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National League Eastern Conference new jerseys usa

Little Manning hits bottom and or goes down In the first two sessions, we discussed the hot issues of the new season for the 16 teams of the American football league. Today, we will focus on the two divisions of the National Football League (League), the most outstanding of last season. Let’s start by talking about the Dallas cowboys in the league’s regular season last season. NL East Dallas Cowboys 16 season: regular season, 13-3 nations, Eastern champions, playoffs, 0-1 […]

Super Bowl jerseys divine catcher finalists

ESPY best moment Preview Beijing will be on July 13th at 7 in the morning, the whole video live ESPY awards ceremony. In 2017, the ESPY awards will be held on July 12th in the United States. As the most important sports prize in North America, it attracts the attention of the world sports fans. The ESPY award was created by ESPN in 1993 to recognize individuals and teams who have performed best in the sporting world over the past […]

Can the Patriots jerseys survive the devil’s race?

Less than two months, NFL new season will fight in the Super Bowl Champions of the new England patriots — Gillette stadium to home court. The inventory of this issue, we will talk about the offseason, the hot topic of the NFL community. Let’s start with the defending champions patriots in the Eastern Conference East   New England Patriots 16 season: regular season 14-2, Midland East, championship playoff 3-0, Super Bowl champion. Hot 1. Tom Brady still maintained a high […]

Alliance best strike hand declaration of war

Von Miller racing moments Tencent sports Feng – Miller is widely regarded as the best punch in the league. But in the new season, Miller has set his sights on another achievement: the league has the most players. This honor now belongs to the Atlanta falcons rushed military Vic beasley. “On your side, buddy,” Miller said on twitter Sunday, and @ Beasley. Beasley was ranked first in the 15.5 League run last season, the first in the series since the […]

Adams will start jerseys football every minute

Sixth special Davies White horns, buffalo Bill (twenty-seventh in line) Estimated playing frequency: 91.2% Analysis: Bill cleaned three of the team’s first defensive players, including last season participated in 1928 defensive Stephen – Gilmore and Cory – Graham. This behavior immediately locked White for a new season starting position, no accident, he will repeat in 2016 to participate in the Louisiana College’s 95.8% defense high appearance rate. Fifth Malik – Kerr Hu safetys Indiana Colts (fifteenth overall) Estimated playing frequency: […]

Champion to rotation nike jerseys

The first in the series, we have an inventory of the 10 season playing time less the first round of the 2017 show, including Mitchell Chubisiji, Mike – Williams and John – Ross and other top players. So, who are the players who can play more games than they do? Today, let’s announce the twenty-second to twelfth players. Twenty-second Salomon – Thomas defending winger, San Francisco 49 team (third place) Projected play frequency: 55% analysis: Last season, Thomas participated in […]

Capet Nick disputes again wholesale jerseys

Homeless Capet Nick went to Africa to protest again 49 former San Francisco quarterback is with his personal occupation career the most difficult period, Nick Capet has been unable to find work, perhaps waiting for his retirement may only find another way, this is not a Super Bowl quarterback led into some of the treatment, Capet Nick almost lost all his confidence. In order to their own beliefs, to find their own feeling, Capet Nick made a decision in the […]

Green is looking forward to challenging Jones jerseys china

Two foreign direct dialogue, AJ- Green said he will continue to fight with Julio Jones AJ- Green in a healthy state is the best NFL receivers, this may only Julio Jones can be compared with numerous clubs in the face of AJ- Green will bully the Cincinnati tiger team no other excellent catcher, so long to double defending against AJ- Green. Under heavy pressure, Green’s body has suffered many injuries last season he only played a total of 9 games, […]

The biggest contract between NFL and NBA was born

Within a few days, NFL and NBA have been born the largest contract in history, but if compare, this gap is not a tiny but adventitious quantity. Conley, a good and non superstar point guard, has never been an all star or NBA team, signed 5 year contract 153 million huge; racke, once let Payton Manning to give up his horse champion quarterback, an expert in the eyes may become one of the best quarterback, 6 years 140 million. Moreover, […]

NFL rank: Brady first superstar

In recent years, Tom Brady in 100 star charts never fall out of the top five positions, and in this year’s super bowl on his team winning the Super Bowl history class become the reverse never destroy the classic 2016 season, Tom Brady created numerous new records, fifth a champion he got his own personal occupation career, become the first person in NFL history. To see Tom Brady’s 2016 season, Brady maintained a 67.4% pass rate of success, reaching 28 […]