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Washington Redskins jerseys

Among the 22 reserve squad, Redskins safety or decided to retire In the 22 year old Washington Redskins cornerback Suarez Klavins told the team he had two weeks to retire after the Washington Redskins today officially listed Klavins as the team’s reserve team, which means that the 2017 carat Vince season ended. In September 4th, the red team once added Klavins to the team’s immune team and gave him one month to consider his decision to retire. As the Troy […]

King of NFL Cleveland jerseys nike

James also show the white feather. 10000th consecutive offensive performance of Joe Thomas as his previous 9999: home, multiplier. The attack left Jiefeng Cleveland Brown team in the US local time Sunday afternoon against the Baltimore team for the first quarter crow left less than 10 minutes, through an effective barrier, helping his teammates – running back Isiah Crowell, gained 9 yards into the push. In this regard, since the Cleveland Brown in 2007 third selected Thomas, he did not […]

18th Video live packers vs falcons

League finals rehearsal Beijing time on September 18th at 8:30 in the morning, the NFL regular season continued for second weeks, Atlanta falcons will play their new stadium Mercedes Benz Stadium against the Green Bay Packers visit, this is the first time to usher in a new stadium race in the true sense. Last season, two teams had played in the National League finals, the packers were falcons 44:21 bloodbath, now the two sides experienced an offseason after the clash […]

NFL team jerseys age Secrets

The flowering trees hope Brown scraped youth storm Sometimes age is just a number, especially for NFL in the league that are creating not old players, such as not perplexed, the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, or the 38 year old New Orleans saints quarterback Drew Bracey four. However, for the vast majority of mediocre NFL players jerseys, age is critical. After more than 30 years old, players technical and tactical level decline, the value of the contract will […]

Why did the new England patriots lose?

Defending champion patriots lost? The new England patriots home court loss to Kansas chief, said the spokesman of Gillette stadium artificial turf is too soft, affecting the players play, small face Meng force, it can also take the pot off to the turf? It is reported that in May this year, Geely patriot just replaced the arena turf, but the team only in this piece of turf for three games (two preseason games), players have said this field turf is […]

NFL appealed against the Elliot case

The NFL alliance in the earlier court announced the ban on the Dallas Cowboys running back top – Ezekiel temporary restraining suspensions of 6 field Elliot has responded. First, they asked judge Amos – Mazant to stop an interim injunction on Friday. Second, the NFL alliance formally appeals to the federal court of Appeals for the fifth circuit. Also today, Mazant asked the NFL players union to respond to an emergency call by the NFL coalition before 6 p.m. Eastern […]

New England Patriots fiasco analysis

The lack of a long Brady misalignment moment collapse With a few months are eagerly awaiting the football season finally kicks off, NFL. The Super Bowl 3-28 behind the back of the defending champion England, but appeared in the opener of fourth flash collapse, encountered the Kansas City Chiefs comeback. If the patriot’s worst defensive performance in years has been left out, the biggest impact on the Patriot offensive is Edelman’s absence. How to fill the Edelman. For a short, […]

Kansas City Chiefs Kareem Hunt jerseys oline

He had 3 touchdowns start failure NFL opener concluded, to say more than 42 to 27 chiefs of the big win over the Patriots most fans could not believe, but the truth is the chief to fire the general offensive took cold fox fort to say, victory will have to mention the hero (Kareem Hunt), said that if the tailike – like a Hill the snake can in an instant enemy to death, then Hunter is a lion like his […]

This nfl season the most pit father’s schedule

Character not work? September is the opening season, the season is the beginning of the NFL regular season. On the 8th, the new season will start from the defending champion New England Patriot’s home Gillette stadium. With the regular season getting closer, today we come to review the NFL schedule rules, and inventory of the season the most difficult ten teams. Unlike Chinese football fans who are familiar with football, American football has always been known for its short schedule. […]

49ers football jerseys sale

Four took the leading position outside the Alliance Which one is your dish? Today’s NFL is not 20 years ago, passing the attack on the road, the attack is very popular, which makes the outside take place more and more important. In recent years, the Youth League took over the foreign talent emerge in an endless stream, each equipped with special skills, like Wu Yi eighteen swordsmen, under their leadership, and took over gradually become the league’s most entertaining position, […]