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NFL VS NBA? Who’s better?

Fan experience: the NFL theme party vs NBA single party For all the European fans, the London game is a carnival about rugby. Before the game, many London landmarks, including Trafalgar Square and Regent Street will be held at NFL street party; and the venue outside on the grass, there will be a large number of traditional barbecue. On the day of the competition, there is a huge VIP stand in the Wembley Stadium, which sells expensive match day packages, […]

NCAAF part jerseys china of the award is announced

Heisman favourites won the best quarterback On Thursday evening local time in the United States, some of the American University Football League Awards were officially announced this season. The quarterback of the University of Oklahoma football team, Beck Mayfield, won the David Obrien prize representing the best quarterback of the year. David Obrien Award (best quarterback annual): Mayfield defeated the Ohio State University Buckeyes J.T.- Barret and Oklahoma State University cowboys Mason Rudolf award. This is the history of the […]

NFL Mexico for game?

football elements are all over the streets, Mexico is on the verge of fire The little boy rode a toy car and passed the statue of football Mexico fans and football statue photos A couple of statues look at a photograph taken just now Huge football helmets, sculptures in a row nfl jerseys Fans of passing Raiders took pictures of the Raiders in front of the statue The family took a picture in front of the statue

Seahawks for Super Bowl jerseys road more difficult

The Seahawks star cornerback for the season The Seattle Seahawks, after the news conference, cornerback Richard Sherman teeter on crutches came in, dressed in a green suit, slightly funny. In the evening, they were wearing a fluorescent green jersey, a victory, perhaps he thought that green can bring him a good luck. I also ridicule, compared to the green suits, or green on the game better. When Sherman learned that he might have missed the season after injury, he struggled […]

NFL new season coach

Macwhite build ram tanks In NFL, every season, the team’s rookie is popular, because these people often entrusted with the team in the future several years of hope, a new high Shun people is likely to directly affect the team’s performance this season, such as this year’s Dezhou four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson, or chief running back Kareem Hunter. And often neglected by the coach group replacement, in fact, for NFL such a high level of League is more […]

NFL jerseys races clash violently

Direct attack! 49ers Cardinals massive explosion three people were sent off conflict Have strong ambition is a common feature of elite athletes, are full of SAP lad, who can not temper? The two game in the top cow is very common, but triggered a large-scale conflict can even open up a new battlefield, resulting in three people were fined down is not common. This Sunday, a late National League West civil war between the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers […]

NFL active Legend the new contract

On Saturday afternoon local time, Cleveland Brown announced that they had made a contract revision with the team’s attacking Thomas in this week. According to the new contract agreement, Thomas will become the highest paid offensive line in front of the alliance in 2018. NFL attack front first high salary The new contract gave Thomas a total salary increase of $3 million in 2017 and 2018, including $1 million 500 thousand for the season paid to Thomas and $1 million […]

Crow team is the biggest beneficiary

Each team league quarterback full of injuries Half of the season, as the high strength of competitive sports, NFL teams have been scarred. The same is true of crows in Baltimore, but facing their next opponent, the crow is really unable to complain about his injuries. Along with the people of Dezhou four rookie quarterback Sean de Watson injured knee in training season, in the next 8 games will face 3 in crow backup quarterback, including Green Bay Packers and […]

Challenging patriot supremacy?

Bill won the Panther star A few minutes before the end of the NFL season on Tuesday, Buffalo Bill won the Panther star Kelvin Benjamin, in exchange, Bill sold the third round and the seven round of the draft in 2018. The third round pick right is Bill’s right, not the third round of the Hawks’ draft from another deal, while the seventh round picks are the rights that were won by the Losangeles lightning team. Bill team manager Brandon […]

College football jerseys fierce fighting

Playoff primaries will be announced On Tuesday local time, the American College Football League playoffs will soon be announced. In the past ninth weeks of competition, no team than the Penn State University Nittany lions have a better chance for the playoffs selection committee to leave a good impression. The Nittany lions in the city of Columbo against the Ohio State University Buckeyes, and sports director Jean Smith of the Ohio State University, is one of the 13 members of […]