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Pirates all star run Wei was in a car accident was nothing

Pirates running guard speed and passion, 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans the two car crash did not matter

The NFL players in the offseason had not calm, like the Vikings running back Doug Martin was not peace. At noon Thursday, Doug – Martin met with a car accident in tampa.

According to local police in Tampa claimed that around 1:15 in the afternoon, Doug Martin driving a black BMW at a crossroads crashed by a black car KIA, after which Martin crashed into a roadside dentist, also crashed an external equipment air conditioning system.

But the problem is not, because no one else was hurt, and there were no other problems with 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans Martin’s building. But according to the police, Doug Martin only received some minor cuts and bruises and swelling after impact. The car accident, Martin really bad luck, because the black KIA driver violated the traffic rules, he ignored the stop signal and directly through it led to this accident. Police said Doug – Martin would not be questioned by the police, and he did not have any alcohol or drug problems. The Tampa Bay pirates said Doug – Martin will need to accept the team’s medical assessment first.

Series Ottawa senator and the Penguins of Pittsburgh have been carried out in two, and even in the big score 1-1. This series is beyond the imagination of many, especially the big game that most people expect. We’ve seen two teams with excellent defense, amazing saves and a few very depressed superstars. The two teams were able to play in the Eastern Conference finals to prove that they had a lot of fighting power and that they had the strength to reach the finals. Next, let’s take a look at the important elements that the two teams have shown in these two games that will affect the results of the series.

Martin this time luck is not very good at the end of last season, the running back due to violation of the provisions by the Union banned for four games, the pirates once wanted to cut the running back. The two – time all – Star running guard is the one that the pirates trust, and the team intends to give Martin another chance. Do not know this a bad offseason for Martin will not affect or how long the pirates will start the team’s training camp.

The Pittsburgh penguins are the regular season the highest scoring team in the playoffs, but also averaged the highest scoring team. These two games, the senator’s defense but let the League offensive dumb fire, in the first two games of the series, the defending champion average goals per game to 4 penguins team only scored two goals. Senators Gaye Mitchell has a protagonist cloth his secret weapon, that he used his trick 1-3-1 battle successfully let penguins dumb fire. Gaye Marshall – cloth pride 1-3-1 style basically is the sacrifice of the initiative to attack, waiting for each other’s mistakes, after all the small block incoming attack score wins. As early as in 2011 when he coached the Tampa Bay Lightning team used 1-3-1 array, then have been criticized for his play and let the game become boring, and the rival Philadelphia flyers used to stop the way of mocking his play. After the air stop we can see his lightning team completely still waiting for the attack, ranked out perfect 1-3-1 formation, a striker in the front, two forwards a defender to form a defensive wall, the back of a defender as insurance. It doesn’t seem exciting, but it’s really efficient. The first game in this play is particularly effective, after the senator made use of his speed and the penguin turnovers scored the first goal in defensive mode, although the last was draw, but finally use Penguin failures overtime win pole. A game limits the number of shots, chances and goals of the 2017 nfl nike jerseys texans penguins. But in the second game, we saw the disadvantage of this tactic. If the other team scored first, the situation would be very quiet. In the second game, the senator played a perfect defense, waiting for the penguins to make a mistake, but waited for Cassell to score the winner in the third quarter. Finally, the penguin took advantage of the star’s technique to break the 1-3-1. Burchell 1-3-1 looks very useful, but as a coach the penguin history playoffs most successful Mike Sullivan have found a crack the baguazhen tricks, we only have to wait until third to know.

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