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Oakland Raiders laid a foundation stone ceremony at Las Vegas new Arena

Stars, retired players, NFL officials, and Nevada politicians. The United States Monday evening local time, Las Vegas city is located in the Las Vegas Nevada Raiders new arena ceremony has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. It can accommodate 65000 people at the stadium have officially started watching the dome, and will become the future of the new team raided the home court. Nevada governor Blaine Sandoval with about 600 guests attended the ceremony and said: “the dream […]

NCAAF playoff situation analysis

Atlantic Coast Conference Two finalists in the playoffs: 4 teams Comprehensive analysis: the Atlantic Coast League has only two teams with the chance to reach the playoffs. One is in the the Atlantic division of the Clemson University team led the tigers, and the other one is in the coastal division team unbeaten University of Miami hurricanes. The two teams will also meet in the finals of the league. In addition to the results of the loss to the Syracuse […]

Watson’s operation was smooth

During the recovery, still participate in the activities of the team Houston, rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean – Watson will undergo surgery today. According to the latest news, Watson’s operation was successful. De Sean Watson shared his videos on the hospital bed listening to music and playing “call of duty” on Instagram, and wrote: “the operation was successful! On the first day after his injured news, Watson also promised that he would return to the game in a […]

Interview with saints win the hero

Legendary quarterback loves this guy Beijing time on November 6th morning, the New Orleans saints in the home court, the big score 30-10 win over visiting the Tampa Bay buccaneers. In the game, saints team in the NBA round this year, the third round of 67 selected rookie running guard Alvin – Kamala played the ruling class performance. The red ball 10 times out of 68 yards per rushing out 6.8 yards, catching 7 successful 6 times, get 84 yards, […]

Seahawks general transfer after buying jersey number

Monday morning from Dezhou Houston was traded to the Seattle Seahawks star Donne Brown left Jiefeng – he will continue to use the original number, number 76. That’s the first thing he should think about, after all, Donne – Brown has been using this number since he started College League, and he’s been using it for 10 years in the League for 76 years. Rugby is like many other sports. Many athletes use numbers as their symbols, such as Messi’s […]

College football jerseys venue to determine

On Wednesday afternoon, the American college football playoff Committee announced the hosting of the national finals from 2021 to 2024. In 2022, NCAAF playoff Championship will be held for the first time in the midwestern United states. Miami reservation 2021 2021 (2020-21 season) the NCAAF Championship will be located in Florida, Miami garden city hard rock stadium; next, the championship will be moved to the city of Indianapolis is located in the Lucas Oil Stadium; the 2023 championship tournament in […]

Summary of NFL trading deadline

on November 1st at 4 in the morning, the door has been closed trading season NFL2017-18. In the first 24 hours, which teams have finished the final operation? Let’s review it quickly. (content is sent, the latest deal arranged at the top) 1. Party A: Buffalo Bill team content: 2018 draft third round draft, /2018 draft seventh round of signing B: Carolina Panthers: wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin Benjamin will be in buffalo with Bill coach Sean – Mcdermott and general […]

Vikings counter attack four wins

The coach wants to get back to the bench The flight from London to Minnesota, the end of the Viking soldiers will bring a good mood to celebrate the season before the second half of the game, the Vikings in London in a 33-16 victory over the Cleveland team Brown, before entering the bye week successfully won the four game winning streak and a wave row in the League of Nations North first place. Aaron Rodgers – after the season, […]

Follow up of Rodgers accident

Rodgers exposes Baal to make indecent gestures to him After the impact of clavicle fracture in Aaron – Rodgers, the television screen captures only the Green Bay Packers headed quarterback against the Minnesota Vikings defensive lineman Anthony Barr his picture. But Rodgers recently revealed Barr’s improper move to Rodgers outside the camera. Rodgers, speaking at the Conan Obrien show at Turner radio, said, “I found Anthony Barr on the way down the court. The camera only captured the scene I […]

NFL pay 20 times in 3 years

Jaguar star guard and extension The United States time on Wednesday night, Jacksonville every Friday announced the renewal of star linebacker Teerwen – Smith, the new contract for 4 years fifty million. Currently, Smith is in the last year of rookie contract. In the four year contract signed in 2014, the total value was only 2 million 430 thousand, ensuring that wages were pitifully poor by 210 thousand. As of seventh weeks, Smith is now taking 58 sackin puma defense […]