the series, the defending champion average goals per game to 4 penguins team only scored two goals. Senators Gaye Mitchell has a protagonist cloth his secret weapon, that he used his trick 1-3-1 battle successfully let penguins dumb fire. Gaye Marshall – cloth pride 1-3-1 style basically is the sacrifice of the initiative to attack, waiting for each other’s mistakes, after all the small block incoming attack score wins. As early as in 2011 when he coached the Tampa Bay Lightning team used 1-3-1 array, then have been criticized for his play and let the game become boring, and the rival Philadelphia flyers used to stop the way of mocking his play. After the air stop we can see his lightning team completely still waiting for the attack, ranked out perfect 1-3-1 formation, a striker in the front, two forwards a defender to form a defensive wall, the back of a defender as insurance. It doesn’t seem exciting, but it’s really efficient. The first game in this play is particularly effective, after the senator made use of his speed and the penguin turnovers scored the first goal in defensive mode, although the last was draw, but finally use Penguin failures overtime win pole. A game limits the number of shots, chances and goals of the 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans penguins. But in the second game, we saw the disadvantage of this tactic. If the other team scored first, the situation would be very quiet. In the second game, the senator played a perfect defense, waiting for the penguins to make a mistake, but waited for Cassell to score the winner in the third quarter. Finally, the penguin took advantage of the star’s technique to break the 1-3-1. Burchell 1-3-1 looks very useful, but as a coach the penguin history playoffs most successful Mike Sullivan have found a crack the baguazhen tricks, we only have to wait until third to know.

Precocious Faure Nate jersey

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In 4 signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars selected running Leonard – Faure Nate jerseys has long been famous, in high school has been named the first national star. In fact, he is not only physical quality is very precocious, in private life is also the case. He met with his girlfriend for a long time, as early as in January 2015, the two people ushered in a new life. Faure Nate Jai was a freshman at the time. Even in the open America, having children in the first year of College really surprised the public.

At that time, Faure Nate’s first season in Louisiana, just a small proof of his own, 13 games out of the 1034 yards up to 10. After her daughter was born in January, Nate Holmes named her “Lilike” (Lyric, Chinese cried not nice, very nice English). Faure Nate is not willing to be asked about the matter in the interview, but in the social media announced the news, fans in addition to praise the child is really cute, but also for his children so early and expressed a sigh.

After the child is born, has focused on their weight loss plan Nate, in the new season in the 2015 season of the body take on an altogether new aspect, a year out to decide their own dplace performance, 300 times the ball 1953 yards and 22 touchdowns and rushed out of the. It seems that the birth of the child has also played a stimulating role in the outbreak of Faure Nate. I wonder if the Jacksonville Jaguars fans would like him to have second kids and encourage himself again.

Mckinley’s life course

Draft day someone happy sad. Even in the moment of choice, in the excitement of the same time, may also cheap authentic jerseys lament the short life. No. twenty-sixth Atlanta falcons selected outside linebacker Mckinley Rister Taka is so, he took her picture on the stage, in accepting the congratulations at the same time, also expressed her thoughts of foreign.

When Mckinley was young, his stepfather one family that Mckinley is their children, so Mckinley mother Zhu pull virchis and three children are under house arrest in Alabama home. Is the mother of myrtle Jura – Corinth sister Peggy and Wiggins from California Oakland to fly past, rent a car, went to Alabama to Mckinley and four rescued. So Mckinley grew up in grandmother’s education of myrtle. Some places around Oakland, the living environment is relatively poor, full of petty theft and drug traffickers (this one from the horse Sean Lin Qi story also understand), Mckinley knew this, so my grandmother is very grateful to foreign education. In July 2011, when Mckinley was in grade two, she left the world. Before she left, Mckinley assured her in front of the bed, he will play the top NCAA league.

However, this commitment is not so easy to achieve. Mckinley, who had already decided to enroll in the University of California at Berkeley, later found out that his high school grades were not enough for the top schools in the NCAA. At that time Mckinley almost gave up, has begun to look for a job. Cousin Sylvester persuaded him to continue playing football, so Mckinley in the local community school for a year. After that, University of California at Los Angeles defense front coach found Berkeley ignored before the summer of the results of a summer semester, on this score, is qualified for the Mckinley. So had been ready to give up Mckinley had to go to UCLA, and then let the performance of their own yesterday as a first round show.

Many NFL players in the course of life is not easy. But like Mckinley was a kid who was under house arrest, the growth of bad environment, high school grades once considered unqualified, and finally the The path winds along mountain ridges. is indeed rare. I hope this experience can inspire Mckinley to continue to work hard in nfl jerseys the professional arena, so that their level to achieve a new height.

The Seattle Seahawks poguanziposhuai jerseys

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Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks

Today the NFL draft continue, here we continue to comment on the two day of the draft the occupation team brought us some strange choice:
Offensive? I how to poguanposhuai!

The Seattle Seahawks put their first round of No. 26 stop trading, they had two cheap nfl jerseys 2 round and 4 round sign sign, and they didn’t care about their line how bad their crazy reinforcing defense group, choose a center only in the 2 round of the middle, this is one thing let Russell Wilson despair.

Bears spend big price to choose 45 million quarterback to naught?

The first is to use four sign a deal with San Francisco 49 Chicago bears, the team’s idea is very strange, they had invested heavily in the introduction of a quarterback, when getting the contract completely with no thought of himself in the draft and a third sign, they spend money quite decisively, directly to the front of the pirates the backup quarterback signed 3 year $45 million a, which almost put the bears to getting as the core of the future, then let go of the best team wide receiver Geoffrey, who seems to be in the draft on gambling.

But after a joint training camp, potential and talent North Carolina quarterback Chubisiji by countless people talked about, like Brown, jet or even 49 people and the people of Dezhou and the lack of appropriate team for all Chubisiji quarterback bears around drool with envy, opponents are so excited the case also sit still, they from the draft draft did not sign their own opinion, almost all go step, see 49 people may have to deal with other people, bears decisive hit on a dozen picks. Of course Chubisiji no problem, select a quarterback this is not a problem, the key is to pay the price is too large bears, but also for 49 people to do the wedding dress. But in general the bears this choice is that the people A thing has its cause., only slightly disappointed.

A good sign is bad the titans are suffering

Then the Tennessee Titans, the Titans actually choose is also the team took over the vacant position were added, but disappointing is, let a Titans defensive genius, but with the fifth of their picks selected receivers, it is also a helpless for, because the Titan holding fifth sign, but the most embarrassing problem is that the team defense gap is much smaller than the offensive team, the Titans season ranked very odd by passing attack, Mario Kobita has grown into a good quarterback, they urgently need external hand for Mario Kobita rattling. Obviously want Titan receivers, but they obviously do not want to use the No. five selection of a take over, they want to have a team with a first round pick plus other chips for trading, they do not want to take up outside so high, but helpless ah, did not find a suitable choice of the titans. But even so, the Titans so high picks can still choose a defensive front, rushed from hand they pass the Jonathan – Allen, miss Barnett, miss Reuben on their online health – cheap nfl jerseys china Forster, miss Reddick, why Davies from the primary school is not blamed for the Titans, but regret why Titan to defend the group of players.

Lightning to give up the treatment of meditation is the best defense

If the choice is over Titan to get talent, then the San Diego lightning team selected wide receiver Mike Williams is really outrageous, Mike – Williams is the first foreign took over, he is also considered to be NFL stars, the Titans chose Davies Williams is probably not selected because of his injury history, but lightning Williams thought it is difficult to make people think, first of all is to pass the lightning attack squad, even running back Malvin Gordon can brush out the catch data very good-looking, lightning quarterback Philip Rivers is also the top quarterback, than the Titan, apparently lightning ball team stronger, perhaps the injuries let not the management of lightning shot, but in such a way that the worst defensive second lightning completely exploded, they missed the latimore There is no choice, Hu Kerr, now the defense team lightning “terrorist”, it’s hard for me to imagine the lightning in Rivers before retiring to Rivers how much tragedy, then lightning after the draft still have no choice of defensive line, which make people feel despair.

49ers jerseys shirt

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In the Senate, the team 49ers jerseys shirt in the first round of the team is not strong, but the two group Ryan cloth Lhasa de Macarthur the A new force suddenly rises. helped the team out of the powerful Boston bear, three people together in 6 games and scored 8 goals, two top two group Pajier partner team, Hoffman and Stone, they have 4 in the first round of goals, performance is acceptable, the three groups – – if Smith Durkin koal turits can also open up the situation, so there is still capacity with the Rangers to compete in the offensive end, senator.

No. 16: marlung – Humphrey, cornerback, Baltimore crow

17: Jonathan – Allen, defensive intercept, Washington Red

18: Jackson, horn, Tennessee Titans

19: OJ- Howard, the proximal side, Alabama

No. 20: Garrett Bowles, offensive tackle, Denver Broncos

No. 21: Jared. – Davies, inside Wei, Detroit Lions

22: Charles – Harris, perimeter guard, Miami dolphins

23: Evan – Eng Ram, near front, New York giants

No. 24: Leon Conley, cornerback, Oakland Raiders 49ers jerseys shirt

No. 25: Jia peipers safetys, Brill, Brown (Cleveland people from Dezhou and trade)

No. 26: calliste tower – Mckinley, outside linebacker, Atlanta falcons (from the Seahawks and fair)

No. 27: special radar Weiesi – White, cornerback, Buffalo Bill (from the chief office and trading)

No. 28: taco Charlton, defensive end, Dallas Cowboys

Number 29: David en library, near front, Cleveland, Brown (from the packers trade)

No. 30: TJ- Watt, outside linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers

No. 31: Reuben – Forster, inside Wei, 49 people in San Francisco (from the Seahawks and fair)

Number 32: Ryan Rahm, the offensive front, New Orleans saints,

The defensive line, Senator captain Carlson in the first round of the playoffs behave like Avatar, and he revealed in the series after the end of their own in two feet with a slight fracture in the case of playing the game, so he can bring that brave performance worthy of attention, and the Rangers will be at the physical impact on Carlson. And the Rangers, Captain Macdonald’s heroics, but Gilady and Sidor mistakes, young Holden and Shea although good performance on the offensive end, but in the defensive aspect there are many cheap nike nfl jerseys way to go.

The goalkeeper position, two door god launched the ultimate PK, this year the most powerful comeback award candidate Anderson in the first round of fighting rate reached 92.1%, while Sweden international Rehnquist is as high as 94.7%, he is the only reason the Rangers in the first round of breakthrough of Canadians, if you can not find to hack his way, the senator will repeat the Canadians mistakes.

People in the capital finally ushered in their favorite rival, has been gaining momentum they will use to attack the penguin team, after the first round of fierce Maple Leafs baptism, the team’s performance is also more mature, while the blue team easily eliminated penguins can continue to efficient performance is unknown. In short, this competition will eventually evolve into star showdown, who can have the last laugh let people see.