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Northern District of League of Nations jerseys

Green Bay Packers jerseys 16 season: regular season, 10-6 nations, north, championship, 2-1 nations, runners up Hot 1: Aaron – Rodgers is still among the top NFL quarterback, but how long has he been able to maintain his competitive status at the age of 33? Hot 2: Mike – Mccarthy has led the packers team for 8 consecutive seasons into the playoffs. What’s his ranking on the NFL coaching list? The Detroit Lions jerseys Season 16: regular season 9-7 League […]

The strongest young star is ESPY’s best breakthrough Award

NFL best rookie beat alphabet brother The 2017 ESPY awards ceremony was held in Beijing, Losangeles on July 13th, and the first breakthrough award of the year was first released. Rookie Prescott, four, from the NFL Dallas cowboys, stood out among the five candidates, winning the first prize tonight. The 23 year old Prescott left Mississippi State University in 2016 to participate in the NFL draft, when all the scouts think that although he is potential, but not immediately become […]

Hot topic of discussion in the new season

Now, each team in the 7 to get ready for battle, eager for a fight, at the end of the camp, and the August jiqiangkaida preseason doing well prepared. So, in this seemingly is simmering in smooth water, in the offseason, NFL media and fans are concerned about what the problem?. Midland North Pittsburgh Steelers 16 season: regular season 11-5, United States North League Championship, 2-1 United States runner up. 1. hot leviant – Baer’s people love to hate, he […]

Tom Brady will launch personal books

Tom Brady personal books will reveal the secret of success. The 5 super bowl winner of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady resume will increase a writer’s title. The United States Thursday, reporters, the first personal Brady books will be released in September, the book “The TB12 Method: How to name Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance” (No. 12 Brady Road: how to keep on top of life state.) It is reported that the book will be revealed […]

The star running back the release of rhetoric

David Johnson has said he will fight for the championship The whole world knows that the Arizona Cardinals offensive half by veteran receiver Larry Fitxgerald and quarterback Carson Palmer completed this offseason, and two veteran also decided to continue in the battlefield, they know the Cardinals at least for the Super Bowl champion, but from the two veteran the age, the 2017 season will probably be their last season. In the face of the unknown future, the Arizona Cardinals and […]

NFL new season forecast for first round (two)

Sixteenth – Ivan – Ingram, the near end of the New York giants (twenty-third) Estimated playing frequency: 64.2% Analysis: the New York giants will use Ingram in their various attacks, while Ingram will also share some time with will – Thai and Jay Lille – Adams. Last season, will – Tai was the most attacking winger in the New York giants (654 times), and Ingram should have the same chances this season. Fifteenth Christian – Mika Free run the Carolina […]

Sit nfl on jerseys shop bench will show up

Twenty-seventh Ghaleon Conley Oakland Raiders cornerback (twenty-fourth overall) Estimated playing frequency: 44.2% Analysis: last season, the Raiders restarted David – Emerson and Shaw – Smith’s starting point guard, who were involved in the 91.9% and 85% defensive teams. This makes the team has become the first Conley shawntae marginal figures, the new season, his playing opportunities will be greatly limited. Twenty-sixth – Mckinley calliste tower defense winger Atlanta falcons (twenty-sixth overall) Estimated playing frequency: 45.1% Analysis: last season, Mckinley only […]

Dallas Cowboys jerseys news

Dakota is accused of using machine signatures It is a new season for the Dallas Cowboys quarterback colt Preiss Darko around the whole team construction. But since the spring to the summer, the cowboy off press there, first ran Wei Yi gathered, Elliot investigation, the recent turn of quarterback Prescott. ESPN reporter recently pointed out that Dakota was accused of using the machine to complete personal signature, “Preiss court use the machine to complete the signature by the souvenir company […]

The wage gap between NFL and NBA is shocking

Why does NFL have low income? Too many people + players, unions, weakness Put aside the salary cap, security, matches, contract period and a series of factors, NFL players every year wages is lower than that of NBA players, NBA players according to the 2012 data, the average annual salary of $5 million 150 thousand, NFL is 1 million 900 thousand, NBA is now considering the salary cap rose, will both increase the income gap. Therefore, if we say the […]

NFL players are ready to fight in NBA jerseys

NFL highest pay only curry 6 into In recent years, the wages of the four biggest leagues in North American sports are growing at an explosion, especially in the NBA league. Although in the past two years, NFL continues to refresh the highest record in the history of the league, but compared to NBA is very rare, think about it, an offseason, when Andrew Clark and Indianapolis Colts signed NFL total 6 years and $140 million under a contract with […]