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Philadelphia Eagles jerseys

The eagles cornerback front was shot on the sidelines of the toilet cleaners People have three, this is normal, but sometimes this “natural” will have some very embarrassing situation, such as a NFL player in the game, if wearing full armor wearing helmets to fight in the field when suddenly felt the urgency how to solve it? The Philadelphia Hawks’ corner guard, Dexter – MacDougall, told people the solution was to solve them on the spot. In Beijing on Sunday […]

NFL-Falcon 34-23 victory over the packer

NFL-Falcon Win the showdown again! Beijing time on September 18th, the 2017 season NFL second week regular season continues, home court with the Atlanta falcons 34:23 victory over the Green Bay Packers, the biggest difference has widened to 24 points, the packers made after it was too late. Falcon Matt – lane 28 pass 19, 252 yards, 1 reach, running guard Wei Feng – Freeman 20 catch, push 84 yards, 2 reach, angle Did Teru Fant 1 times 1 times, […]

NFL second weeks of all-out war!

Beijing time on September 18th, the NFL2017 season second weeks of big scoring games will be carried out. Remove the Cincinnati tigers in the Thursday night and Houston Dezhou team, as well as in Monday night at the Detroit lions and the New York giants, the remaining 28 teams in the League will have 14 games for NFL fans. In these competitions, sports Tencent will bring Super Bowl Champions new England patriots game against the New Orleans saints for you […]

NFL insists Ban of Cowboys superstar

The appeal vows to suspend Elliot The NFL Alliance on Friday local time formally to the United States Court of Appeals for the fifth circuit issued an emergency motion to stop execution is suspended for the Dallas Cowboys running back Elliot Ezekiel due to the violation of regulations and impose a personal union behavior 6 suspended temporary injunction. The NFL has asked the circuit court to try its best to announce the final verdict by Tuesday, or to announce the […]

Houston Texans Jersey VS Cincinnati Bengals Jersey

NFL- Dezhou 13-9 victory over the tigers Beijing time on September 15th, the 2017 season NFL second weeks of regular season in Cincinnati tigers Paul Brown stadium opening, the final home court with the tigers to score 9:14 defeat Houston’s visit to Dezhou, home court encounters two successive defeats, and consecutive games have no touchdowns. Dezhou people’s four point guard Sean – Watson first show, handed over 24 pass 15 to promote 125 yards, plus a 50 yard punch ball […]

NFL first week red and black list

Chiefs run for the first time and make history NFL in the first week, the game is over, the opener from UAE grew up upset beat the Patriots began to hand out Britain will play lightning Korean shot by end capping, this week brings us so many wonderful, let us look at this week what good and bad people play, welcome to the new season the first phase of the NFL black list! Gongbang Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunter run […]

wholesale green bay packers jerseys

NFL- packers 17-9 win over the Seahawks get the new season opener The packers and the Seahawks season opener in Wisconsin Green Bay ranbow stadium started. Before the game, the packers took turns as captain in the regular season, selecting Aaron, Rodgers, Morgan, Burnett, and Mason Crosby as offensive teams, defensive teams, and secret service team leaders. Attacking front, the right side of the injured T Bulaga starting position by Kyle Murphy instead. Competition process: The opening Seahawks return to […]

Why is NFL so hot in America?

This article will give you an answer 2017 season NFL regular season officially started. Defending champion New England Patriots at home to usher in the United States West Kerry Kansas chiefs of the challenge, the final patriots unexpectedly to 27-42 loss to the chiefs, brutally opened the door black. Opener scene Although the weight of the opener can not be compared with the Super Bowl, but after a lapse of more than seven months after the first official nfl game […]

Xing Tianyu and nfl football story

Great master of motion How did I get into football? That’s flag football! Remember that I just entered the university campus, ignorant, I am eager to find their destination in a strange University campus. Since I was young, I am a sports loving person, especially for the big game against the fierce. The primary and middle schools represent the schools, the regional matches of football, basketball and volleyball, the city matches and the provincial competitions. Exercise is naturally my first […]

NFL three running back jerseys online

They are amazing speed, abnormal body! The alliance on exposure after four bits is run, the passing time, a movement is particularly important in the game. Want to get a great line on four points, there is no a good position to complete the connection, this goal is not complete. Today let us try to understand the movement in the league’s top. First of all let us know Cowboys Paowei star Isawa Yoshil – Elliot, 16 years of the draft […]